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New Lapua .308 Special Ammo

For 2014, Lapua will introduce a new .308 Win load the company says is specially tailored to shorter barreled, semi-automatic rifles like the AR-10 and SCAR-H. According to Lapua, the load is designed for optimal performance from barrels as short as 12″ and as [Read More…]

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New ProGrade Hog Hunting Ammo

Montana-based ProGrade Ammunition will launch a new line of hog hunting ammunition in 2014.  The new ammo will be available in 14 calibers with a total of 28 different loads.  There will be handgun and rifle calibers included in this line. The Hog Grade ammo will use [Read More…]


Painting With Gunpowder

This video about a Chinese artist who “paints” with gunpowder (blackpowder) is worth watching. As usual, when linking to a video, I have to point out that a lot of what is said in the video is total nonsense. Gunpowder is not natural, unless [Read More…]


9mm iPod Case

The website ShapeWays allows designers to sell their 3D-printable products. When a customer orders a design, Shapeways prints it on-demand and cuts the designer in on the profits. A reader emailed us about a nifty iPhone case with integrated 9mm cartridge [Read More…]


5.7x28mm Versus Body Armor

Every time the 5.7x28mm cartridge comes up in a discussion, you always hear someone talk about its ability to penetrate a row of Abrams tanks and then continue on into the next county, but there is not a lot of information out there to prove the manufacturer’s [Read More…]

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A TFB reader was shooting reloaded ammunition at the range when his AR-15 blew apart. The case head failed and the escaping gas split the upper receiver in two and blasted all it components out. Fortunately he was uninjured. As always, be very careful when reloading!


The Shot Towers Of Africa

Yesterday Steve wrote about the Shot Towers of the USA, Europe and Australia. Today I will tell you about how shotgun ammunition is made in African villages. In most of Nigeria, we all come from one village or the other.. Of course, with schooling and work, we mostly [Read More…]

Sparks Shot Tower, 129-131 Carpenter Street, Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, PA

Shot Towers

Until the mid 20th century the method used to produce lead shot was to drop molten lead from a great height into water. The liquid lead’s surface tension would form it into almost perfect spheres and it would cool as it fell. The water would break the fall and the [Read More…]

Is Buckshot Lethal At 50 Yards?

I am sure many dead deer would argue that yes buckshot is lethal at 50 yards. If you need proof, Brass Fetcher tested buckshot against ballistic gelatin at 50 yards and then managed to chronograph it at 50 yards (no small feat). Thanks to Jim for the link.

Y-man's New Shotgun Stock Sep 2013 From Left-Right: Double Four, 7.62x39mm, 7.62x51mm
Survival Ammo Can

MTM Survivor Ammo Can

MTM Case-Guard has developed a ammunition storage can designed specially for burying in the ground. The Survivor Ammo can was designed to secure important essentials that may be needed in the future.  The Survivor Ammo Can will hide important documents, gear and even [Read More…]

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