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vz5257 CMMG Rifle

CMMG Adds FDE Color Option

CMMG is now offering flat dark earth (FDE) as a color option on two of its AR-style rifle lines: the Mk4 RCE and the Mk3 CBR. The Mk4 is a 5.56 platform (with the 300 BLK as an option.) The Mk3 is built around the .308 Win/7.61×51. The Mk4 with the FDE color comes [Read More…]

vz Vintage Tactical IIc 00

Chinese Small Arms from the 7th Beijing Police Equipment Expo

I recently did a TFB write-up on the inner working of the Chinese QBZ-95 bullpup. That piece plus my RS Regulate AK optic mounts and the new QBZ-95 optic articles got translated into Chinese and posted in some Mainland website as soon as they were up on TFB. That [Read More…]

legacy2 m1 carbine

M1 Carbine Review

The Cosmoline Crate reviews the M1 Carbine (in the paratrooper configuration). This classic gun was one I lusted after as a kid by by the time I could afford one I had lost interest....

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