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Image from National Helm, of some troopers with Army Strike Force 72 and their new Beryl rifles (from the first shipment). homemadegunsjapan1 improguns oGCW5qI smg-- unnamed oetB61Y 155533c0989do90gnvz99d 41b558ba-35c6-4125-b48e-38f5e5545dd0 HGR-SHOW-LOGO Capture Staple Gun TFB-2015-86

The B&T APC-9 Submachine Gun, VP9 Pistol And Others (B&T Police & Military Day 2015) [PHOTO HEAVY]

It has now become a tradition for B&T to invite their partners and customers for a yearly mini exhibition in Thun, Switzerland. This year about 40 exhibitors and some 800 participants could enjoy the possibility to wander around the latest products and also try some of [Read More…]

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CMMG Announces New Mutant Models, The Mutant SBR, Mutant California Compliant Version And The Pistol TFB Just Reviewed

As you readers know Patrick just wrote a review of the new CMMG Mutant pistol. The other models which include the SBR with a 10 inch barrel as well as a California Compliant model. This is sure good news for those living in California. Heaven only knows what hoops they [Read More…]