BREAKING: Gunbroker REVERSES Their Stance on SlideFire & BumpFire Stocks


We reported just 2 days ago that had decided to delete and effectively ban all auctions of SlideFire, BumpFire and similarly related stocks from their website. Now, in an attempt to follow suit with their industry comrades, the NRA (National Rifle Association) and NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation), they have reversed their decision and will allow such auctions to exist.

The following message was e-mailed out to Gunbroker users outlining these thoughts:

Dear Gunbroker User,

As the public face of internet gun sales, works closely with the NRA, NSSF, and other industry organizations on matters of public policy. Initial reaction from the industry was that support of bump stocks was PR disaster. However, the industry and NRA have softened their stance and asked regulators and Congress to make a decision as to whether or not these items are legal. As a result we have changed our position to allow the items to be sold as long as they are sold in full compliance with state and local laws.

As a seller you should be aware that bump stocks / slide stocks are not firearms and are almost certainly not protected by the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act (PLCAA). This means that if you choose to sell these items and get sued over their use or misuse, you will not have the PLCAA to protect you.

Be aware that bump stocks / slide stocks may not be legal in every state and we have not been able to fully assess what jurisdictions in which they may be outlawed. It would be wise to research the local in state laws into which you intend to ship these items to avoid entering into an illegal transaction.

Thank you,
The Management of

As you can read above, Gunbroker has opened up the flood gates for people to begin gouging prices on SlideFire, BumpFire and similarly related stocks again. TFB’s Corey touched base on this unique scenario of supply, demand and speculation.

It is interesting to see Gunbroker allude to the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act in their e-mail sent out to users. It is also a bit ominous that they state sellers will not be protected by the PLCAA.

With the NRA, NSSF and high profile websites like Gunbroker leaving the decision of SlideFire and BumpFire stocks up to our legislators as to whether they will be legal or not, it leaves consumers in a tight spot. This, once again, directly ties into the speculation that Corey highlighted 2 days ago.

Time will tell the fate of SlideFire and BumpFire stocks. So the only true question that remains is… How bad do you want one?… If, at all?….

The outdoors, fitness and anything related to firearms are my passions. I am a S&W Armorer, Glock Armorer, reloader and am coping with an addiction to classic S&W and Colt revolvers (by buying more revolvers). I’ve been a guest writer for Sierra Bullets and love long walks to the gun range.


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  • Geoff

    Cucking never works. Kind of pathetic that people keep “forgetting” that. That’s how we lost on NFA, GCA, FOPA, AWB, etc.

    • McThag

      To be honest, we only lost MG’s on FOPA. The rest of it was actually a win.

      • Qoquaq En Transic

        Tell that to people who have been prosecuted in places like NJ for passing through that bung hole of a state with a legal firearm…

    • wicapiwakan

      this is literally the dumbest comment i’ve ever heard and you should be ashamed of yourself.

      • Joe

        No it makes sense. Our legislators supposedly working night and day to keep our liberties have continually sold us up the river again, and again, and again.

  • Carlos Velazquez

    Wasn’t interested in them when I first saw them 6 years ago, still not interested in them now. But it’s fun watching people pay crazy amounts of money for a piece of plastic that costs 10$ to make if that.

    • Twilight sparkle

      I’m surprised we haven’t read about a 3D printer program for one, I’m sure there’s one out there by now…

      • KestrelBike

        http://www.washingtonexaminer. com/3d-printing-could-make-sen-dianne-feinsteins-proposed-bump-stock-ban-obsolete/article/2636555

        • Scott Tx

          article says it would cost $2000 to print one.. well my printer cost less than $200 and it could do it. I couldnt say if the 58 hours to print is correct without downloading the plans but thats not a big deal if you can wait a while.

        • valorius

          A piece of shoestring makes any ban obsolete.

      • Budogunner

        I have run across a few, months or years ago. They are out there, at least until they cite ITAR to somehow make even having the design file for one illegal. I never had interest in printing one myself ans every design I saw had to be printed in sections then fused together, so they would likely be fragile.

    • BattleshipGrey

      The bumpsaw thread on ARFCOM is a fun read though. Good use of legal means to make your own SAW.

