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The top selling rifle in the USA.

m4a1 carbine 15891424374_a3ab112c21_h bcm_15 Capture P516-7IN-SB15-Detail-Hero Capture mre-30-7 HK 416 - eotech exps 0. Surefire mini scout flashlight and supressor. Dbal l2 ar15 1 Strike Industries Freefloat Mega Fins / Keymod handguard. Capture Image from Capture 3 (2)
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Emtan MZ-15

Emtan Karmiel Manufacturing Company showed their new line of MZ-15 rifles at the IWA Outdoor Classics exposition in Nuremberg. The rifles appear to be similar with the wide range of commercially available AR-15 rifles in the US market. Emtan offers various barrel [Read More…]