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New Gun Case From Allen Company

For years gun cases have been seen as nothing more than a receptacle used to transport firearms from Point A to Point B. Of course, they’re far more than that  for many of us. As someone who shoots and hunts for work, I can attest to the fact that my gun cases [Read More…]

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Bullet Theory Films

Bullet Theory Films is a motion picture production company based in Los Angeles, that specializes in high speed cameras, specifically in the firearms industry. Their bread and butter is capturing live rounds zooming through the air, and their impacts on targets. However [Read More…]

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So you want to build a Tula Krink…

This is the third article about the Russian AKS74U submachine gun. The first one was about the etymology of the word “Krinkov”, and the second one was about how the AKS74U came to fruition, and its actual use in Soviet service. Some readers have said that [Read More…]

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M27 DM role, front sights ditched, and other Marine Corps News

Two articles recently came out in the Marine Corps Times (which has absolutely no affiliation or endorsement by the USMC) concerning a variety of small arms related topics. The first one is a sort of M27 qualification that some Twenty Nine Palms battalions participated [Read More…]

MTM Case-Gard Screen shot 2016-03-10 at 12.28.34 PM Original Henry Lever Action A 16th-century pistol holster from Tbilisi, Georgia. Satin-stitch embroidery with gold and silver thread on velvet, silk and cotton. 32X13 cm. Art Museum of Georgia, Tbilisi DSC_0080 SPUHR-FACEBOOK P2060022 DSCF6973 8a45ba334545cede9e559e1d491641bd_original pruple Ergo shitty_range_training07-1024x673 G17 magazines Streamlight lonewolf_glockguide