  • Major Tom

    Sodding cowards.

    • noob

      Yup. A coward is easy to predict, they will run away from the possibility of pain. So just bring more pain than the other contenders and you can drive them around like a RC car.
      Maybe Gunbroker shouldn’t be in the gun business.

      • Tim

        I’ll keep buying from gun broker. Know why? Because the nearest brick & mortar gun store is over 100 miles away, and gunbroker makes my life easier.

        Is every decision they make ‘perfect’? Of course not. Are you so perfect?

        It’s a business, not your church. They’re allowed to make mistakes.

        They didn’t run over your mother. They didn’t burn your house down. They pulled a product (briefly), then they put it back. Redemption. Done.

        • noob

          there’s always gunsamerica and auctionarms

          • Tim

            I like them, too. I’ve never been a fan of ‘burning bridges’. Next day you wake up, realize that bridge might have come in handy.

  • Kyle

    Is this going to be another thread full of people having a meltdown again? Cause the other one was pretty funny with how over the top the doom and gloom got. ERMAGERD TYRANNY!!11!

    • wicapiwakan

      i mean, it’s all MUH FREEDOMS until a private company exercises their freedom to choose which products to sell, then suddenly it’s 1.21 gigahitlers.

      • mrsatyre

        Funny how you keep using the word “freedom”.

      • Cymond

        As people keep saying, they can choose what to allow or forbid on their website.

        And we have the right to tell them to go F themselves.

      • Kyle

        +1 for 1.21 gigahitlers. Laughed my ass off at that.

  • nadnerbus

    I still see the whole thing as tactical. If you think of gun control/freedom as a war, you can see the bump stocks as a deep salient from the pro gun side into enemy/anti gun territory. We are deep in enemy lines, with long lines of logistics and communication. If we expend all our political power to defend this salient, we risk being cut off and our resources destroyed or diminished. It is tactically more sound to withdraw and shorten our lines of defense by not defending this.

    • UWOTM8

      Constantly giving up ground leaves you with none left.
      I’m highly in favor of giving up bumpfire stocks (which I always saw as a tacky redneck party trick) for suppressors, which are actually useful. But ONLY if we get something useful in return.

      • nadnerbus

        I agree, but I’m not sure how much political leverage there is to be had in that tactic. It might be politically unrealistic. Opinion polls and some time to take the national temperature would give a better read on what is feasible and what is not.

        • UWOTM8

          Have you ever seen how opinion polls are conducted and how easy they are to manipulate? I’ll never put faith in those again.
          Not to mention, a lot of people are absolutely uneducated on the 2nd Amendment to begin with, making their opinion borderline useless. If it’s politically feasible, we need to banzai-charge it.

        • noob

          Like the polls that predicted Hillary would win by a landslide?

          • Scott Tx

            I seem to recall she did win the popular vote.

          • UWOTM8

            Because everyone who voted was definitely legal and a citizen, right? There were counties in California who had more votes than they did voters.

          • Mystick

            That was actually proven incorrect… I’ll find the link eventually.

          • ostiariusalpha

            No, it was very much proven correct.

        • Ondřej Tůma

          1) Trade bumpstock as sacrifice instead AR-15s.
          2) When the gun-grabbers turn around, push for silencers silently.
          3) If another high-profile tragedy strucks and something-ban is unavoidable, trade silencers as sacrifice instead AR-15s.
          4) Since it’s been enough years, when gun grabbers turn around, push for bumpstock again.

          That is called “Gradualism” and it’s the base tactic of the gun-grabbers. It’s high-time the pro-gun camp learns this game.

          • BryanS

            Or, let them ban them, and we all say no, to hell with your unjust law. Its been done in NY, although, they have already used the safe act on people who are not dangerous, and I haven’t seen the news story about the patriots going to their rescue or protecting them from the armies of the state.

