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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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Full Auto Controllability, Continued: How Do We Define Useful Fully Automatic Fire?

Previously, we talked about the word “controllability”, and what it means in relation to the recoil and ergonomic characteristics of a firearm. If you haven’t already read that article, I recommend you click the link here and do so first, as this post [Read More…]


Review: LaRue MBT Trigger

LaRue Tactical, a high-end manufacturer of resetting target systems, Quick-Detachable optic mounts and AR precision rifles, began producing their own 2-stage trigger design in 2015. Named the MBT-2S, the new LaRue trigger kit is made for the AR-15 and AR-10 style lower [Read More…]

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Sightmark 3000 Lumen Spotlight

Whether you’re focused on honing your tactical skills or interested in spending as many hours as possible in the woods you undoubtedly own more than a few lights. Some are simple flashlights, and more than likely there are untold numbers long forgotten in various [Read More…]

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M16A2E3 Experimental Rear Sight

Have you ever seen an M16 like this before? Look closely. Right below the detachable carry handle’s rear knob, there is a piece of metal on the side of the upper receiver. Weird right? Well it is actually an experimental rear folding sight. It folds down flat and [Read More…]

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Learning to Run a Bolt-Action For Real – Chris Baker Goes Over Getting Started in Practical Rifle Shooting

When it comes to my shooting hobbies, sometimes I feel like a bit of a black sheep. I am neither a race gun driver, nor a benchrest shooter. I don’t blast IDPA targets and Texas stars with an STI DVC Open, or break 200 rounds per minute cyclic smoking brown [Read More…]

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POTD: Beltfed Cozy Case

This photo shows what looks like a Ares Shrike AR broken down in a custom insert violin case. Notice the ammo belt nicely stowed in its own compartment. The velvet lined cut out looks very plush for this belt fed weapon. Just make sure the gun has cooled down before [Read More…]


The More You Know: MPI Testing

One criteria for choosing a quality Bolt Carrier Group (BCG), barrel or other ferrous metal firearm part is the passing of a Magetic Particle Inspection test. Commonly known as MPI, the process is non-destructive, meaning that the test itself does not have any [Read More…]

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