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darpa_exacto_projectile UTG mp5-kmod-handguard-front Screenshot 2015-04-23 18.00.13 basspro11 qbz_2 2015-04-26 21_36_45-Ghost Gunner Release - YouTube Capture cz_action (1)

TFBTV: (Comment) Myth Busting – Can You Shoot A Pistol Without an Extractor?

In response to a reader comment claiming that handguns will cycle reliably without an extractor, James decides to test this claim in a “mythbuster” style format with several variations, including use of a suppressor and an MP5 with a fluted chamber. Don’t forget to subscribe! The [Read More…]

minicannon-features unnamed (1) HK_1280x1024_01 2015-04-21 06_58_42-At the Range_ History of Suppressors _ Guns & Ammo Components (barrel and slide assemblies) of a Solid Concepts 1911 DMLS pistol,
produced using DMLS SW-model-10 Mt-Falcon2-470x275 ccfb78b730414826aae56bc82805eeed funktioniert-jetzt-auch T What in the world is this!??!

On not being a gun owner

I was compiling my database of all my firearms, pictures of them and their serial numbers when at the end of my cataloging, I realized I had 18 guns. That’s not a whole lot in the grand scheme of things to do with collecting but it is alot for me. More importantly [Read More…]

Capture crossbreed6 The author's SO fires the SLR-104FR from the bench, using a dollar pack of bedsheets as a support.