          • John

            Here in California, the Assault Weapons ban from day one had less than a 15% compliance rate, according to the state DOJ, and that hasn’t changed. So, we’ve ended up with a situation similar to that in Mexico; lots of illegal firearms, with cops looking the other way unless and until the owner commits a crime (not necessarily with the firearm), or has otherwise annoyed some public official or favored elite. The politically connected get away with a lot more than the common man can. This is exactly the situation the leftists want for the entire country; a dependent citizenry who, since they can’t or won’t obey the maze of mostly unConstitutional administrative “soft” law that has been created, can be arrested and/or robbed under the color of law with impunity. These laws are created with the expectation and desire that we not obey them. Passive resistance only works when it is costly to the would be ruling class, not when it profits them.

          • nadnerbus

            My friend used to call it creeping incrementalism. And yeah, they are relentless at it, as we should be too.

          • autofull– kevin horning

            im busy taking care of my wife with MS. i did not follow this nasty,evil shooting as close as i should have. my question is did this guy actually convert any of his weapons internally to select fire or were his weapons all equipped with slide and bump fire stocks. yes, they should still be sold for the people who do not own registered full auto so they can have fun, but does anybody know if the police have released the correct info on his weapons. guy was a nut and now all that were shot and survived must suffer forever. just a question for anyone that may know. thank you for any reply. kevin

          • Risky

            I don’t think anyone not directly involved in the investigation knows 100% to the extent of the weapons and modifications that he had right now. Initial reports were that some rifles had been converted but I don’t believe it has been confirmed. Last I heard any specifics mentioned that he had 17 rifles fitted with bumpstocks and it’s suspected those were the main rifles used in the attack. I also don’t know if its been stated as to whether or not he even reloaded or just simply went from one rifle to the next when it ran dry.

    • Ark

      Fine. I’ll trade bump fire for suppressors and SBRs.

      Oh, wait, no, Fienstein and Pelosi are demanding “Give this up, now, with nothing in return, otherwise you love mass murder.”

      • Budogunner

        That’s what makes me uncomfortable. We have gun control laws, and there have been such things as registration under a grandfather clause. Even gun buy-backs offer some form of compensation.

        This demands surrender of lawfully purchased property, unconditionally, with no compensation on pain of being charged with a Federal Gun Law violation. That approach is sub-optimal, at best.

        Just make them NFA items if you consider them dangerous and allow that system of heavy regulations turn these into collectors items nobody will use for fear of breaking the plastic.

      • Ondřej Tůma

        That’s been the rules of the game for the last 60 years.

        That’s why the Bump-stock was a sacrificial goat, pushed to the enemy territory in advance to be sacrificed instead of the valuable stuff (AR-15s as a whole) when the time comes.

        The suppressors, should they be cleared, serve the same purpose: gaining “depth of defense” to be sacrificed next time a retreat is demanded.

        I envy you US. guys for having such sacrificial goats. In the EU, we have nothing to “trade” as a “compromise” when the gun grabbers come. So we’re in an “Israeli” scenario with no depth of defense whatsoever, with our semi-autos being first on the line.

        • BryanS

          Im kinda tired of offering fingers when they demand my whole arm.

          • Ondřej Tůma

            In any war, he who retains initiative and maneuvers to his foe’s weak side wins.

            The “Status Quo” side has lost a lot by just idly sitting, proclaiming “not a single trade-off”. They’ve been marked and paraded as “the evil guys unwilling to compromise” and forced to either give up stuff anyway, or live with the constant threat of being arrested and jailed anytime the cop wants – hence being forced into being a fearful citizen-slave.

            If the enemy constantly demands “compromise” in one direction, you must achieve enough ground in the other direction that you could trade it in as that “compromise” and still retain what you want.

      • James Young

        At first, yes, I would take that trade. But if an overwhelming number of Congressmen and Senators vote to ban firearm accessories it gives the Supreme Court something to point to and say “See the people agree on accessory bans, therefore standard capacity mags, Geissele triggers, suppressors, AR15s, etc can be banned under the constitution.”

      • Mystick

        Feinstein in the same breath says “No law would have stopped this guy…”

        …the hypocrisy is strong in that one.

    • Dan

      So basically cut off a diseased toe to save the rest of the foot. Kind of what i was thinking.

      • Budogunner

        Except the opposition considers gun ownership a spreading cancer. Dr. Feinstein won’t stop at a toe:

        “Mr. and Mrs. America, turn them all in.” — Feinstein during an interview in 1995.

