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Capture crossbreed6 The author's SO fires the SLR-104FR from the bench, using a dollar pack of bedsheets as a support.

eLog from IWI

IWI announced a new product called eLog. The eLog system is designed to help militaries track and manage small arms. Three main components to the eLog system: a module that in inside the firearm, a handheld module reader and a management system. The firearm module is [Read More…]

2015-04-14 04_18_04-Definitive Arms AKX-9 - YouTube BVF3-R-CU82-H surefire-warden slide1 smgsmexico45improguns Capture P30SK-V1_2241x2241 My new shotgun Stock 14OCT 2012 (4) 195589

DPx Gear Knives

DPx Gear is a company that strives to make tools that can endure the most extreme environments. Here are a few examples of DPx Gear’s survival blades and what they can do. The two blades we have to look at are the H.E.S.T.(Hostile Environment Survival Tool) 2.0 [Read More…]

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