RS Regulate Updates IWI Galil With Handguard – Big 3 East

Scott of RS Regulate has been working closely with IWI to develop an upgraded handguard for the Galil. The handguard is machined aluminum. It has three supports along the top to prevent crushing the U shaped handguard. The scalloped indentations allow for positive thumb control and the fence allows heat to dissipate while protecting you from touching the gas tube. There are QD sling mounts at the ends of the handguard. The handguards will be available in keymod and MLOK. They will be avalable in 10″ and 14″ lengths. He will make a shorter version for the Galil pistols. The 10″ handguard weighs a mere 6.5oz. It will cost about $225 MSRP but will probably be under $200.


RS Regulate is better known for their modular AK optic mounts. Scott has now added an MRO mount and mini Acog mount to his catalog.


The mini ACOG mount weighs just 8oz and that includes the optic.


RS Regulate is also adding colors to their products. This color is called Wasteland. It is a pseduo FDE but in certain lighting it turns gold or an off shade of green.


Check out their website for more AK related upgrades.

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  • Herr Wolf

    $1600 for a Galil + $200 for an “upgraded”(aka- improvement over original)handguard= $1800 for a warmed-over AK

    • Gabriel Owens

      I had tacos for lunch.

      • Beju

        What kind of tacos? Steak? Barbacoa? Shrimp? Fish? Chicken? Carnitas? All of the above?


        • Gabriel Owens


          • Beju

            So medium rare beef taco?

    • Scott P

      Not everyone wants an AR or thinks it is the be all, end all of guns….Lot of people are bored with AR’s.

      Not everyone looks at cost as the sole reason for what to buy……

      • TalbotFarwell

        I’d personally love a Galil but the cost for entry is waaaaay too high.

  • int19h

    Got to say, Midwest Industries handguard (which has been out for a few weeks now) looks slicker.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Until it gets hot…