HK416 A7 to be called G95 by the German Special Forces

There are a lot of news about Heckler & Koch right now.

It’s now official, the Special Forces of the German Army (Bundeswehr) will receive the Heckler & Koch HK416 as a new standard firearm.

The model is the HK 416 A7 and it will be called the G95. This designation is a bit surprising as the HK 416 A5 is called G38.

To be honest these names are a lot easier to understand and remember than some of the other in the Heckler & Koch Nomenclature.

The Press Release from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw) states that the HK416A7 has a 14.5″ barrel in 5,56 mm x 45 NATO with a weight of 3 690 gram.

The contract is not huge, some 1 745 pieces of HK 416 A7 rifles and accessories are to be delivered under the contract. There are a lot of discussions and rumors about what the Army is paying for this contract, but very few known facts.

The G95 is to be delivered “only” to the German Special Commando Forces (KSK) and the German Naval Special Commando Forces, and will reach the soldiers in January 2019 and onwards. Already in November 2017 there will be more technical testing of the firearm.

A few rifles, but for the best and most active soldiers.

During my research I found this interesting rumor from the HK Pro forums:Was chatting with a buddy in Delta…. told me they were field testing an A7 variant.” So we can assume than some testing of the A7 has already begun in various parts of the world.

There are no details what the new model “A7” incorporates in comparison with other models like the A5.

According to Larry Vickers the HK416A7 features a 45 degree safety – “The first time that I am aware of on an HK416.”

Below is a detailed picture of the HK416 A5. Notice the selector is different. Also it seems that HK’s press image of the A7 is using a Magpul PMAG Window. Normally they use steel or translucent magazines in their press pictures, so I’m sure there’s a hint.

To get a little longer back-up sight, it seems the A7 is getting a quick-release iron sight and folding front sight mounted on the barrel.

And the 416 A7 below, sorry for the poor resolution but you take what you get.

And I wonder who will be getting the HK416 A6, if anyone?

Above: A copy of the German Press Release from the Federal Office of Bundeswehr Equipment, Information Technology and In-Service Support (BAAINBw), which even incorporates a picture of the rifle.

Eric B

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  • hking

    Still going with the Keymod? Just give it up HK and license the Geissele rail.

    • KidCorporate


  • Peeholestinger

    50 Shades of FDE

    • Tim

      Comes with a free set of knee pads.

      • Herr Wolf

        That’s the 2nd time today you have made that stupid comment on a story about a German rifle maker.

        • No one

          Oh noes! how dare he sleight muh precious Joyman engineering!

    • ProLiberty82

      TBH it looks more like “Desert Tan”, you know for when they need to defend all those deserts they have in Germany.

      • NanoSuitUser059 .

        You’re right. The stock and the grip look hideous and out of place.

      • Bradley

        As if militaries fought in their own countries anymore…

        • Brett baker

          As I pointed out in another thread, Daniel Defoe pointed out the wisdom of fighting your wars away from home in the 1600s, dude.

      • rennsport4.4TV8

        I don’t think anybody in NATO plays defense anymore.

  • Jason Culligan

    3.69kg for an AR with a 14.5″ barrel. You can use a lot of words to describe the HK416, but lightweight isn’t one of them.

    • frenchfries

      I’ll take a heavier profile barrel over a lightweight pencil barrel

      • Bean Guy

        I’d say the piston adds a good bit of weight rather than just the barrel

        • TheWolvesbane

          If the piston system is comparable in weight to the G36, it’ll add some 2-300 gramms as opposed to having the gun with no gas system whatsoever (as in just the barrel).
          The “Antriebsstange” weighs some 80 gramms tops. I’d guess less. (I only known our Bundeswehr terms, sorry. But Google searching for Antriebsstange G36 should bring results) the “Gaskolben” probably weighs some 20 gramms.
          The heaviest part of the entire gas-piston assembly probably is the gas block itself (it probably has a German term, but we aren’t taught it, since it is non-removable anyways) which nevertheless shouldn’t weigh a whole lot, I’d guess some 150gr by the looks of it.

          I really don’t know what a rifle length AR Gassystem weighs, but the difference shouldn’t be that great.

          • Well, there’s more than half a pound, right there…

          • TheWolvesbane

            Half a pound minus the weight of an AR15 rifle length gassystem including the gasblock.
            That would be the weight difference between a piston and a semi-DI gun like the AR.
            So not half a pound, but less.

