BCM Introduces MCMR M-LOK Handguards

After the M-LOK attachment system got the official nod from the U.S Military earlier this year, the writing was on the wall for Key-Mod. Sure, some users held fast to a system that was effectively at end-of-life, but discounts, sales and discontinued products popped up overnight. One of the longest holdouts of adding M-LOK to their lineup, BCM, now has their popular handguards outfitted with the new .MIL standard.

I won’t waste you time beating up on poor Key-Mod, even though I think it is inferior in some ways. But it’s great to see the makers of some of the best handguards finally make the move to M-LOK. Details, links and specifications are listed below

BCM MCMR WITH MLOK (specs for 15”) – MSRP ~$175-200

Featuring the same industry leading barrel nut and lock up design as originally introduced on BCM’s evolutionary KMR handguard, the MCMR Series of handguards gives the shooter modularity in the M-LOK® platform.

This proprietary patented mounting system (US Patent 8904691), includes a mechanical index to the 12:00 rail and positions mounting hardware to mitigate the movement caused by heat generated by the weapon system.

  • MCMR features M-LOK® Compatible mounting system.
  • Free Float Handguard eliminates loads from barrel, reducing the deflection for more accurate shooting.
  • Precision Machined Aerospace 6061-T6 Aluminum Alloy, for high strength and lightweight.
  • Proprietary engineered profile offers additional cross sectional strength.
  • Steel Barrel Nut (same KMR, MMR, and QRF series), to resist movement under heat.
  • Hard Coat Anodized per Mil-A-8625F, Type III, Class 2
  • Handguard alone weighs 9.2 oz
  • Handguard mounting hardware 2.3 oz
  • Includes BCM® M-LOK® Compatible Sling Mount, (FREE for a limited time)
  • 1.3” Inside Diameter
  • 1.5″ Wide
  • Designed to be used with Mil-Spec M16 rifle length gas, mid length, or carbine gas systems; all with a low profile gas block.
  • The barrel nut will fit over all mil-spec diameter barrels (max of 1″)



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  • DanGoodShot

    I bet Patrick was the first to buy one.

  • Michael

    Not that I need one though…

  • Hellbilly

    It’s about time!

  • Guest

    You people and your rails

  • cons2p8ted

    Magpul to BCM; “Who’s your daddy?!”

    • Pipedog

      Holy hell, BCM had to etch Magpul’s URL on their rail. Haven’t seen that before.

  • Dickie

    Now Larue need to follow suit

  • pun&gun

    That seems a bit heavy for BCM.

    • Andrew

      A little beefiness isn’t bad, so long as it doesn’t go all M16A4 on us.

  • Risto Kantonen

    Happy handguard is happy. When you see it, you can’t unsee it. 🙂

    • Andy

      And now I hate that it gets covered up when you install it.

  • TP

    Like their stuff. About time.

  • Gun Fu Guru

    They also introduced a quad rail, but no one talks about that.

    • marine6680

      We don’t speak of those…

  • marine6680

    MCMR? What does that stand for?

    And the discription lists the MMR in reference to the barrel nut, which is what I thought the Mlok compatible rail was to be called.

    Is this a variant of the standard MMR?

    • Andy

      M Lok Compatible Modular Rail?

      Edit: You can remove my question mark, it literally says that on their site listing.

      • marine6680

        I went and checked it out… Until recently, the placeholder posting they had them listed as MMR… Much better acronym I think.

        • Andy

          Yeah, the glamour shots still have MMR on the product too, go figure.

  • Treiz

    Great news.

  • BrandonAKsALot

    I love my KMR aside from the fact that it’s super fragile, so it’s good to see BCM finally coming around to M-Lok.

    • Jay

      The kmr was the best handguard when it was released, but once Magpul released M-LOK, it was obvious that was the better system. When I’ve seen the presz release and some photos of that first Geissele mlok handguard i had an EVRICA moment.
      Had BCM made their M-lok KMR back then, 5hey could have been riding that wave for a long time.
      But no. They were butthurt and stayed with the black powder….sorry, i meant keymod.
      Now it really is too late. There are a ton of really great Mlok handguards out there. Plenty superb choices for everyone and all budgets.
      Honestly, this one wouldn’t even make my top ten.
      Way to go BCM. Three years late and ten millions short.

  • jay

    They lost two years of serious profits. And that is good. Hope they learned their lesson.

  • Threethreeight

    Eric Kincel has enough money to take the L. Keymod die-hards, however…

  • bj

    We will never make mlok handguards

    Makes mlok handguards


  • Kwong

    Now I hope PWS/Bootleg making a “PICLOK” rail

    • Blaine

      Kind of wishing I would have waited for that instead of buying the Picmod

  • Anonymoose

    They’re not making these from magnesium? Oh, well, at least it’s not horrendously pricy.

    • pun&gun

      I think they permanently benched that material due to durability issues.

  • Wzrd

    Finally! I thought they’d never make an MLR. I love my KMR but I just can’t stand keymod anymore. Too bad there’re already a bunch of other brands at the top of my list for future builds. Foolish pride.

  • ///MPOW3R

    I’ll just be happy when they release their amazing accessories in MLOK. Their MOD 3 vert grip and KAG are the best in the business in my opinion, and up till now I’ve had to run an MI MLOK to Keymod adapter plate just to be able to run one on my rifles…

  • RAE Industries

    Beautiful !

  • FelixWankel

    I wonder if they will be making the lighter magnesium alloy version like they did with the original KMR. Also, it would be nice if they would lose the white BCM billboard on the side of the rail and just leave the BCM stamp there but leave it black….. like they did on the original KMR