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0721160110 Various 5.56mm rounds, left to right: 55gr M193, 55gr French ball, M855 (made in Korea), Mk. 262 Mod. 1, Mk. 318, M855A1 Some really quite small caliber rounds... Credit: Paul Smith - deer_season_xp_box_inset 13726704_10154060801776077_2960443495233588292_n Adam Salvo12 Blue MZ NewtonradG11 NewtonradG11 Creedmoor 9mm red dot 25yd300 mod1 (ar-15) Capture Capture Federal HST Ammo Capture TOZ106 Thermite GetImage 13567043_1277116515662573_5880328911105492557_n Winchester Super X weatherby_65_300_f ammo1

Hunting Tips (from a girl): Is there such a thing as a do-it-all round?

One of the common questions seen in hunting groups on social media is some variation on asking what caliber is best for X animal. It pops up everywhere and instantly results in dozens of opinions, all backed by the commenter’s claim of extensive knowledge and [Read More…]


POP! 22LR vs Balloons

22Plinkster has long been putting tiny rounds into tiny holes and has likewise expanded into shooting 22 into various medium (including a remarkable test of 22LR vs Drywall). In light of the upcoming Independence Day holiday, Mr. Plinkster is out to see how many [Read More…]

new-5 ABM Ammo Varmint X Capture Redding Dies TNQ 9mm Frang HP Gel Block 25_45_animation02 7.62x39mm170gr

Exploring the Untapped Potential of 7.62×39 as an “All Around” Hunting Caliber

What if there was a caliber that was suitable for everything from coyote to brown bear, kicked less than your whitetail gun, fit in a micro-length (2.25″/58mm) action, and cost a quarter a round to shoot? That would be a pretty awesome caliber, wouldn’t [Read More…]

Brass 4 image grammar birchwood2

New Birchwood Casey Targets (Like Splatter? You’ll Love These.)

Target practice isn’t just fun, it’s a vital part of honing your marksmanship skills. Of course, target practice is a lot more interesting when the targets are more than plain white sheets of paper. Enter Birchwood Casey, the company whose Shoot-N-C targets [Read More…]

Screen Shot 2016-06-13 at 8.21.53 PM That is what happens when a wound channel collapses on itself so quickly that it sets the air on fire. hqdefault liberty ammunition Credit: DSC_0529