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The top selling rifle in the USA.

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ADK Arms Budget Priced AR Trigger

A smooth light weight trigger can make a big difference, it’s usually what I upgrade first with all my ARs. Check out this budget friendly replacement trigger from ADK Arms. They’re currently running a special on their new trigger at just $59.99. The [Read More…]

GhostGun-03-1024x683 Writer Makes A Ghost Gun

Andy Greenberg, of Wired, wrote an article about his experience using the Ghost Gunner CNC milling machine by Defense Distributed. Andy tried three types of AR lower gunsmithing. He started with the traditional 80% lower and tried to use a drill press. His results were [Read More…]

Takedown pin

AR-15 Rear Takedown Pin Swap

Way Of The Gun posted this video on how to swap out the rear takedown pin of an AR-15 lower receiver. Normally you would need to loosen the castle nut and back off the receiver end plate, thereby easing the tension off of the takedown detent and spring. However this [Read More…]

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Lego Brick AR Stock

As a fan of Lego and firearms I am not sure if it is a good idea to make a hybrid of both. Alloutdoor posted this the other day. Feinstein Gewehr Werke, LLC, is a plastic brick kit manufacturer. They make the Mk8 stock for milspec buffer tubes. The kit costs $40 plus [Read More…]