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TCM9R (left) vs TCM (right) Web ARX-Inceptor45Auto-20ct-packaging-window

Tromix .375 SOCOM

Over at, Tony Rumore of Tromix Lead Delivery Systems started a thread showing his new .375 SOCOM round. Cases are formed from 458 SOCOM cases run through a 375 SOCOM sizing die (custom die.) Rumore reports getting a 200 grain Sierra FP to more than [Read More…]


Ammo Prices: 01/02/2014 -

Week 40. We’re back! We figured that a couple of weeks off was okay since we’d be flooded with SHOT posts and it would be lost in the shuffle. We are in the last quarter of this experiment and overall the response has been pretty supportive. Hopefully the [Read More…]