        • LGonDISQUS

          I can’t believe she’s 86yo.

          • James Young

            She’s 84 and going to run for another term in 2018. She’s the oldest Senator and will be 91 at the end of her next term (if she wins which she probably will)

          • LGonDISQUS

            Lord, she’s giving Byrd a run for his (earmarked) money.

      • BryanS

        We don’t have many toes, and it is not diseased. Its the prosthetic formed when our grandfathers cut off the original in 86.

    • BryanS

      That thinking is what got us the 86 ban…..

      Never saw what we ever got back of our rights from this thinking either. Only time the feds let go of a regulation is when it either gets found unconstitutional, or it sunsets. Good luck waiting for that first one.

  • DangerousClown

    Saw a guy picking one up at the LGS today. A bit of awkward silence.

    • Herr Wolf

      Can we all agree, being familiar with guns, that one old man and a few bumpfire rifles could not have racked up a body count this high in LV.

      • FiftycalTX

        No we can’t agree conspiracy nut. Last update I saw were 197 wounded by gunfire, the rest because of the stampede. You don’t think firing into a packed concert with 400 rpm AR’s with 100 round mags is possible? Try listening to the recordings of the event.

      • wicapiwakan

        uhh no actually if the dude didn’t have these stupid ass stocks and knew how to shoot he probably could have done a lot more damage, really. he had a shitload of ammo and was spraying wildly into a tightly packed crowd. had he taken his time to properly aim shots, things would have been a lot worse.

      • uncle chaos

        You think 59 dead people is hard to accomplish with one person loaded to the teeth with gear and people sitting down below like fish in a barrel ? One trained person with a bolt action could have killed more. Stop trying to spread conspiracy BS, it’s disrespectful to the victims.

  • Ark

    Gunbroker takes a cut of sales. They saw gold in them there $1,000 bump stocks.

    Screw everyone who buys one because “muh bans”, and screw everyone who makes a quick buck off the post-tragedy rush.

    Thank your deity of choice that the guy didn’t use a Geissle trigger that “makes the gun shoot as fast as a machine gun”.

    • Budogunner

      I am older than I used to be, but I still have a functioning memory and GunBroker is still on my boycott list for their absurd first reaction.

      In the defense of freedom there is no place for fair weather friends.

    • valorius

      It just shows you how ignorant congress and the gun grabbers are, they clearly don’t even know that binary triggers even exist.

      • Wzrd

        Shhhh. Don’t tell them. We need a code word for future references to them so the “progressives” don’t catch on. Any ideas?

        • Edeco

          Yes, hush, try not mention the names of fun, weird gun parts, especially if they sound cool or scary. The opposition might pick them up from our chatter.

          Sporting activity firing equipment triggers => SAFE triggers

          • Wzrd

            I like it- using their own acronyms against them.

          • serf

            Call it a Bullet Lead Machine. They wouldn’t dare ban BLM.

        • valorius


  • Eric H

    Only idiots would buy slidefire and bumpfire stocks for the prices they’re asking.

  • noob

    Should we go to home depot and start stocking up on wooden boards next?

    • Michael

      WTF is going on there?

      • noob

        It’s called a bump board. Put board on shoulder, put the protrusion on the board into the trigger guard, push gently forward on your semi auto firearm… PROFIT!

        • Michael


  • AD

    They have never appealed to me personally.

  • Douglas Moose

    All of my firearms are for legal purposes: self and home defense, collecting, range practice, training courses and competitions. Bump/Slide-fire stocks have no application as far as my needs go.

    If the SHTF, and I find myself in need of FullAuto weaponry, I’m pretty sure I’ll find what I need near someone who no longer needs it. Might even find a few others that go BOOM instead of BANG.

  • Don Ward

    Wonder how much money I can get for a bootlace on Gunbroker?

    • Hinermad

      I thought I read somewhere that the ATF ruled a bootlace was illegal. I’m pretty sure GB won’t allow the sale.

  • Pranqster

    The almighty dollar has spoken!

  • Fox Conor

    Never wanted one before. Now that the nanny state (And the NRA, smdh) want to not let me have a piece of plastic, I want one. However I will 3D print instead and release the file into the digital wild lol.

