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If You Could Launch An Ammo Line…

A hypothetical question: If you could launch your own line of ammunition, what would you do? Considering the sheer number of ammo lines out there and their varied applications, is there really anything that can be improved upon? Or if not improved upon, perhaps simply [Read More…]

Capture dhs0100_4 BXD_Upland_detail IMGP0542 SHF SBS guntv Vortex shotgun Wilson Combat CQB Photo courtesy of Saloon Bay P1015722

Firearms Food for Thought: To Advise or Not to Advise…

Ah, the internet. It’s made experts out of everyone with the ability to enter words into a web search engine and models out of, well, everyone who cares to stretch the truth about their looks. It also seems to have removed the need for basic manners and being [Read More…]

ATI cool-masculine-mens-gun-rooms HK 3Gun

Hong Kong 3Gun Match

3Gun Nation has started official matches for Airsoft. Say what you will about airsoft, but have a look at this video. Racing is racing and this looks like a fun and challenging sport. It has the spirit of 3gun just without the long distance targets we typically see here [Read More…]

12 ga

12 ga Belt Fed AR Upper

Sure there were some people trying to convert AR10s to shoot 12ga. Then there are the AR style 12ga shotguns. Now someone has made a beltfed AR upper that shoots 12ga shotgun shells. Just need to iron out the kinks.


New Gun Case From Allen Company

For years gun cases have been seen as nothing more than a receptacle used to transport firearms from Point A to Point B. Of course, they’re far more than that  for many of us. As someone who shoots and hunts for work, I can attest to the fact that my gun cases [Read More…]

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Firearms Food for Thought: Does the Shooter Make the Gun, Or…?

It’s an argument that’s been knocked back and forth at more than one 3-gun event or hunting cabin: does the shooter make the gun, or does the gun make the shooter? Or, in other words, can a subpar or average shooter be made into a superstar with the [Read More…]

KIMG9758 46427_10151270394112372_80244619_n Cm8CSe2 Setter-28ga shogun

Uzkon AS46 Shotgun

Uzkon Arms Defense Ltd announced a new shotgun called the AS46. This new scattergun has a pump action and is in a pistol type configuration without a stock. Expected to be shown at the IWA Outdoor Classics in March 2016, the new 12 gauge shotgun is fed from a [Read More…]

mossberg-safety Y-man shoots the S&W 9mm Compact VPR-12-01