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Handl Defense Releases Video of SCAR-47 Lower, Intermediate Calibers A Possibility

The SCAR-H, once a secondary requirement for a 7.62×51 conversion for the 5.56mm SOCOM Assault Rifle program, has now been brought to the fore as one of the primary lightweight 7.62x51mm semiautomatic rifle platforms available on both the civilian and military [Read More…]

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USMC unveils small arms Modernization intentions

It’s nothing new to hear about various plans or queries from the USMC into future small arms programs, but the Marine Corps Times (which actually isn’t associated with the Marine Corps at all) has come out with an article illustrating some of the points [Read More…]

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Small Arms of Furious 7

Ever since the movie came out in theaters, I’ve been waiting to buy it and take copious amounts of screen shots in order to make this post. Well, the movie was released on the 15th to the general public for paid download, you can go buy it yourself here at Google [Read More…]

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