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Khan Arms A-TAC Force DUO-SYS

The new A-TAC Force DUO-SYS shotgun from Turkish manufacturer Khan Arms debuted at IDEF 2015 in Istanbul. The Khan DUO-SYS 12 gauge action allows the user to alternate between pump/action mode and semi-automatic mode, this is of most use to law enforcement who might [Read More…]

Spas12_7 P6080076 SXP Field-Compact Pump Shotgun guinness-world-record-dave-miller-cz-usa All set for some clay busting fun! tfbsizeshooting clays

Shooting the Benelli M1 (Part 2)

To follow up with their brief commentary on the Benelli M1 shotgun, Alex and Patrick hit the range to evaluate these famous and well renowned shotguns. Yesterday we posted our Benelli M1 discussion video. If you missed that you can watch it here. Please don’t forget to subscribe to TFBTV. We [Read More…]

The Benelli M1: Discussion (Part 1)

As a prelude to an upcoming shooting video featuring the Benelli M1 shotgun, Alex and Patrick discuss this famous scattergun before putting it to the test! Part 2, where we take the Benelli shooting, will be posted tomorrow. **Correction: The Benelli M3 is not a gas breather, it is also an inertia [Read More…]

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Saved by an iPhone

A 25 year old man in the UK was shot in the chest by a teenager using a sawn off double barrel shotgun. The incident took place when the victim approached a group of teenagers who had turned of the water supply to the block of flats where he lived. During a [Read More…]

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