✉ TFBTV Mail Room Episode 7: OktoberSquirrelfest

This episode of TFBTV is dedicated to Lake Fork Guy. Justin Rackley (Lake Fork Guy on YouTube) has been diagnosed with a brain tumor and doesn’t have the insurance to cover treatment. He and his wife have set up a webshop set up at https://makeeverycastcount.com; proceeds go to his treatment fund. Pick up a hat or a t-shirt to help him out.
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James Reeves

• NRA-licensed concealed weapons instructor, 2012-present
Maxim Magazine’s MAXIMum Warrior, 2011
• “Co-Director” [air quotes] of TFBTV
• Former Regional Sales Rep, Interstate Arms Corp., MA
• Champion, Key West Cinco De Mayo Taco Eating Competition
• GLOCK® Certified Pistol Operator, 2017-2022
• Lawyer
► Instagram: jjreevesii
► Twitter: @jjreeves
► Vimeo: JJReeves
► 500px: JJReeves
► YouTube.com/c/JamesReeves


  • iksnilol

    Can you still hear the squirrels, James?

    • SPQR9

      The squirrel shut up once it got the panties.

      • jonp

        Those panties would shut anyone up short of a drunk group of Bridal Shower Women

  • Vitsaus

    Always pictured Reeves as more of an IPA kinda guy…

    • Bucho4Prez

      He is the IPA of guys…

      • Vhyrus

        Bitter and not appreciated by women?

        • iksnilol

          Now you’re describing me.

  • if you want people to send good booze you need a physical address. usps frowns on alcohol shipments

  • jonp

    Your are styling those man panties the next time you shoot a Glock, right? Was that ghey??

  • Dougscamo

    Apparently the squirrel was an ENDO fan….

  • Joel

    Pool on how many cats James has. I’m going with 7.

  • noamsaying

    Good pellet rifle will drop that squirrel like a bad habit, and will not be a problem with the local constabulary.