Ruger’s New AR-556 with Magpul Furniture

Ruger AR-556 with Magpul

It might be a slow sales time for the AR platform, but Sturm, Ruger & Co. appears to be making use of the excess time on the production line to introduce a range of variants that may appeal to its customers. Recently, the company announced the AR-556 MPR. Now, it introduces the AR-556 with Magpul furniture.

The new model is the same basic rifle as the original AR-556. However, this version includes a Magpul MOE adjustable stock and a Magpul MOE M-LOK hand guard. The rifle also includes a 30-round PMAG, but these magazines are included with the original AR-556 already.

I’ve reviewed the AR-556 and found it to be a capable rifle with a reasonable price tag. It was my opinion then that the two modifications I would make on my own AR-556 would be to add a CTR stock (another Magpul stock that is very similar to the MOE version) and this hand guard. For a price of only $50 more (MSRP: $849,) I seems to be a good bargain.

Ruger AR-556 with Magpul

Without a doubt in my mind, Magpul has become one of the most successful firearms accessory companies in the marketplace today. With good reason: the company combined excellent marketing technique with practical products that are reasonably priced. In nearly any market, that would be a winning combination.

Because of the popularity of Magpul, some manufacturers offer guns with that company’s products already installed. Smith & Wesson, for example, has offered multiple different guns with Magpul equipment standard.

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  • Major Tom

    Ah just what we need in a time of a massive glut of AR’s and slow sales of AR’s, more AR’s. /sarcasm

    Let me know when somebody actually ya know innovates and does something different than more AR’s.

    • Rick O’Shay

      It’s not “more.” It’s just recognizing something that their customers are doing to their rifles, and offering it like that right out of the box. But yeah, there’s a glut of ARs. There’s also a glut of 1911s and Glocks. But as long as that’s what the market demands, that’s what manufacturers are going to provide.

      • Major Tom

        Given the slow sales, “more AR’s” is not what the market’s demanding.

        • iksnilol

          Have you tried just sellin’ more ARs?

        • valorius

          This is a good situation for us, cause the manufacturers will keep lowering their prices.

    • venku

      I kind of like it. A simple no-nonsense, relatively cheap rifle.

      • TalbotFarwell

        I wouldn’t necessarily call it cheap. $800 is seriously stretching my budget, $500-$600 is more realistic for me. But like you said, “cheap is relative”.
        For all that comes on this variant of the AR-556, I’ll be sure to jump on it once the price gets below $700.

    • derpmaster

      Hey at least in 12 months these things will be $550 a piece on CDNN clearance.

      • valorius

        Regular AR-556s are already cheaper than that now. 🙂

      • Indianasteve

        Allready $620 at Buds. Free shipping. That’s a pretty good price. If it does come down to $550. I might just have to buy another ar15.

        • iksnilol

          Is the 70 buck difference really keeping you from buying one?

          • Indianasteve

            $70 is $70, but you might be right. It does come with a set of irons at least. I still think it will come down a little more though.

          • TalbotFarwell

            Yes. Hey, for those of us on a tight budget, we have to make every dollar count.

          • iksnilol

            Tell me about it, I drink booze that’s sold in plastic bottles.

    • Kelly Jackson

      They already have, you’re just willing to pay $1,800 for one of the many non-AR rifles chambered in .223

      • iksnilol

        Because I can get an AR in .223 for like 500 bucks


  • Herr Wolf

    Game Changer.

  • Smitty

    For just a little more money or would have been better if Ruger had used the drop in SL model up front and either the SL or CTR stock sat the MOEi items are very plain.

    • Dr. Longfellow Buchenrad

      MOE-SL is my favorite collapsible stock

  • Christopher Wallace

    Solid Meh

  • Audie Bakerson

    Never could figure out what the AR-556 offered over the M&P15. Seems like it has the same flaws (the untapered front heavy barrel), but it cost more and (apparently) doesn’t like steel cased ammo.

    • valorius

      A forward assist. I’ve seen AR-556s for under $500 brand new.

      • Audie Bakerson

        The new M&P15 variants do have a forward assist and have for years. M&P15 goes for even less than the AR556.