      • Anonymoose

        Only if you balance it out with a heavier stock, but do remember that you’ll have to lug it around.

      • Joshua

        In the Army? If so you’re in luck, everyone gets a heavy barrel while still getting a 6lb 12oz rifle.

        Top barrel is the new one.

    • Anonymoose

      iirc the MR556 and M27 versions have .920″-diameter barrel, which in the normal AR15 world is considered a “bull barrel” and not just a “heavy barrel.” They keep putting those heavy barrels in there to deal with heat issues because they don’t want to have the same pitfalls as they did with the XM8 and G36 overheating.

      • Joshua

        The M4A1 is no slouch in the RO921HB Colt developed.

        • iksnilol

          Yeah, but kinda unfair to compare HB HKs with pencil barrel colts and FNs

          • Joshua

            The RO921HB on the M4A1is not a pencil barrel.

            The HB stands for Heavy Barrel.

          • iksnilol

            Saw that comparison afterwards.

          • Joshua

            The RO921HB has a diameter of around .850″-.875″, I can’t remember the exact diameter.

            By all metrics the M4A1 has a bull barrel below the handguard. However past the handguard it is .750″.

            Even then the M4A1 is still 1lb 4.2oz lighter than this 416A7, and that extra .05″ of extra barrel thickness will not even add an extra 1oz to the weight of the barrel.

            Considering the RO921HB only weighs 5oz more than the RO921 used in the M4, which is the government profile.

          • iksnilol

            Mate, I’m one cider and half a bottle of jack in. SIMPLIFY, PLS.

          • Joshua


            Going from the pencil barrel on the M4 to the heavy barrel on the M4A1 added an extra 5oz to the weapon, all of which is under the handguard.

            The M4A1 is 1lb 4.2oz lighter than this 416A7 rifle.

            Even if the A7 has a .925″ diameter barrel you’re only looking at maybe an extra 2oz.

            So that would still make the A7 1lb 2.2oz heavier than the M4A1 if they had identical barrel profiles.

            The extra weight of the 416 is going to other places than the barrel.

          • iksnilol

            Ouh… that’s sorta noticeable.

            Has anybody tried tying helium balloons to rifles to make them lighter?

          • Brett baker

            I am working on a helium-based cooling system, but so far the gun gets heavier.😣

          • Aaron

            I would assume the barrel nut, piston system, gas block, and a really beefy fore-end contribute largely to the weight disparity. The issued DD RIS is also a pig especially when compared to other designs that may not survive hard use from grunts.

          • Joshua

            The RIS II actually isn’t half bad. The FSP variant comes in at 17.1oz, which for a full 12″ rail with 4 way Picatinny slots is pretty decent.

        • Anonymoose

          Those are just .750 except for the M203 cuts which go down to .625.

          • Joshua

            Negative ghost Rider. It’s actually .850″ with the M203 cuts being .625″.

          • Anonymoose

            T H I C C

    • gunsandrockets

      My first thoughts too…

  • Kelly Jackson

    Looks like they got that stock off one of those $399 DPMS guns.

  • GermamFirearmEnthusiast

    It’s even not keymod, it’s HK’s proprietary HKey mounting system with different dimensions than keymod. They are not interchangeable. The 0ºsafe-45ºsemi-90ºfull auto fire selector was a basic requirement of the contract and every participated weapon featured this. The second difference to a HK416A5 or A6 is only the colour wich is FDE and not RAL8000. It also looks like cerakote rather than eloxal.

  • Joshua

    Still over 8lbs even with a Keymod rail system.

    Man is the 416 a pig of a rifle.

  • hikerguy

    Could this be a precursor of things to come?

    • Kinetics

      Well, if we take this with the CSASS examples seen thus far, I think it’s safe to say that H&K will continue to not be able to make rifles in any kind of a proper FDE for the foreseable future.

      If you mean does this hint at the 416 being the G36 replacement, I don’t know. How much do the Germsns want commonality with the French? And are they willing to wait until 2030 to get it?

      Because KAC will probably have sold thousands LAMG’s before H&K could even think about making 416’s for the Germans.

      • hikerguy

        I was thinking the adoption of the 416 could be a tip off off the eventual adoption of the same rifle by the regular units. I do see your point about HK not making good looking versions of FDE, however. Had me rolling on that one. 🙂

        • Kinetics

          I figured that’s what you had meant. In all seriousness, as much as I don’t like the 416, I think any AR based weapon will be much better for Europe to standardize on for a lot of reasons.

