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No Such Thing As Parallax Free

Dave Merrill of Breech Bang Clear explains that there is really no such thing as parallax free. He breaks it down rather simply and it is easy to grasp. Here is a photo that illustrates how the reticle is reflected in the optic. Most of the time a [Read More…]

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Terminology 101: Yes, it Does Matter (Even When You Comment)

Let’s talk about the importance of words, a little terminology 101. After all, you never know when you might learn something new – or find something worth passing on to a newbie (or even if it isn’t exactly new, it might serve as a gentle reminder of its [Read More…]

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VFOB (Veterans Family of Brands) Announced at NRAAM 2016

An announcement was made during this year’s NRA Annual Meeting (NRAAM) regarding a number of firearms industry businesses banding together for a common cause. The organization is called VFOB, which stands for Veteran’s Family of Brands. Of course, their name [Read More…]

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New Holosun HS510C Solar

The up and coming budget priced optic makers Holosun will soon be releasing their first open flex sight the HS510C. You can keep the HS510C on all the time because it’s powered by a solar cell with backup power from a CR2032 battery during low light conditions. [Read More…]

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