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Private Jackson Bartlett from the 5th Battalion Royal Australian Regiment pulls the newly position trigger on the new Grenade Launcher Attachment (GLA) on an EF88 Austeyr weapon at Kangaroo Flats firing range, outside of Darwin. polar-bear-hero Dimitri Karras, gun activist (Photo from Solider Systems) UHP15PDW-Lower-receiver 2A3BE9C700000578-3149576-image-a-56_1436042777895 trump-youre-fired_thumb

Ares Armor CEO Fires Founder

DRAMA! Bryce Stirlen, CEO of Ares Armor sent out an email newsletter announcing that he had fired the founder of the company Dimitri Karras. Stirlen wrote … It is with heavy hearts in Ares Armor Inc. that we announce the forced termination of Founder Dimitri [Read More…]

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Slide Fire comes out with AR tube for AK

In a twist with their usual designs, Slide Fire Solutions came out with a completely different approach to their rapid fire bump fire stock systems in the SSAK47-HYB. Unlike their other models for the AK and AR, which have a very simple appearance, this one is actually [Read More…]

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