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J.W. Aquirre Rocking A S&W 627

Remember J.W Aquirre? He was taught by Max Michel. Here is the article I posted back in March. J.W is 9 years old and has been shooting since last September. His technique on reloads is amazing for someone so young. Now he has moved on from semi auto to revolvers. Here [Read More…]


Dangerous Pistol Disarming Training

Marcos Do Val posted this video on his Facebook page. Marcos has his partner draw a pistol on him. Marcos disarms him, racks the slide and fires the pistol at a steel popper. He does this in 1.17 secs. While impressive, this seems rather dangerous and unnecessary. At [Read More…]

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Taploader for Glock Pistols

I was looking into the ETA polymer glock magazines and saw them mention the Taploader. I looked it up and the Taploader is a modification for Glock slides and Glock magazines. The modification allows the slide to automatically close when you tap the magazine into the [Read More…]

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