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Gun Explodes in Girl’s Hands

In this old video (dating back to at least 2009) an adult man and a teenage girl are shown shooting M1 Garand rifles. The gun stock is to large for the girl and she is standing in that terrible bent back stance and is rocked back on her heels after every shot. After a [Read More…]

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How To Make An AR-18

GunLab has some excellent photos of the steps involved in making AR-18 upper and lower receivers. The first article shows the stages of stamping the lower, while the second shows the same for the upper. The AR-18 is a design intended to be mass produced by countries [Read More…]

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The First SCAR

American Rifleman’s Mark Keefe got the enviable opportunity to handle the earliest FN prototype of the SCAR-L rifle. The rifle sports an aluminum lower, looking very much like that of the FNC from which it was derived, and a 3D printed prototype stock. Given that [Read More…]

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Steampunk Gatling Gun

I am not typically a fan of steampunk, but will gladly make and exception for this little wonder. YouTube user Alex Smyth has created a steam punk gatling based off of a 10/22. The a steam only powers the rotary barrels (for ATF compliance reasons), but it reaches an [Read More…]

PGM 338