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The new Bushnell CQTS red dot optic. The new Walther PPQ M2

Walther PPQ M2

Walther Arms introduced the PPQ M2 pistol at SHOT Show this year.  This pistol is  striker-fired with a polymer frame that Walther has directed at keeping pace with similar competitor offerings.  The PPQ M2 has similarities to the recent Walther P99 and PPX, but [Read More…]

The new Springfield XDs 4.0. Magpul sign at SHOT The Rock River Arms 1911 Poly returns.

Rock River Arms 1911 Poly

Rock River Arms is a company more well known for their AR-platform rifles, but at SHOT Show this year the company was showing off their polymer-framed 1911 pistol again.  First displayed 2 years ago as a concept pistol, and possibly to determine market interest, it [Read More…]

The new Browning AB3. The new Gemtech G-Core series GMT-300 suppressor for .300 BLK. The new Troy AK-47 hand guard. The "mini" Glock 42

The “mini” Glock 42

The first Glock compact, slim frame, single stack pistol has arrived.  What many have wanted, but most considered would never arrive, has finally materialized in the form of the Glock 42 in .380 caliber.  The long awaited “mini” Glock is finally a reality. Meet [Read More…]

The new CZ 550 Sonoran The Smith and Wesson Performance center 686 PLUS
The Sphinx SDP Standard 9mm

Sphinx SDP Series 9mm Pistols

I happened to pass the Sphinx booth at SHOT.  I may not have even stopped, but apparently Sphinx is owned by the same company that owns KRISS, and who doesn’t love a KRISS, right?!  So as I’m walking through I realized that there are several really good looking [Read More…]



CMMG has been producing quality AR platforms for 11 years now.  Their latest production is the Mk3 CBR (Carbine Battle Rifle).  This is a semi-auto .308 caliber rifle on an AR-10 style platform.  CMMG has partnered with several industry leaders to put together [Read More…]

The Ruger LC380

Ruger LC380

Ruger has introduced the LC380 based on the LC9 frame.  The new pistol changes to a .380 barrel, extractor, extractor spring, magazine, and slide, but otherwise is very similar in size and features to the LC9.  There are a few other differences that I will outline [Read More…]