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Manequins in 5.11 Storm Gray

Shades of Storm Gray

Though 5.11 has really put a lot of effort into breaking further into the civilian and hunting markets, they remain as focused on professional tactical as ever. Their new line of Storm gray gear is designed for law enforcement in urban settings. The shade of gray was [Read More…]

Devil Dog Arms Cerberus 308 NiB-X coated LMT2 BCM-twistygrip-TFB P1000676 Glock 42 Photo © Bryan Jones

Magpul Releases AK Mags and 10rd .308 Mags

Magpul has released the long awaited polymer AK/AKM 30rd magazines at SHOT this year.  On hand was several AK’s on their wall sporting the new magazine.  According to their reps, the magazines have not yet been shipped to distributors, and speaking with RSR, [Read More…]

cabelas3x_1 Photo © Bryan Jones

Colt SWORD: Bringing Guns, Android Phones and Drones Together

The Colt SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) Technology Demonstrator connects a variety of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and MOTS (Military Off-The-Shelf) components together into a deployable package. The system is hard to describe in a single [Read More…]

ergo sigp320-2 IMG_3921 WPA_PSU_01 IMG_4230 Wilcox Raptar Laser Rangefinder The new CZ 550 Sonoran P1000689 copy

OMC Ultimag

For many months now we’ve all had some pretty intense discussions about laws limiting magazine capacity. I had an appointment today with the folks at Mako(Fab Defense). They had some great new products but this is the one I felt the readers would be most [Read More…]