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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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Ares Armor CEO Fires Founder

DRAMA! Bryce Stirlen, CEO of Ares Armor sent out an email newsletter announcing that he had fired the founder of the company Dimitri Karras. Stirlen wrote … It is with heavy hearts in Ares Armor Inc. that we announce the forced termination of Founder Dimitri [Read More…]

FN 15

FN Introduces the 1776

FNH USA announced a new rifle in the FN 15 line up: the 1776. According to the company, the new AR-style rifle “is designed to be high performance, value-priced, and optics-ready, perfect for shooters looking for a base rifle to customize to their liking.” [Read More…]


Anderson MFG No Lube AR-15

I just heard about this company for the first time. A customer at my work mentioned it and how Anderson MFG treats the guns with a special coating that allows the gun to run without lubrication. I looked into the company and their marketing advertises exactly that. The [Read More…]

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