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Paradigm GATOR Shotgun Spreader

Paradigm has made a modern recreation of the Duckbill shotgun spreader used by the US Navy SEALs back in the Vietnam War. Re-engineered to be much stronger than the original Duckbill, the GATOR Shotgun Spreader spreads the shot into a narrow horizontal pattern making [Read More…]

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Crye Precision Six12 Shotgun

Tactical gear manufacturer Crye Precision debuted their first firearm at SHOT Show. Instead of entering the firearm industry the easy way with a branded AR-15 they enlisted the skilled gun designer Eric Burt, who has previously worked on the AAC Honey Badger and Magpul [Read More…]


Crye Precision Six12 Bullpup Shotgun

Crye Precision debuted their double-action Six12 modular bullpup shotgun. Designed as a safer and more efficient door breacher, the Six12 is a 12-gauge, 6-round cylinder-fed modular shotgun platform. The bullpup layout brings the weight closer to the shooter and allows [Read More…]