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An SKS for a Lefty

One of the moderators at Canadiangunnutz modified a SKS for a friend of his who suffered a stroke and can no longer use his right hand to cycle the bolt or dis/engage the safety. I worked on the scope mount. Easy enough to level the mount with the receiver, a few [Read More…]

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Gun Review: DSA SA58 PARA Carbine

The FN FAL is one of the greatest battle rifles to have ever graced the Earth. It garnered a reputation for extreme reliability, durability, and user friendliness over its decades of service and one of the rifles biggest fans is our boss man Steve. His opinion of the [Read More…]

P4110239 Saiga MK 107 patent

Worst SKS Scope Mount, Ever

A reader sent in this photo, published by Reuters, showing a Syrian “sniping” with a SKS. His DIY scope mount must be one of the worst I have ever seen. Two see-though (high rings with holes that allow the user to use the iron sights) are attached to a very [Read More…]


Springfield Armory Tour

I was recently at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Summit in Springfield, MA and we were taken on a tour of the Springfield Armory. I learned that it’s managed by the National Parks Service, and it’s a pretty great tour. Some highlights: 1. [Read More…]