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The Krinks that never were, AKSU trial rifles

Following close on the heels of our other articles about the development and use of the AKS74U “Krinkov”, we now bring to TFB an article specifically about the prototypes that were entered into the design competition, that would later turn into the [Read More…]

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A Practical Solution for Shooting Around Corners at Last?

For as long as people have been fighting one another, it’s been self-evident that he who can avoid getting hit has the best chance of coming out of the fight alive, if not victorious. Warfare has come a long way from hunter-gatherers dodging atlatl-thrown spears, [Read More…]

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Firearms Food for Thought: Positioning Shooting Prone

In order to be a successful long-range shooter you must take a number of factors into consideration. From windage to optics to understanding the capabilities and limitations of your caliber of choice and everything in between, you’d better have it all covered. Of [Read More…]

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Firearms Food for Thought: To Advise or Not to Advise…

Ah, the internet. It’s made experts out of everyone with the ability to enter words into a web search engine and models out of, well, everyone who cares to stretch the truth about their looks. It also seems to have removed the need for basic manners and being [Read More…]

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