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VFOB (Veterans Family of Brands) Announced at NRAAM 2016

An announcement was made during this year’s NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) regarding a number of firearms industry businesses banding together for a common cause. The organization is called VFOB, which stands for Veteran’s Family of Brands. Of course, their name [Read More…]

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Review: Newest Edition of Nosler Reloading Guide

In 1946 a man by the name of John Nosler went on a particularly frustrating moose hunt. Nosler had made an accurate killing shot on a moose using his .300 H&H, then watched as the animal failed to go down. Due to the events of that hunt he decided the gun industry [Read More…]

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Final Newsstand Issue of Shooting Illustrated Is Out

With all the coverage here on TFB as well as on other sites concerning the recent NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) this particular announcement  seems timely. You may have heard that Shooting Illustrated was recently named as the third in what will become a trifecta of [Read More…]

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NRA 2016: Awesome American Flag Guns by Nevada Cerakote

Sometimes you see a Cerakote finish so impressive or flat-out awesome you simply cannot pass up the opportunity to share it. Such was the case at this year’s NRA Annual Meeting, which was held in Louisville, Kentucky (next year it’s slotted to take place in [Read More…]

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First Beretta Outlet Store in the United States Announced

With just shy of 500 years under their gun belt, Beretta has announced the opening of a retail store here in the United States. The firearms industry magnate is known for its well-made, reliable long guns and pistols, but that isn’t all they make. In fact, there [Read More…]

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Bush Pilot Survival Kit

Whether you’re a bush pilot, a hunter, or simply an outdoors aficionado, you should have a good quality survival kit. When you picture that kit in your mind you undoubtedly envision a first aid kit complete with tourniquet and HALO Seals with a side of knives and [Read More…]

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