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The top selling rifle in the USA.

Straight-Trigger-300x300 IAF Guard with INSAS DIY-AR15-Spray-Paint-Camo-Job-2 V3 image25 IMG_3137 P5260005 A US Army Ordnance engineer fires the prototype T47 rifle on fully automatic. Note the grimace of the man as he wrestles with the small arms equivalent of a fire hose. Image source:, original source LIFE magazine 6380789_orig Pic1 ares-scr-low-rise-iron-sights-low-profile-max-slowik IMG_0736 (Custom) 10-Yard-50-200-Zero-Target-575x744 Sniper-rifle-3-500x500 working-Aimpoint-Fire-web-670x412 1bacdc42739559347a55c0928d7e9ff5_original vs-1 20150517_152212 (1)

POTD: First AR

Justin sent us a pic of his first AR-15. He wrote … This is my first AR. I have been buying parts here and there for a while and it is finally ready to shoot. The lower is obviously a Spikes Tactical and the upper is from Adams Arms, minus the rail. The trigger is [Read More…]

Milsport Arms Skeletonized 80% AR-15 Lower Receiver