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IMG_2233 Marienberg Fortress,  Bavaria, Germany Capture Model 70 Ultimate Shadow Hunter SS 11873619 Fab Defense Tavor Bipod TRG with a lot of bipods Capture Type QCW-05 Submachine Gun n5OyHqG rk_62m

Finland Gives Up New Rifle Program, Will Modernize Rk. 62 to Serve Until 2035

The Finnish Commander of the Army has announced that the Nordic country will not be purchasing 5.56mm replacements for their existing 7.62x39mm caliber Rk. 62 rifles, but instead will seek to upgrade the venerable Kalashnikov-based Valmet. reports (machine [Read More…]


Vektor CR-21 Bullpup

Larry Vickers got his hands on a rather rare firearm. The Vektor CR-21. It is a bullpup kit for the South African Military to convert their Galils. According to Larry Vickers, there are only two of these in the USA and he mentions that there is a rumor that less than [Read More…]

DSC_3715-convert ARAK21-1024x576 PDWs2 Capture HOGUE5 IMGP1508-001