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Atlanta Arms 71LsdzEAsSL._SL1000_ 007 2015-05-06 17_15_45-The Mk I Martini-Henry_ Shooting at Longer Ranges - YouTube pat112513013_zpsa35108e6 p_105200938_3 Capture 11193327_798043356976606_6858280561104507140_n IMG_1271 7.62mm M198 Duplex, far left, along with its single bullet counterpart, the  XM256E1 Low Recoil round, and sectioned examples of each. Image from Ray Meketa's collection. dart Capture

Make a Match-Powered Rocket

Adding to the ability for a match to reload 22 LR, you can also use one to create homemade bottle rockets. All it takes is a match, candle, a metric-snotload of patience and a bit of tin foil. Its not for the faint of heart, but this could conceivably allow you to [Read More…]

Capture minicannon-features Capture Safe Tac Mag used with X-Products Can Cannon. Photo used with permission from SkilletsUSMC  at hk36mag Capture Capture 195589