    • Budogunner

      I wouldn’t make the files public. Remember the 3D printing firearm design site the DOD shutdown, citing ITAR? I don’t want you ending up in a hole somewhere.

      • BryanS

        They didnt shut down torrents of them…

      • noob

        They can throw his body into a hole, but the file will always be free.
        And everyone ends up in a hole eventually, unless you opt for cremation. When it comes time to die, you might as well deserve it.

      • Fox Conor

        Must be difficult being so fearful all the time.

  • DW

    Can’t we build our own bumpfire devices? It’s not that someone patented bumpfiring or that the act of bump firing requires ATF approval.

    • Hinermad

      With a little practice you can bump fire without a special stock.

      • DW

        What if I want to see through my NCstar optic while firing :p

        • Hinermad

          Mount your optic to your shooting glasses. It’ll still work about as well as it would mounted on your rifle.

    • noob

      Remember when you couldn’t shoulder a sbr pistol brace? Ironically not getting a solid weld to your cheek and shoulder makes it easier to bump fire. It’s like some kind of kabuki politics.

  • Gregory

    So, all three pissed off their customer base, imagine that. Now, as for me wanting one, nope. They are a waste of my money and time.

  • ShrimplyPibbles

    One guy finally found a legitimate use for it. #talibaptists

  • datimes

    Adam: It is not price gouging. The transaction of a sale is completed when a buyer and seller agree on a price. There is no coercion and is strictly a voluntary act on the part of each participant. Gunbrock is an auction site!

    • Tim

      Well said! These guys talk like social justice warriors.

      Wanna buy it? Buy it!
      Don’t wanna buy it? Don’t f-cking buy it!

      • Bubble’s Illigitimate Son

        As Ricky from Trailer Park Boys would say, “Supply and command!”

    • Hinermad

      Agreed. A bump stock isn’t a necessity, it’s a luxury, and the seller can ask whatever price they want for it. If they can find someone with more dollars than sense to pay it, that’s the free market in action.

    • G2

      I have owned two of these. Fun to let someone who has never used a full auto, try it out. I have fired many full autos in Army 1965-1971, so not as exciting for me. I sold one a few yars ago for ~$150…….the other one sold yesterday for $1000….BUT it was attached to a nice AR15. AR was probably a $700 value without the SlideFire…Buyer was happy, I am happy…. free enterprise and even if I had soold just the stock for $1000, free enterprise….all good.

      • valorius

        exploiting a tragedy is not what i’d call all good.

        • Rick O’Shay

          How do you know it was sold to exploit a tragedy? For all you know he listed it a couple days before the event, and the sale was suspended.

          • valorius

            Yes, im sure everyone just happened to jack up the prices on their bumpfire stocks as a total random coincidence.

          • Rick O’Shay

            You do know how gunbroker works, right? It’s an auction. So if the guy posts his bumpfire equipped AR two days before, has the listing scheduled to go for a week, and during that week bidding goes crazy… I’m still not seeing how that’s a seller “exploiting” anything. That’s the market losing its ever loving mind over a gimmick.

          • valorius

            Well obviously that’s true. However, if you posted your bumpfire two days after the shooting just to make a big profit because you know IDIOTS will pay through the nose for it- it’s immoral. Legal, sure. Immoral-definitely.

        • Cymond

          I know I already said this to you in another comment, but it’s worth repeating.

          The only ones exploiting a tragedy are the gun banners. The buyers and sellers are just responding in a predicable way to the threat of those gun banners.

        • Kurt

          The tragedy is the NRA calling for the ATF to review them AGAIN. The ATF has looked at them and said they were OK. The NRA loved to keep this going so people will join to keep up the good fight for our rights.

          • AlDeLarge

            I think the request for reevaluation is just PR/politics. If the ATF could weasel-word a way to classify them as a machine gun they would’ve already done so. Asking for reevaluation makes them look open to discussion. It makes it more difficult for the (few, slightly honest) anti-gunners to say the NRA was unwilling to do compromise. A change in the law would be required to reclassify bump stocks, and it would take some seriously careful wording to not classify belt loops as machine guns in the process.

