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P6240120 IMG_0049 hyskore_griplight-575x412 Capture sanctioned shotspotter mideastrevolvingshotguns The Army Combat Uniform in the Universal Camouflage Pattern 1309772652 Close up KAHLES K312i turrets Eurosatory 2014

KAHLES K624i Rifle Scope

KAHLES, the Austrian scope company, had a new variation of their K312 II scope that they used Eurosatory 2014 to unveil - the K312i. It moves the parallax adjustment to the top turret to sit below the elevation adjustment as found in their K624i scope. They have moved [Read More…]

MAN NATO Ball DM11 NAA .22 Magnum

New Gear from LaserLyte Coming

While attending the Make Big Noise industry event in Shackleford, VA, I got a chance to see a number of new LaserLyte products that are being introduced soon.  Here are a few you can expect to see in the coming weeks. NAA 22 Magnum laser – The new laser is [Read More…]

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