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Tactical Barbie Designs

Pink Is The New Black

You have to expect me to write about products for the ladies since I may be one of not very many female guest bloggers on TFB. Women make up a growing niche in the gun industry  and there is a huge  presence this year of products for women, women owned companies, [Read More…]


TFB Crew Hits Vegas!

TFB crew is arriving in Vegas this afternoon. I was pleased to see Las Vegas Airport is plastered with banners welcoming SHOT Show attendees. Even without the banners you would know SHOT Show was on by all the people walking around with MOLLE-compatible bags, tactical [Read More…]


Guess The Part

I happen to have one extra lifetime promo code for Gun Disassembly 2 which unlocks every gun, including future updates (Windows and Android only). I will give it to the first person who can identify what the function is of the parts in the above image and what gun they [Read More…]