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SR4 image

New US Optics SR-4C

New from US Optics … The SR-4C features a true 1X power, low setting and a daylight visible red or green dot sight packaged in a lightweight aircraft aluminum housing and is MIL-A-8625 Type III hard anodized 30mm body.  The red dot can be set at any of 12 [Read More…]


The New Leupold TS-32X1 Reticle

Leupold announced a new reticle that is designed to help shooters make precise shots using holdover rather than dial adjustments.  The new reticle is called the TS-32X1. According to Leupold, it works in this way: A heavy post and thin stadia crosshair features 1-MOA [Read More…]


EyePal Peep Sighting System

The EyePal is a new product that claims to bring the rear sight, front sight and target all into focus at the same time.  The EyePal is a small disk that attaches to the front of your shooting glasses.  The disk has a tiny hole, or aperture, in it that allows the eye [Read More…]


Hi-Viz Camo Shotgun Sights

Hi-Viz Shooting Systems announced a new line of camo patterned shotgun sights will be sold in 2014.  The camo sights will use fiber optic rods like the standard sights the company sells. Three models will initially be available:  TriViz, BirdBuster and Remington ETA. [Read More…]


Firefly Sights Now Shipping

The new Firefly sights from WrenTech Industries are now shipping.  The Firefly sights are a glow-in-the-dark upgrade for the company’s existing Advantage Tactical Sight (ATS) line of handgun sights. The Firefly is “charged” from an exposure to a [Read More…]


Triple Witnessing?

The above photo, taken by Sgt Rupert Frere, was a runner up in the British Army’s annual photo compeititon. It show Cpl Carl Hines, Royal Artillery, providing covering fire in Afghanistan. The solider has a standard British Army ELCAN Lightweight Day Sight [Read More…]

elcan2 LR308 with muzzle brake.