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New Site Theme Is Up

The new site theme is finally up and more or less functioning correctly. I love the new theme. It is crisp and clean and underneath it isn’t a horrible mess of code. We will be constantly improving this theme. I have already made changes that readers requested. [Read More…]

SHOT Show Predictions

This year I only have two predictions … The Zombie craze will finally begin to die down. Remington will announce a sub-compact pistol (or announce they have purchased a company that makes a sub-compact). Anyone have any other predictions?


Gun Buying Frenzy Photos

The gun buying frenzy is in full swing. Gun stores all over the country are reporting record sales. Stephen emailed us these before and after photos from the store he works at. This week his store has been selling 1,000 each day. Another reader emailed us photos of his [Read More…]