StG-44 Found While Repairing a Roof in Poland

Remember a few years back when an StG-44 was turned in at a gun buy back in Los Angeles, CA? The person got a whopping $200 gift card for it. An StG-44 was also turned in at a gun buy back in Hartford, Connecticut too. That story had a happy ending however, the officers in Hartford knew the historical significance (and high value) of the rifle and allowed the owner to keep it and sell it instead.

Recently the Facebook page The Ghosts of the Eastern Front posted pictures of an StG-44 that was discovered under a roof in Poland while doing repairs. The repairs were done because some rotten boards looked like they were about to come crashing down at any time. When workers started renovations the boards actually did just that, and in the dust they made the discovery. The rifle was wrapped in rags when it was discovered. After doing some Googling it appears this actually happened back in 2013. Be right back, I’m checking my attic for Tommy Gun.

Check out the video of them unwrapping the StG-44:

Another interesting bit is this history lesson from the article:

The Sturmgewehr 44 rifle was copied by the Russians and is known in modified form as AK47 Kalashnikov.

I guess that settles that debate.

It even came with mags and ammo!

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  • TheNotoriousIUD

    If I found something like that you sure as hell would never read about it here.

    • Gary Kirk

      Just think of the stuff that hasn’t been “reported”..

      • TheNotoriousIUD

        I cant imagine the stuff laying around Europe.
        Germany has a full time EOD squad just for unexploded WW 2 era bombs.

        • wetcorps

          There is indeed some stuff floating around.

        • Ratcraft

          I worked next to an old Hungarian man, who is still living and working today he was 14 when the war ended. He has told me all about the “toys such wonderful toys” they found as kids and they things they did with them. Said a lot of kids were maimed playing with that stuff.

          • Nobody Inparticular

            I used to work with a Latvian man who told stories of doing mag-dumps with the MP40’s they found in the woods.

          • Requiescat in pace

            In Hungary (and probably in other countries as well) the weapons were collected quickly after the War ended.
            State/ political police was extensively look for hidden guns.
            Wrecks went to factories to melt them in to pour new steel.
            In the woods there were a lot of ammo.
            Kids lost their lives or limbs playing with stuff that went kaboom.
            Even nowadays un exploded aerial bombs or artillery cashes are found like monthly during construction works.

          • Ratcraft

            That’s one of the things he told me, a lot of kids got maimed. he told me of one kid who found a panzershrek in a creek bed. Took it into town and the people on the roads about s*** themselves. Even though it’s an inert tube. It was always amazing when the would start talking about those days.

          • tarnishedcopper

            In the mid 1980’s as a midwest metro cop I got sent to a house where the 80 + year old lady was moving out. She said her long dead husband always said there was a live grenade on the back porch in a foot locker. I began looking and sure enough, one WWI German Potato-Masher grenade intact. Had to call the ATF Bomb Squad to come dispose of it and it did go kaboom when they placed a small charge on it in a landfill.

          • Ratcraft

            That’s cool.

        • Rasputin

          Found 2 Lugers and a Kongsberg Colt in my grandmas house. Norway…

      • Remember that German dude with the tank in his basement?

    • I know rite. If I found something like that my only post about it wouldn’t be much more than this.

      WTB: 7.92x33mm Kruz ammo

      • Ira

        My only post about it would be the one sunk on top of it marking the location i buried it.

        • Bah what fun is owning a rare machine gun if you can’t shoot it every once in a while?

      • iksnilol

        PPU makes some.

    • makeintosch

      If you have lived in Poland?

      • Cal S.

        For being such a stalwart protector of the free world and having beaten back the Commies in the ’20s largely with the help of Joe Schmoe civvie and his gun, I wonder why Poland has such strict gun laws. Leftovers from the Iron Curtain?

        • makeintosch

          Polish Joe won with the so called communists without a gun, even though he was shot frequently with one.

          Our law is a sad inheritage of the 1945-1989 era, but it changed in the years and was better, you can theoretically own and shoot a full auto weapon if you have a collector’s type o firearms licence (it is quiete easy to obtain it) but the police won’t register it and in that case you are only left to go to the court and won the legal battle, which is time consuming and costly.

          Unfortunately, there are the new UE regulations that must be implemented, which will be a huge leap behind, bollocks.

          • Cal S.

            I think it’s time for a PLEXIT, of you ask me… 😉

          • makeintosch

            No, I’m not a fan of this idea. I think that UE is a great idea but it needs to be deeply reformed, since the WW2, beside the Balkan war, there wasn’t a war in Europe – I think that the Spinelli’s idea was a large contributor. But now EU is corrupt and Germany is too influential, I think it is bad for other European countries.

          • Cal S.

            Well, that’s your business. I’d submit that is the result of a long trend we’re seeing worldwide and doesn’t have much to do with the EU or lack thereof. It’s not like the League of Nations did much to stop WWII. There hasn’t been a war involving major world powers against each other since Korea. Just a few smaller, controversial ones.

            North America doesn’t have any kind of unified governing body and yet there hasn’t been a war between the big three for 150 years. Y’all need to learn from us, haha.

          • makeintosch

            I think that if the States were divided into single states, the sum of them would be weaker than one combined country, so I also think that UE after more than 50 years of its existence is stronger than the sum of Germany, France and so on…

            Also North America and Europe is a poor analogy, since that’s 3 big countries vs more than 40 smaller ones with a history of many wars in the past.

            Also we have free trade, Schengen (I know that i.e. Switzerland is not in UE but also in the Schengen). Poland started a huge economical boost after it joined the Union but there are of course some drawbacks like the new European gun law but luckly Czech government are protesting it (our right wing leading party doesn’t have any interest in protesting it – btw I am left wing but also very pro gun) and I don’t think that this law only is reasonable to leave EU but that is only my three cents.

    • tarnishedcopper

      Yeah really!! Who would advertise it. Many years ago when I was an active L.E. officer a guy who lived across the street brought over a family heirloom pistol to show me. It was a sawed-off .22 rifle. Had to tell him it was illegal to own, shoot, or possess, and if he kept it, put it away and not to be showing it to people….

  • