Tactical Solutions Holster For The Ruger MK IV and 22/45

There are few things that I want these days that I actually need. MP5K? Sure I want it, but only in my twisted brain could I actually find a need for a compact roller locker. However the Tactical Solutions holster for the Ruger MKI, II, II, IV, 22/45 and PAC-LITE pistols is probably a piece of gear I would use multiple times a week.

My ‘around the farm’ plinker is a Ruger MKII with a PAC-LITE upper, optic and suppressor. But my typical carry technique is tucked in my belt (on an empty chamber). It’s probably time to upgrade to something a bit more civilized. TacSol is an innovative company that makes high quality guns and accessories.  Check them out.

The Tactical Solutions PAC-LITE™ Holster is designed to fit the Ruger® Mark Series [MKI, MKII, MKIII, MK IV & 22/45®].22LR pistols, with or without an optic. The ambidextrous design accommodates both right and left-handed shooters and the adjustable retention provides greater flexibility.
Available in low-ride or high-ride; designed to fit belts up to 2” inches.

  • Accommodates most optics, suppressors or any length barrel
  • Ambidextrous design for right or left handed carry
  • Adjustable retention
  • Fits up to a 2” belt

Tactical Solutions HOlster –


Tactical Solutions Holster


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  • Michael Leighton Smith

    Very Nice! At last, a mainstream manufacturer making a holster for a suppressed Ruger pistol! Brilliant! I wish them the best!

    Mike Smith
    Advanced Armament Corp.

    • Scott Wagner

      Unless the can is one inch or less, it won’t fit. It also won’t fit if you use VQ lowers.

    • hking

      This is not new and not actually made by Tactical Solutions. Another company has been selling these exact same holsters for over 3 years (my comments are not getting approved if I name that vendor and give a link so this article might be a paid promotion.

  • SGT Fish

    really, for the price, Im gonna order one just so I am more motivated to get a suppressed MkIV setup. I really need one for walking around the yard shooting groundhogs and moles

  • Smitty

    Great holster for the cost.
    I have a MKIII PackLite 21/45.
    I did about twenty minutes worth of some cutting and sanding to mine to make sure the fit was just right. Overall I’d say if you have a Ruger pistol of this type spend just a few dollars and get one of these holsters then modify it to beat suit your needs.

  • nova3930

    Need something like this for a S&W victory

  • Ark

    I can feel my love handles being shredded by those exposed target sights now…

    This is actually really cool, especially the open end to accommodate suppressors. If you were ever looking to tote your lightweight Mk4 with a can around…

  • LazyReader

    Ah the latest from Blastech, perfect for Corellian smugglers, captains and entrepreneurs.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Going somewhere, Solo?

  • Jay Ross

    They should make a pistol that looks like that.

  • VF 1777

    Oh man, maybe I’m getting old (I definitely am) but putting my Hunter in that thing would be kinda like putting my old wood lever gun in a kydex sheath. But, just cause it aint my thing, don’t mean it aint someone elses of course. We can’t all be old washed-up has-beens. Let the whipper snappers have fun.

  • Kelly Jackson

    Why tho

  • Tom of Toms

    Steel Challenge rimfire-only shooters, rejoice!

  • plumber576

    Now make it RTI compatible so I can stay lazy and not have to slide it on and off my belt.

  • noob
    • lawbob


      • noob

        sorry, high standard

  • John

    Looks good, however, a tactical holster for a .22 is like racing strips on a Big Wheel, cool but not necessary.

  • lawbob

    is this different from the BlackDog one?

  • Scottie Mince

    What is this ‘need’ thing you speak of in the first paragraph?

  • Bruce

    I’ve been using one for years when I shoot Steel Challenge. It’s so nice to not have to bag at the end of a stage.