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IWI X95 L 5.56mm with IWI 40mm Grenade Launcher S -Field Cn9F9jsWEAAYL4k XM556 Microgun Credit: M249 image url cone_3 13603452_1175077909211751_5185345002655520228_o zoQavNw swat120 Ankara Adam Salvo12 ATF_TFB 13641129_1357557154265062_5002664157003612931_o Credit: image

Black Rifle Coffee Company – Thin Blue Line Blend

I have been trying to find a way to talk about Dallas for the last week, but each time I tried to put pen to paper I failed miserably. I would like to think that we here at TFB provide quality equipment reviews, news, tips, techniques and other information to our [Read More…]

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More on the Winchester-Burton Machine Rifle, from Forgotten Weapons

One of the early automatic rifles that has caught my interest for several years going now is the Winchester Machine Rifle, also known as the Burton Machine Rifle or the Light Machine Rifle. The Burton – as I’ll call it for the purposes of today’s post [Read More…]


Hunting Tips (from a girl): Is there such a thing as a do-it-all round?

One of the common questions seen in hunting groups on social media is some variation on asking what caliber is best for X animal. It pops up everywhere and instantly results in dozens of opinions, all backed by the commenter’s claim of extensive knowledge and [Read More…]

13438888_10154370514765337_3243213061406299328_n image Silencer 13516372_10208711552002673_2174993582741655978_n Hearing Protection Act 4 SR22 Threaded Barrel Kit land mine kiosk 13442348_10154277122719233_4024460122958614114_n