        • Drew Bacca

          The forward assist (and dust cover) was added to the M&P Sport II which was released last year. Ruger’s spec sheet claims a medium contour CHF barrel with a RH 1:8″ twist.

          I’ve seen both of these rifles under 500 in my LGS and online. It’s an entry level rifle that, for a lot of buyers is going to come down to price and/or brand loyalty more than features. Both rifle specs are very similar.

          • Audie Bakerson

            2016 and 2017 are both years.

          • Drew Bacca

            My forward assist comment was in response to the comment by valorius. The remainder of my post covered your generalizations of barrel specs and cost.

        • valorius

          Nice. 🙂

        • valorius

          The Ruger still holds an advantage in that it’s a 1:8 barrel. The M&P Sport II is 1:9.

          • iksnilol

            Will most folks notice any difference between those twists with regular ammo?

            I mean it’s an entry level rifle.

          • Audie Bakerson

            That’s the kind of info I was looking for.

    • TalbotFarwell

      An untapered heavy barrel isn’t a flaw in my eyes, since it both makes the rifle/carbine Maryland legal AND makes it a bit beefier. It’s a must-have according to the law, but I like the very slight extra bit of weight and stability it adds.

      • Audie Bakerson

        What the hell is the law that makes it required in Maryland?

  • John Rando

    Just what we all need- another carbine length AR with Magpul furniture. How about some retro style rifles? Very little to chooses from in A1/A2 style uppers and 1/12 twist barrels even to build your own these days. Or how about something wildly different like a rifle that takes an AR lower but uses a completely different upper that doesn’t use the traditional bolt carrier or require a buffer tube?

  • Tim

    Only 849 Bolivars? Sure, Ill take it.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Im surprised the new trend isnt selling a bare bones rifle with no grip, stk, hand guard, sights or mags for super cheap and letting the buyer customize to taste.

    • Green Hell

      Colt is doing it, but theit OEM’s still cost 700$.

      • iksnilol

        Ruger could probably do it for like 500.

  • Jim_Macklin

    The MPR has an 18″ barrel and a muzzle brake. I wonder if they have gone to a mid-length gas system. The MPR does not include BUIS nut MAGPUL offers some at reasonable price.
    The biggest news is that Ruger includes the 3-1/2 pound trigger that is available for retro fit for $150.
    Good trigger, muzzle brake, MAGPUL funiture, add a MAGPUL BUIS for $50 and street price about $800.
    Oh Yea, free float barrel.

  • valorius

    I ordered the magpul furniture for my standard AR-556 the day i bought it. This is a very sensible option, im sure they’ll sell tons of ’em.

  • robocop33

    I have the AR556 and the first thing I did was run down to the gun store and buy a M-Lock forearm and a red/green dot sight. It already had the BUIS. I also bought a vertical grip that I can use both as a fore grip as well as a short monopod. Love this firearm and with a couple of extra 30 rd. magazines it good to go.

  • gary williams

    900.00 for a basic AR15 from anybody is an insult in todays market. Getting one build at that price is far more worth rhe money. These companies gotta let some of that profit drop and even these basic AR15 cost out. 650.00 should be the cost thats only because of the Magpul on it…600.00 if standard.

    • Shankbone

      You could’ve just raised your hand and said, “I’m not familiar with Ruger’s policy of grossly inflating their MSRP over actual retail prices.”

      • gary williams

        yea but its not just Ruger I am speaking of…..thats why I stated they could take less profit…i know its wishful thinking.

    • Indianasteve

      $620 at Buds, today.

  • Mr. Katt

    Does it make it shoot better ? After all, everyone knows that the better an AR is dressed up, the better it’s going to shoot, right ? right ??

    • rc_vic_kerman

      No, the trigger puller is the one that makes the gun shoot right not the dressy things!

  • Drew Bacca

    This isn’t a bad thing. Those that build, build. Those that buy, they like options.

  • AZgunner

    With ARs so incredibly overproduced, I’m seriously considering stocking up on like a dozen just to make my gun room look cool.

  • Todd Chrisman

    Does it come in FDE too!? Will they be in stock for Christmas? Why not add a compass in the stock and a thing that tells time?

    • Mazryonh

      Don’t buy that. You’ll shoot your eye out!