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Sig P220 In 10mm

SIG Sauer announced, last week, that they will be making their Sig P220 in 10mm. According to Modern Service Weapons, Sig will unveil it at SHOT in January. The P220/10 will be have both SAO and DA/SA configurations, and will be available in 4.25 and 5 inch lengths.  [Read More…]

dsc_0174_2_1 newspaper gun baikal 10416601_653737874742556_7841261079634167555_n hkextsign revolvingzipgunbrazil improguns DD_Rings_Black .50 caliber machine guns seized in Rio de Janeiro. HK-Logo_V01 722px-US-AlcoholTobaccoFirearmsAndExplosives-Seal.svg m16ad Capture GSG-5 as imported by ATI before H&K sued them and GSG.
Hunt Ex 2013

What is it about gun/hunting expos?

Gun/hunting expos the world over seem to take a perverse delight in biting the hands that feed them. This time the largest South African gun/hunting expo decided to ban personal firearms from being carried at the event. My understanding of South African gun laws is that [Read More…]