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Saiga MK 107 patent

Worst SKS Scope Mount, Ever

A reader sent in this photo, published by Reuters, showing a Syrian “sniping” with a SKS. His DIY scope mount must be one of the worst I have ever seen. Two see-though (high rings with holes that allow the user to use the iron sights) are attached to a very [Read More…]


Springfield Armory Tour

I was recently at the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) Summit in Springfield, MA and we were taken on a tour of the Springfield Armory. I learned that it’s managed by the National Parks Service, and it’s a pretty great tour. Some highlights: 1. [Read More…]

Chinese NSG-85 Euosatory 2014

Chinese NSG-85 Sniper Rifle

An evolution of the Type 85 rifle, the new Chinese NSG-85 appears to add some modern refinements to the Dragunov SVD platform.  The new rifle was shown at the 2014 Eurosatory exhibition in France last month. The Chinese Type 85 rifle was a clone of the Soviet [Read More…]


New K&M M17S556 Bullpup

New from Ken McAlister is an all metal version of their modernized Bushmaster M17S bullpup rifle. Surely even the most avowed bullpup-hater must admit that this is one sleek, good-looking design. Oleg reports at All Outdoors … This year, Ken’s [Read More…]

Sniper Seat 360 lifetsyle image 3