          • valorius

            It’s just political theater, and honestly, wise PR.

    • Dr. Blue

      Agree. If you don’t like the price, don’t buy it.

    • valorius

      It’s gouging.

    • Anomanom

      Less price gouging, more “there’s a sucker born every minute”. That said, if I had one, I’d be selling it now if only to avoid any legal headache later.

  • Joe

    I though it would be neat for playing with a .22 conversion, but even at relatively normalized prices I can’t afford to run many magazines through my 5.56 AR in semi, let alone “noisemaker mode”. Could we remove all references to the ECHO and BFS triggers from the internet, please? They’re way more useful IMO, and I’d like to keep them available.

  • jonp

    someone does not have the courage of their convictions

  • DanGoodShot

    I had 1 when they 1st came out. Played with it for a week and decided it was retarded. I traded it for a McMillan stock for my bolt gun. After seeing the prices on GunBroker now I’m wishing I held onto the stupid thing!

  • Kelly Jackson

    But who will be the first to combine a bump fire stock with an arm brace? That’s where the real money is

    • Mystick

      I’m pretty sure that’ll make someone’s head explode over at ATF…. figuratively speaking, of course.

  • Fred Ray

    Was at a gun show yesterday. Bump stocks were going for as much as $700. Crazy.

  • Arandor Thinnorion

    Go to GunBroker and create an account using your email address from a private domain. As soon as your account is created, change your email address to a a free account like gmail or yahoo. Now sit back as GunBroker attempts to collect more and more money from you because you initially signed up with an email address from a private domain .

    I have NEVER used GunBroker. Never bought anything. Never sold anything. Last I checked, they say I owe them $10. I’ve tried communicating with them numerous times telling them that I don’t owe them any money. They don’t care. They just keep adding “late fees” on to money I do not owe them and telling me to pay up.

    Avoid GunBroker if at all possible. They have proven what kind of people they are.

    • Ben

      A similar thing happened to me. I actually cancelled the account before completing it because I wasn’t interested in paying extra fees for using a gmail account. Months later I start getting letters telling me I will be sent to collections. I believe the amount “owed” was $2. I fought it out of sheer principle and eventually they dropped it. I use GB to gauge market value, nothing more.

      • Arandor Thinnorion

        I figure I wasn’t the only one. It’s a nice little scam they have going. The charge is small enough that most people will pay it to get rid of the annoying messages.

        Like you, I refused to pay for something I never used. I hope everyone will start doing that.

  • Al Wise

    I couldn’t care less about bump stocks. However, giving up anything to the Left is a failed strategy. It wll never be enough, and it will inspire them to press on even harder.

  • D Peeps

    okay so you just spent 10 Benny’s to buy the rifle then you spend another 10 accurizing the thing and you spend another 10 on a bump $#!t hysteria to destroy all that. now you have 3G’s into the thing and it’s no better than the $300 coupon special i just bought at a local big box sports store? Don’t get me wrong here, I say more power to y’all. keep the govnmitts off the 2A! and outta free enterprises.

  • John

    I bought a bump fire for my Remington 700…damn thing never worked right.

  • 11 Hotel 1 Papa 3/325

    I got an email from White Knight Supply. “Get em while can” $999.99. Scum.

  • GunThrowAway

    You can have the bump fire stocks as long as you give me supressors that don’t take 18 months to procure.

  • Mystick

    Gunbroker is still on my $hit list for their repeated knee-jerk, virtue-signalling reactions to events. Again and again they fail to think things through before proclaiming their “superior virtue” by removing certain items even rumored to be associated with heinous crimes, only to backpedal and issue some kind of CYA statement to appease their bread-and-butter customers. Just imagine if automobile manufacturers or distributors halted the sales of a vehicle model used in a homicide every time it happened somewhere. It’s an absurd and disproportionate reaction, and that kind of behavior should never be encouraged – in fact, it should be strongly and actively discouraged as it will spread like a toxic fungus until nothing of value will be available.

  • wicapiwakan

    well, now that gunborker has allowed stupid novelty stocks back into the hallowed halls of bronze hitler busts, $10 hitler youth knife replicas and sawed off milsurp rifles, we’re all Free Men again instead of Slaves.

