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Laser Minigun SuicideSquad-Deadshot-wrist-prop P7152437 10rd ext scorpion Colt 40 Smart PS90 13906705_1365611900121793_2737616705488640583_n 2016-07-05 23.19.15 Precicion Hunter Course 008 1768390136578d079ee4d60 IMGP4955-001 Blackhawk!

Tacticool for Life: ESA Ukraine and Instructor Sem

If there’s one thing it might have been nice to not witness it’s the rise of the Tactical EVERYthing in the gun industry. Don’t misunderstand me: true tactics are not only useful but can be lifesavers. Suffice to say it is not the legitimate tactical [Read More…]

Jitter plug Untitled-1 IMG_0482 2287028 Cover iraqveteran8888 IMG_3417 1323473_orig fireclean LRHSi birchwood1 IMG_3714 nightstand-gun-holster IMG_2739 The EPM (left) alongside the older tan, green, and black follower 30 round USGI magazines.

BREAKING: US Army Introduces New Enhanced Performance Magazine for M4/M16 Series Rifles

The US Army has taken one more step towards further improving the reliability of the controversial M16 and M4 series of rifles, according to a TACOM announcement. The Army is introducing a new pattern of magazine to supplant the older black, green, and tan follower [Read More…]

image gotchahat1 13646720_10210141787566374_1734417319_o Primos Autoalloy

Why I Don’t Use PMAGs

The Magpul PMAG is a great, well designed magazine that many people like and use in various rifles around the world, but over the years I have discovered that they are not the best option for me personally. It isn’t that they are bad (in fact they feed and run very well in certain firearms) [Read More…]

xsdfcsdfad PSQ20 desantisnemesis IMG_20160709_191129__62072.1468161416.1280.1280 unnamed 13620951_10210444120806425_6815620383680801489_n ras47 3 Wraith You'll need the luck o' the Irish to clear this one in a hurry...