          The French did it by some miracle so the Germans surely can, it’s just a matter of exactly how much they like the G36 ergonomics that they can replicate in the H&K 433.

          Interestingly one of the British SOF units just picked a new Colt Canada AR but as of yet, it doesn’t seem that it has lead to a possible replacement of the L85 for the rest of the British military.

          Let’s also remember the 416A7 is only for the KSK as of now, if other elements of the Germsn military start to transition it will probably point more towards a general adoption.

  • Screwface_Romeo

    I hate HKey with the passion of a thousand suns

    • Anonymoose

      Wait until they come out with they’re sideways Mlok and call it “HloK”!

      • Xerxes036

        Wrong! It will be slanted!

      • plumber576

        I hear their final solution for rail attachments will be:
        Hemispherical Interface to Lighten End-user Rails or HItLER for short.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    One of the only guns I can think of that has gotten significantly uglier as time has gone on.

    • Lehmann

      My thoughts exactly. I love the look of the original pre A5 416.

      • JumpIf NotZero

        Agreed. Their quad rail at “HK height” is gorgeous in terms of proportions and giving “just an AR” a unique look. That’s said knowing full well that quad rails suck.

    • Anonymoose

      I’d dig a 20″ version with a 15″ Mlok handguard, in a matching color (not necessarily black).

  • NukeItFromOrbit

    I wish NATO would standardize on M-LOK but I doubt there is any chance of that happening.

    And HK416A7? Why so many variants?

  • Malthrak

    A 14.5″ commando 5.56 rifle that weighs over 8 pounds naked?


    • Tim

      The grip is stuffed full of tampons.

      • NanoSuitUser059 .

        For people complaining about weight?

        • Joshua

          A heavy barrel M4A1 weighs 6lbs 14oz.

          The 416 A7 weighs 1lb 4.2oz more than the M4A1.

          Why does it weigh so much more and what does that extra weight get you?

          That’s why people complain about the weight. It does nothing better than the M4A1 but manages to weigh over a lb more.

          • Weight

            For the M4 thats literally another 30round mag filled with M855A1 EPR for free.

          • mig1nc

            M4A1+silencer for the weight of an HK416A7.

          • Joshua

            If we used the Surefire Mini you can get a suppressed M4A1 and an extra mag of M855A1 for only an extra 6oz over a bare bones empty 416A7.

          • Old Tofu

            PISTON DRIVEN . . . did ALL of you forget the hk416 is a piston driven system. no carbon and heat building up in the mechanism. is that everyone’s collective memory taking a break? or are you just such fanboys you selectively forget obvious differences?

          • Joshua


            I’ll be sure to report back when the inline piston systems(yes it is not a true DI by definition) heat and fouling causes degradation of performance and increases parts failure.

            It may be a while so don’t hold your breath.

          • Old Tofu

            “Why does it weigh so much more and what does that extra weight get you?” . . . YOU asked , I answered. as far as your internet accreditations I would have expected someone with so much “experience” not to ask such simple questions

          • Joshua

            So in other words it gets you nothing.

            That’s my point, it may put the fouling and heat in a different area that being the barrel and gas block, but that doesn’t effect the durability or reliability of the M4A1.

            So again, for 1lb 4.2oz you move where the fouling is placed….that is it, because the HK416 certainly doesn’t show any noticeable difference in durability or reliability over the M4A1.

            What I get with the M4A1 is a lighter, smaller rifle that runs slightly more dirty.

            It’s amazing to me to watch people praise HK guns that are absolutely filthy like their G3, yet absolutely hate on the M4 for running slightly dirty.

          • CommonSense23

            And the 416 isn’t going to run any cleaner when you throw the can on.

          • Brett baker

            But, it’s piston, and HK! Gonna have to change your name.😉

          • Joshua

            Nuh uh!!! *insert HK fanboi screeching*

            Teutonic German engineering evaporates gasses. It runs clean no matter what and never stops!!!!!

          • Brett baker

            You’re just jealous they have Merkel!😉

          • Xerxes036

            Wish I could up vote that comment twice.

          • Old Tofu

            and yet our special forces have used them for how long?

          • Joshua

            I wasn’t aware that the Green Berets used the 416….Oh wait they don’t and you’re just one of those people who clearly has never been in the military.

            If you had you would know the difference between SF and SOF…Because there is a difference.

