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FN’s Black Box for Guns

This nifty gadget, made by FN Herstal, can be installed anywhere on a gun where it can be squeezed in, such as the pistol grip in the above photo. It can record shot count, firing sequences and more. Read more about it at SayUncle.


Browning BAR bullpup conversion

Waffen Greger, a German company, makes bullpup conversions of the Browning BAR (the hunting rifle, not the military BAR). Once converted the overall length of the rifle is just 31.5″, about 12″ shorter than a standard BAR1. Aside from the length, a [Read More…]


A British M16

Simon, aka. Simon_the_Brit, was an Armorer in the British Army. He sent me photos of the M16 he was issued with during the British Army jungle training in Malaysia, which he participated in sometime between 1984 and 1986. I was surprised to learn that at the time, just [Read More…]


FN confirms SCAR 17S for 2010

The semi-automatic FN SCAR 17S, which chambers 7.62x51mm NATO, was supposed to be on sale this year, but FN-USA have announced that it won’t go on sale until 2010 … Released for 2010 is the highly anticipated SCAR 17S now available for civilian purchase. [Read More…]


SCAR 16S is now a black rifle

A matte black finished model of the 5.56mm FN SCAR will be on sale to consumers next year. I think it looks great (… and yes, I know getting excited about a gun being black is pretty sad). Earlier this year FN gave dealers the chance to pre-order a limited edition [Read More…]


New X-REST for AR-15s and AKs

Next month Montie Design will be selling a new version of their X-REST. The AR-REST is designed to be tall enough to accommodate AR-15 and AK rifles with their standard magazines. These lightweight rests are made from aluminum and locks together with a steel pin. The [Read More…]


New A-TACS camo

Digital Concealment Systems have developed a new camo design that will be used on Remington, Bushmaster and DPMS guns. While the company is planning on unveiling it at SHOT ’10, it has been in development for a while now and a few promotional photos can be found [Read More…]


Concealed Carry

A Glock 23 with 6 Magazines: $650 A Custom 7.5″ barreled AR-15 with 8 Magazines : $3000 AFT Tax: $200 That nobody knows you are carrying them: Priceless Read about _ak’s guitar gun case. Many thanks to jdun1911 for the link.


Kari from Mythbusters with .50 BMG

Grant Imahara posted this photo on twitter of Mythbusters co-host Kari Byron. I really hope this means the mythbusters are going to prove that .50 BMG rifles cannot shoot down a Boeing 747 cruising at 35,000 feet at a speed of 555 mph Can anyone identify the bullpup, [Read More…]