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Ruger PC9 carbine Review

Frank Stratton at our sister site All Outdoors has reviewed the Ruger PC9, the Ruger 10/22-esqe 9mm carbine. Frank writes … The roots of its design are from the 20th Century 2nd generation carbines. That means no rails or pistol grip, no muzzle brake/flash hider, [Read More…]

An Armalite AR-180 made by Sterling is in most ways superior to current issue assault rifles that cost twice as much. rainier_arms_combat_series_by_aknorthpolar-d7100hn 10-Yard-50-200-Zero-Target-575x744 Sterling new Lancer L30 LRT (Long Range Tactical) RPK74m LMR project

The Low Maintenance Rifle Project

Medium has published an interesting article on the Pentagon’s search, back in the 1970s, for a rifle that required little maintenance. Joe Trevithick writes .. DARPA asked TRW for a rifle that would solve these continuing problems. The new weapon had to be [Read More…]

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urban super sniper

Wilson Combat Urban Super Sniper

Dubbed the Urban Super Sniper, Wilson Combat is selling an AR-style rifle designed for extreme accuracy. Based on the original SS-15 Super Sniper, the Urban version is shorter and more maneuverable. The rifle is chambered in .223 Wylde and has an 18″ medium-heavy [Read More…]

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