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Black Friday Coupons

As usual, the best deals can be found at SlickGuns, but here are a few coupon code deals that have landed on my desk: Cabela’s: • Pre-Black Friday Daily Deals + free shipping on $49 with code 4GIFTS (ends 11/26) • Up to 60% off Thanksgiving Day Sale + free [Read More…]

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New Gun News Show: The Second Scoop

I’ve been in the firearms industry for 2.5 years now, and I’m always paying close attention to what’s going on in the world of firearms. There’s clearly no shortage of interesting things to follow, but therein lies a problem: There’s too [Read More…]

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Mixing beer, bourbon and … bullets

CNN interviewed the owner of Wilshire Gun, a gun store and range in Oklahoma City, features a restaurant and bar. After ordering a drink customers are barred from the range  for the remainder of the day (both to shoot and to observe). Have any of you visited this [Read More…]

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