            Look JSOC has been using the 416 since 2004, back when it was adopted to fast pace a 10″ carbine, back before Crane got the CQB-R running well.

            This is why 10th and USASOC ran the test between the 10.4 ” 416 and the 10.3″ Block II CQB-R.

            Simple fact is not everyone in JSOC wants the 416, some want a CQB-R and some want to retain the 416. It however doesn’t matter what anyone wants because the 416 contract vehicle is still ongoing, and until the IDIQ is fulfilled nothing will be changing, and even then it would require a huge necessity to go back to the CQB-R for the simple reason of logistics. JSOC has a huge logistical train right now due to using the same 10″ gun since 2004, despite what some say, they do not have unlimited funds and it would be a nightmare of their limited funds to change weapons when they have more pressing items that need to be procured.

          • Old Tofu

            actually , yes I was in the army. I just tested too high to be a grunt.

          • Old Tofu

            then why in the 2007 tests did the m4 come in significantly worse than both the hk416 and the scar? even eliminating the magazine induced stoppages the m4 had OVER TWICE as many stoppages as the other 2 guns. keep justifying your fanboy choices all you want , doesn’t change facts.

          • Joshua

            You mean the test that allowed the 416 and SCAR to receive extra lubrication because it was specified in the manual? The one that the M4’s used were old and the mags were old and they counted every function of the burst trigger where it did not fire 3 rounds per pull as a stoppage? Which if you know anything about burst fire in the M4 you know it’s not a stoppage but a true function of the trigger mechanism.

            That test?

            Well I can’t share it but I have a test from 2010 and from 2015 that show the 416 doesn’t do anything special over the M4A1, but I can’t share that to civilians on an open forum, and your lack of understanding of the difference between SF and SOF in your other post tells me you’re out of your lane on this matter and just parrot what you read larry vickers say online.

            But by all means, call me a fanboy while you run around praising the heavily biased and completely rigged 2007 sand storm test. It’s always used by people who don’t know what is happening.

          • Old Tofu

            sure blame competitors because colt doesn’t know how often to lube their weapons. special forces refers to green berets IN THE ARMY, last time I checked NAVY SEALS are also considered special forces or are you so obtuse you forget we have more than one service?

          • Joshua

            The Army sets the lubrication schedule for the M4, it’s not up to Colt at this point.

            Also SEALs include numerous teams of which 99% use the M4A1 and CQB-R. Again the data is there, 10th, USASOC, and the Army have done numerous tests since 2010 and all have pretty similar results that the 416 doesn’t offer anything over the M4.

            You can find that data if you have the clearance.

            It’s a known fact by many that the 2007 dust storm test was heavily biased and rigged. That is why different units in SOCOM ran their own testing to see what they could get from unbiased data.

          • Uniform223

            There was also a test in which the M4A1 showed the least amount of class 3 stoppages/malfunctions when compared to their piston driven counterparts. Ever had to or see people “mortar” an AK?

          • NanoSuitUser059 .

            It was only a joke

    • wicapiwakan

      Apparently you don’t know about the long history of superior German engineering, which has created a long time of overweight, overcomplex and horribly expensive products.

      I mean, these are the same people who’s response to the T-34 tank was to build something similar, except twice as heavy, 5x as expensive and 10x less reliable. Truly, their prowess as engineers is unmatched.

  • bj

    So over rated

  • Kurt Ingalls

    I’m happy with my Stag Arms, but I just have to say that that is pure sex……I love it…um, just sayin’…… 🙂


    What’s with the color scheme on this rifle??

    • GaryOlson

      Not a scheme, it’s a collage. Find your own meaning.


        Like 4 shades of f.d.e. lol Are they color blind?

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      They have been flipping through too many FN catalogs.

  • Konflict7993

    I can’t be the only one whose wondering where or what happened to A2, A3,A4,and A6?

    • rennsport4.4TV8

      I was just talking to my brother about that. Maybe we all missed something.

    • Joshua

      HK has a habit of using odd numbers for changes.

      The A3 existed but wasn’t an actual numbered variant, I believe it is the OTB variant…but could be wrong on that.

  • StylishFever

    Am I only one that’s getting a bitbnervous about this German arms build up? Especially with, you know, Merkel in charge.

    • Brett baker


      • StylishFever

        Ah scheisse. I knew it, I ficken knew it.

    • cmbv79

      What German arms build up?! The German government does not invest in defense, the German Armed Forces are very far from what they were until a few decades ago.

