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Breaking News: Mossberg Lawsuit Continues to be in Flux, Patent Office Rejects Claims of The 385 Patent

In the continuing news of the Mossberg lawsuit there were several developments today which could have serious affects on Mossbergs suit. First of all the pending cases have all been reassigned to one judge. Some have the opinion that there is strength in numbers meaning [Read More…]


Magpul Introduces 5.45mm-Compatible AK Magazine

Rumors of a new Magpul magazine for the AK-74 platform are confirmed: The company has just released the PMAG 30 AK74 MOE magazine, designed to hold 30 rounds of 5.45x39mm ammunition and compatible with all 5.45mm caliber AK rifles that take traditional AK-74 pattern [Read More…]

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LEAKED: Kalashnikov Concern’s New RPK-400 Dual-Feed 5.45mm SAW

An image of a mysterious new Russian machine gun was leaked to the public recently, during a visit to the Kalashnikov factory by Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov. The weapon is an intriguing dual-feed magazine/belt loading gun that features distinctly un-AK-like [Read More…]

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Random Shots from Day 2 of NRA Annual Meeting 2016

Day two of the National Rifle Association Annual Meeting was on Saturday, and accordingly the exhibition hall was packed with people enjoying the weekend browsing booths, taking photos with celebrities, and interacting with manufacturers. For me, the second day was time [Read More…]

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