  • valorius

    The NRA seems to support making these Class III devices.

    • Bob

      you can’t buy any select fire weapon that was produced after 1986.

      • valorius

        What does that have to do with this Bob?

        • Bob

          a bumpfire stock is NOT a class 3 weapon.

          • valorius

            A class III weapon is really whatever ATF says it is. For instance, ATF decided the street sweeper shotgun was a destructive device, and boom….Class III.

    • Bob

      bump fire stock is hardly a class III weapon.
      All it does is allows you to HIT the trigger quicker and shoot more IN-accurately.

      • valorius

        I think bumpfire stocks are stupid, and regulating them would be dumb as long as there is such a thing as shoe string or belt loops- but we all know a Class III weapon is whatever ATF says it is.

  • Bradley

    Yeah, you guys should probably avoid economics just as much as politics. Also have you actually checked to see how many of them are actually selling that high? Something being listed for $1,500 doesn’t mean it sells at that price.

  • Rick O’Shay

    I’d rather have a binary trigger. I should probably start saving.

  • uncle chaos

    its stupid products like this that will end up forcing level headed pro gun people to lose their rights, just so couch commandos can keep trying to push the boundaries from what’s legal and illegal. To all the idiots paying absurd amounts of money for a useless product on the heels of this tragedy, f**k you and the companies that produce this crap.

  • Pandaz3

    I have a Tac-Con trigger, which allows a little faster aimed fire. all it does is offer a mechanical reset, you still have to pull the trigger again to fire. I should say Aim and fire. With a slide fire or bump stock there is no accurate aiming. Point and spray only.

  • CapeMorgan

    Repeating utter nonsense, even anonymously on the internet, is still the evidence of some severe emotional issues. Thank you comrade and thank Putin when you see him for this piece of disinformation. BTW, any source that actually references the fruitcake Rense is in and of itself suspect.

  • Jan Vanderhaven

    Banning / regulating bumpfire stocks isn’t going to do anything to stop mass shootings and violence. Criminals are just going to resort to other means to make a weapon fully automatic, pretty much like they have always done after they prohibited actual machineguns. You want a machinegun? Give me any semiauto rifle and a file and I’ll give you a machinegun. Anyone with basic gunsmithing knowledge can accomplish it.

    • Mystick

      Works better on some than others. Some have a tendency to… “eat” themselves from the inside out.

  • John

    Bump stocks are a largely useless product created primarily to annoy the likes of Diane Feinstein and Charles Schumer. They usually make the rifle less reliable. Should they be banned? Of course not. This is supposedly still be a representative republic in which citizens have inalienable rights, though it appears to more and more pay only lip service to that ideal. The provisions of the NFA are equally as idiotic and useless as bump stocks. If we must have one, then we will have the other, in some form. Whether Pistol Packin’ DiFi and The Schnoz like it or not.

  • TheNotoriousIUD

    Its hilarious listening to the news on the way to work and hearing the reporting on the NRA doing this or that as if they actually make the laws……
    Oh wait…..


    listen if bumps and slides were legit gear,the teir 1 outfits would be using them however they are in my opinion just a Hick-a-billy novelty,besides with a 3d printer and a few hours time u can build a bump/slide fire pistol grip which looks better and performs better…so dont be a hick-a-dick,learn how to do more precise semi auto shooting….friends dont let friends go hick!

  • Matt Taylor

    Stop supporting companies in the industry that don’t support our freedoms. The NRA has done nothing for us.

    Ban the NRA

  • Avid Fan

    Glad to see some of you had your tinfoil hats retuned to defeat this latest dastardly attack on our civil rights. Have someone read you the Second Amendment again and get them to repeat the part that covers accessories.

  • Fox Conor

    I bet you were the teacher’s hall monitor in school lol

  • Marko

    Full auto and bump fire is a rich mans toy. Average low price for .223 ammo is around $6.00 a box. (20 rounds). Its gone in about 3 seconds. You can blow $100.00 real quick. I reload, so the impact is not that great. Question is, do I want to crank the handle that much for a few seconds of gratification? Nah, semi auto is hungry enough. Add kids to the equation, adds up to a weeks pay real quick.