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Cut Off ukraine president stg 44

STG 44 In Ukraine

STG 44 / MP43/44 rifles have been showing up all over the world in the last couple of years. An eagle-eyed reader spotted one at Ukraine’s newest and most popular tourist attraction, the private palace of their former President. The above image is a still from a [Read More…]

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Can You Find The Sniper?

Wired highlights what seems to be excellent nature photographs. Hidden within them are German snipers, well camouflaged. Can you find them? The photographs are the work of Simon Menner, an accomplished German photographer. Simon has an extensive website with some [Read More…]


Russian Anti-Aircraft Gun Fail

What a spectacular failure. A Russian 9k22 Tunguska  anti aircraft weapon system goes haywire with live fire. There is a video looking at the Tunguska and one from inside the Tunguska. Click here to see the Tunguska Out of Control

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Changes to TFB Posting Schedule

Hi Readers, Many of you have requested we post more articles each day, and that we post them faster, throughout the day rather than late at night all at once. We have listened. Over the next couple of weeks we will be increasing the number of posts per day and starting [Read More…]

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LWRC is up for Sale

Jon Stokes breaks the news at All Outdoor that LWRC is up for sale … This past December there were rumors on about a possible sale of LWRC to Colt. Apparently, any questions about a possible LWRC sale that were posted on the LWRC board were deleted by [Read More…]

Photo by Matthew Kou, Imagineering Studios Inc. Sniper s Hide

150,000th Comment Posted on TFB

Yesterday our 150,000th non-spam comment was posted on the site. Y’all have contributed to helping build one of the best gun communities online. Thank you! Amichai wrote in reference to the Remington facility opening up in Huntsville, AL … Time to switch [Read More…]

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