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DesertTech Releases Several New Products at SHOT 2014

DesertTech, formally Desert Tactical Arms, of Utah has released several new rifles as well as a chassis system from the Remington 700.  Most of the buzz was around the MDR, DesertTech’s new modular, bullpup styled rifle design.  They are being released in .308 [Read More…]

The new Gemtech G-Core series GMT-300 suppressor for .300 BLK. Crimson Trace SFL-100 Rocket Aiming Laser Photo © Bryan Jones

Colt SWORD: Bringing Guns, Android Phones and Drones Together

The Colt SWORD (Sniper Weapon & Observer Reconnaissance Devices) Technology Demonstrator connects a variety of COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) and MOTS (Military Off-The-Shelf) components together into a deployable package. The system is hard to describe in a single [Read More…]

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