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Gun Safes: Just How Strong Is Yours?

Gun safes have been on our minds as of late thanks to a recent rush of said safes on the market. Among those recently announced: Winchester’s 150th Anniversary safe and Realtree’s under-the-bed and stackable safe. Just how theft-proof is your safe? [Read More…]

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Experimentation, use, and variants of the Russian AKS74U

Earlier on TFB we covered the origins of the name Krinkov, and the fascinating etymology of the word from Afghan Mujahdeen fighters, to the gun markets of Dharra, and then on to how we use it today via “Krink”. In this piece, we’ll look at some of the [Read More…]

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New Realtree Gun Safe

Gun storage is something that comes up with increasing frequency in my house thanks to the way our firearms seem to multiply like rabbits. Efficient organizing is something else I, personally, attempt to carry out, and that certainly comes into play with storing [Read More…]

Guangzhou Botai U.S. representative and co-owner, Daniel Gong, being taken into custody on the showroom floor at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, CO.

Arrest Made in Revision Optics Aided Sting Operation Against Chinese Counterfeit Ballistic Eyewear

I received an email today from Laura Burgess marketing. Laura and her husband represent Revision eyewear and publish a weekly newsletter. This is a story from the newsletter emailed out today. For those who attend SHOT each year it’s no secret that certain foreign [Read More…]

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Winchester’s 150th Anniversary Safe

Winchester was founded in 1866 and as you all know the legendary company is celebrating its 150th anniversary this year. That celebration kicked off at SHOT and will be continuing throughout the year. Next on the celebration agenda is an anniversary safe which was part [Read More…]


[SHOT 2016] Most innovative products for SHOT 2016

SHOT 2016 was an amazing experience. Below are some pictures I took during SHOT show. This picture set will feature the most innovative products that I PERSONALLY saw. This will be my last SHOT related article. Going back to gear and gun reviews for the rest of the [Read More…]

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