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Nutshellz M1911A1 the-gun-punch

The Gun Punch

Check out this new gun maintenance keychain tool called The Gun Punch. Just like the name suggest it comes with a 3/32″ pin punch, it also features a round slot driver to adjust windage and elevation on most popular optics and backup sights. It’s available [Read More…]


Chinese Small Arms from the 7th Beijing Police Equipment Expo

I recently did a TFB write-up on the inner working of the Chinese QBZ-95 bullpup. That piece plus my RS Regulate AK optic mounts and the new QBZ-95 optic articles got translated into Chinese and posted in some Mainland website as soon as they were up on TFB. That [Read More…]

p_930000144_4 legacy2 Volquartsen Video Extracted image2 K20 hdmgc-1 birchwood tumblr_mqphzqKTX41s57vgxo1_1280 guns-weapons_00380349 20120621BU870KSG800x600 m9pistol-army 11193327_798043356976606_6858280561104507140_n q9PZypj SOCOM300-SPS-DE_rounds_21 7.62mm M198 Duplex, far left, along with its single bullet counterpart, the  XM256E1 Low Recoil round, and sectioned examples of each. Image from Ray Meketa's collection. darpa_exacto_projectile UTG mp5-kmod-handguard-front Screenshot 2015-04-23 18.00.13 basspro11 qbz_2 2015-04-26 21_36_45-Ghost Gunner Release - YouTube Capture cz_action (1)

TFBTV: (Comment) Myth Busting – Can You Shoot A Pistol Without an Extractor?

In response to a reader comment claiming that handguns will cycle reliably without an extractor, James decides to test this claim in a “mythbuster” style format with several variations, including use of a suppressor and an MP5 with a fluted chamber. Don’t forget to subscribe! The [Read More…]