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.50 GI AR-15 Uppers

AR-15 owners will soon have another “point five-oh” option for their rifles: the .50 GI. Before now only 1911 and Glock conversion kits were available for the cartridge. The .50 GI was born out of the idea that if .40 was better than 9mm, and .45 was better [Read More…]


Caleb’s Top 5 All-time rifles

Caleb has posted his picks top all time rifles: The M1 Garand The Ruger 10/22 The AR-15 family The ‘98 Mauser family The Brown Bess Musket It is hard for me to argue with his picks. I think the addition of the 10/22 is interesting. While it is a cliché, I think the [Read More…]