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The top selling rifle in the USA.

ucwrg11.5bcm hi-lux_max_b_dot_1 Safe Tac Mag used with X-Products Can Cannon. Photo used with permission from SkilletsUSMC  at funktioniert-jetzt-auch MP15T_H_13 WB7fsrJ
Goat killer

Death From Above, For Goats

As my friend pointed out: “This is how you get rid of an invasive species”. I want this guy’s job. He flies around eliminating pesky goats from a park using an AR15 with what looks to be an Aimpoint.

BVF3-R-CU82-H B.A.M.F. EDGE SLATE slide1 hk36mag Capture Capture Long AR multicam
Off axis prone

Off Axis Shooting

Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics discusses and shows a slight variation of off axis shooting. I usually see off axis shooting in 3Gun competitions where the shooter has an angled sight zeroed differently than his or her main sight. This way you can stay zoomed in for longer [Read More…]

Colt OEM

Colt OEM Series Rifles

Some AR companies add more accessories to their guns to appeal to buyers, but according to Shooting Illustrated, Colt is going the other way with the OEM series. Understanding that many people customize the AR-15 after purchase, Colt decided to begin offering stripped [Read More…]