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IMG_2891 HK243 glock g42
H&K UMP45 x-ray by Nick Veasey, courtesy of the artist.

X-rays of guns

Photographer Nick Veasay used a number of x-ray machines to capture multiple images, many of which are firearms. Upon contacting the artist, he provided the following photos to TFB. Naturally, I had some questions regarding some of the equipment and such, but Nick [Read More…]


Black Friday Poll

There are quite a few good deals happening this year on Black Friday. Slick Guns has collected all the relevant Black Friday sale catalogs. Will you be buying anything this year? Answer the poll below …

3D-Printed-Metal-Gun-Low-Res-Press-Photo-1024x638 Tiffany Piper accepting the 2013 Bianchi Cup Junior National Championship title. At left, MidwayUSA Founder and CEO Larry Potterfield. Luty 9mm SMG

And It Starts…

The first illegally manufactured 3D has been confiscated by UK police during a gang raid. The guardian reports … Component parts for what could be the UK’s first ever 3D printed gun have been seized by police in which they called a “really [Read More…]

Y-man coming again to the USA in early 2014!

Well hello. Y-man here again. Hope y’all doing well. I will be coming to the US again in early 2014, yay! I am meant to attend a work-related seminar, conference kind of thing in the USA in late January, early February, and I look forward to adding on a few days of my [Read More…]