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TrackingPoint Re-Enacts the Alamo

TrackingPoint Re-Enacts the Alamo…

TrackingPoint has done a pretty good re-enactment video of how the fight at the Alamo went down. Except, you know, with the addition of their Precision Guided Firearms. It is a pretty funny vignette if you have about 4 minutes to spare. And, really, don’t we all [Read More…]

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Gun Review: Beretta ARX-100

I consider myself very familiar with most modern military rifles. In fact, I am an avid collector of two distinct subsets of firearms; machine guns, and semi-automatic military style 5.56×45/.223 rifles. Collecting the latter has become an obsession to the point [Read More…]

American Ranch

New Ruger Rifles

Ruger announced a number of new rifles in the American Rifle line: Ranch models and left-handed models. The new Ranch models come with a 16.12″ threaded barrel and can be had in both .223/5.56 and 300 BLK calibers. The new Ranch rifles will be available in both [Read More…]

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New Palmetto State Armory PA10 .308 Uppers

Remember the Palmetto State Armory PA10 .308 stripped lower receiver we posted about last month? Well they’ve finally released an upper chambered in .308 Winchester to go along with it. Dubbed the PSA PA10 upper, it features a 16″ stainless steel barrel, mid [Read More…]

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