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Capture TCM9R (left) vs TCM (right) Web Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 3.27.14 AM colt-national-park-dbe996772232223a POTD-is-back

POTD is Back!!!!!!!

After taking a SHOT Show break, our Photo of the Day is back. I relay on y’all sending me photos. Dust off your digital camera and start taking some gun photos to share. Submit your photos here.


Kurdish Zagros Gen 2

In 2012 TFB published an extensive post about a homemade rifle being used by the PKK in their fight against Turkey. Recently, a photo has surfaced of the same rifle but with a few upgrades and thus I’m calling it the Gen 2. The additions seem to be the removal of [Read More…]

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A rifle named Rosalie

Trench Art has always fascinated historians and collectors alive because it makes us have a personal connection with the curators of the various equipment it is displayed upon. But from an administrative standpoint, cutting up issued gear is no interesting manner, it is [Read More…]