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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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POTD: Spruced Up Mossberg 715P

The Mossberg 715 gets a bad rap. It is as popular as Hi Point firearms. The people who do like it have different values than the people who despise it. It is a glorified 702 Plinkster in a polymer shell. It is like a Pontiac Fiero dressed up to look like a Ferrari. [Read More…]

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Custom Pump Action AR-15

Jamey Wojtasek, a local gunsmith and director of operations, with Pittsburgh Cerakote, modified an ALG Defense handguard and converted the upper to be pump action. This is the prototype. It is free floating and so it does not touch the barrel. It is a rather simple [Read More…]

Slide fire slo mo

Slidefire Slo-mo

Outdoor Hub posted a video of an AR equipped with a slide fire stock. They film it at 2,000 fps. It is pretty cool watching the AR cycle in slo mo and seeing the whole gun slide back.   Win a Kel-Tec PMR-30 !!!

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CMMG Announces New Mutant Models, The Mutant SBR, Mutant California Compliant Version And The Pistol TFB Just Reviewed

As you readers know Patrick just wrote a review of the new CMMG Mutant pistol. The other models which include the SBR with a 10 inch barrel as well as a California Compliant model. This is sure good news for those living in California. Heaven only knows what hoops they [Read More…]

P1010692 805-BREN-PS1-EVO-sights-left_cc-660x299 TCC2 Trajectory (1) Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 14.15.03 img_1207 Capture Sven with some of his parts creations for the Tavor, and Scorpion.