      • Risto Kantonen

        It’s true that the German Armed Forces are far from what they were, but that is starting to change, it’s a large organisation so there’s quite a bit of inertia. But Germany and many other European countries are now slowly shifting back to building capacity and capability because they’ve finally woken up to the constantly declining security situation, which is very severe at this point. So this development comes out of necessity, because the politicians are practically reminded about the deteriorating situation at every turn.

        There’s talk about Permanent Structured Cooperation, PESCO at the EU level. PESCO was mentioned in a document dated in 14 November 2016 from High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Federica Mogherini to the Council of the European Union. The document is titled ‘EU Global Strategy Implementation Plan on Security and Defence’. PESCO was also mentioned in an article titled ‘Report: Germany would rather invest in EU defense than NATO’, which was published on Deutsche Welle yesterday, on 12.10.2017.

        It’s not just about arms buildup either, it’s about a broad strategy that indicats that Germany is starting to pay more attention to defence. This is indicated by the fact that Bundeswehr wants to recruit more soldiers, the ‘Die Rekruten’ reality tv series. Another piece of information is the fact that Germany is one of the participating nations in the recently opened European Centre of Excellence for Countering Hybrid Threats.

        Apart from Germany, there’s also things such as the Nordic Defence Cooperation organisation, which consits of Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland up here in northern Europe which seems to be working very well. Bilaterally speaking, Finland and Sweden are also increasing cooperation, of which the most recent example is the Ruska 17 exercise which just ended here in Finland.

        To quote Rainer Wendt, the Federal Chairman of the German Police Union from his interview on N24 TV-channel, on October 2015: “Things always have to go up in flames before they manage to get anything done.” In which he is referring to politicians always having a reactionary rather than preventive policy.

      • StylishFever

        Relax, it was a joke.

    • When Macron starts looking haunted and starts rapidly ramping up his defenses, I’ll worry.

      Until then, [yawn].

      • Brett baker

        Well, unlike 1939, the German banks are loaning money to the French banks. So Macron might be signing the “Reunification of the Ancient Germanic Peoples” treaty before he can ramp up.

  • RAE Industries

    Yes way to heavy to carry since their excursions can cover a lot of distance by foot only

  • Geoff

    Sweet gat, bro!!!!!!!!!!
    Now how about we close the border and boot all the terrorists, invaders and hostile Mohamedans from the lands of Europe?

  • john huscio

    Doesnt make me wanna part with my LWRC…..

  • LazyReader

    There are a lot of news about Heckler & Koch right now.
    A lot of times it’s about bankruptcy

  • LazyReader

    Diarrhea brown, wonderful color.

    • Xerxes036

      Full Diaper Explosion!

  • ReadyorNot

    The H&K SCAR

  • Ken Bradford

    I dont get why the 45° safety isn’t standard on all firearms. I only handled a m4a1 a few times and the only thing I didn’t like was the safety.

    • Honestly, sunk costs into AR15/M16/M4 compatible trigger systems. People don’t want to commit to a minority system and miss out on the advantages of the FCG options that 99% of similar rifles are using.. Meanwhile, manufacturers don’t want to commit to a minority system and miss out on those 99% of users….

      It’s a vicious cycle…

    • BFG-9000

      I think the 90 deg of the AR-15 is the best. Switching to any position is rough enough to not put it accidentally elsewhere under stress.

  • FredXDerf

    lol how many different shades of FDE/tan/brown can you count…?

  • Alex Karulin

    If HK was so concerned about extending sight distance, why didn’t they mount the front sight closer to the muzzle? That would have given easier access to the gas block regulator/cover (not sure which it is)

  • d_grey

    There’s an A7!? 0_o

  • Max Müller

    Because every rifle needs a short rail with uncomfortable picrail at the bottom and useless HKey keymod on the sides.
    It must be uncomfortavly short so that you don’t have enough room for a peq15 but a ridiculous front sight post that is not even on the gas block but just there on the barrel.
    It should look like the H&K 433 had sex with a Scar.
    Also, make it no lighter than 4kg. Those special forces can surely carry the extra weight.

  • SerArthurDayne

    Bros I could ninja flip just the f$@k like Delta Force with that bad boy.

    I’m talkin about tacticoooooooolio, son!

  • Budogunner

    NATO needs to get the new method of accessory attachment sorted. Are we m-lok or not?

  • BFG-9000

    45 degree safety? Why…. the short throw safeties are lamest part of HK’s. Who in the world thinks its good idea?