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ARES Shipping MCR RIfle

ARES Firearms, known for their popular SCR rifle and stock has announced they are shipping their MCR sub-carbine. The carbine features numerous nifty features including quick-change barrel, folding stock, and piston operation. Notably, the SCR can be fed from either a [Read More…]


Refinishing an SVT-40 Stock

The SVT40 was Russia’s equivalent of the M1 Garand during the Second World War: a hard hitting semi-automatic infantry rifle that would have exponentially increased the firepower of a soviet section. But they were never manufactured in high enough volumes to fully [Read More…]

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Merkel R15

Merkel announced a new bolt action rifle aimed at American hunters: the R15. The rifles will be available with either a synthetic stock or a walnut stock. Specifications magazine – detachable, 3 round (2 round in magnum calibers) 22″ barrel (24″ in [Read More…]

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Charter Arms Backpacker

Lew Horton Distributing announced a special edition revolver from Charter Arms. Called the Backpacker, the new wheelgun is a Bulldog with a stainless steel frame and 2.5″ ported barrel. The grips are smooth walnut and “Backpacker” is etched on the [Read More…]

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Review: SIG Sauer Introduces The Legion Series & The New Legion P-229

I imagine this short video peaked your curiosity as much as it did mine the first time I saw it! A few weeks ago I was contacted by the SIG rep and asked if I would like to take part in the Legion introduction. Of course I had no idea what “Legion” was but [Read More…]

Capture Vepr fire

Vepr12 Ejection Port Fireball

Here is a video my friend Brian Miller shared with me. He is testing out a new muzzle brake, he made for his Vepr 12. Check out the second shot. A sizable fireball come out of the ejection port. Is the bolt opening too soon and unburnt powder is escaping out of the [Read More…]

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