Browning’s New Bush Craft Knives

Bush Craft Ultra knife

In time for fall hunting and camping, Browning released a number of fixed blade knives designed for the outdoorsman.

Bush Craft Ultra

This fixed blade knife has a 4.06″ long blade made of 7Cr17MoV stainless steel with a flat grind. The full tang knife has jimping on the spine and G-10 laminate handles. A full grain leather sheath is included with the knife. The sheath has, of course, the Browning logo. The suggested retail price of this knife is $39.99. The knife is pictured at the top of this article.

Bush Craft Ignite

Bush Craft Ignite black sheath website

As the name suggests, this knife has a carbide fire starter included with it. The knife itself is a drop point made of the same steel as the Ultra knife. Also a full tang knife, the Ignite can be had with either black G-10 handles or one made of cocobolo wood. The one with a G-10 handle has a partially serrated blade while the wood handled knife has a plain edge only. Both knives have a 4.25″ long knife. A leather sheath is included with both versions of the knife. The MSRP is $59.99.

Bush Craft Camp

Bush Craft Camp

The Camp is a working knife that is good for heavier work than some of the other knives. With a semi-bolo design, you can get a good swing and chop with it. The Camp has a 9.06″ long blade made of 440 stainless steel. It is a full tang design with an overall length of 15″. For this tool, Browning uses an injection molded handle and includes a nylon sheath. It has a suggested retail price of $39.99.

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  • Steven

    The industry sure does love a new buzz word like “bushcraft.” I wonder how many of them even know who Ray Mears is?

    • Timmah_timmah

      Yeah let alone understand the blades he specified. Don’t think 7cr steel fits the bill…

      • Kaban

        A man who sells a piece of O1 for 420+ pieces of British coin has no business in dishing out guruspeak on knife steels.

  • Spencerhut

    So a stainless steel knife with a fire steel?

  • RAE Industries

    They may not know who he is but I had my first Browning 40 years ago these look pretty nice for whats being our out today

    • Timmah_timmah

      No. No they don’t. Over priced China made crap with crap steels. I’d take a Condor Kephart over any of these

  • Mark Horning

    Post title should be “Cheap ChiCom knifes with Browning logos”


  • Marc Ciurdariu
  • Kaban


    The steels are fine. The heat treatment and workmanship…not so much. It takes especially harsh oversight and quality control to wringle out consistency from those boys who assemble 99% of world’s smartphones, and my experience tells me that forty bucks is not price tag associated with draconian QC.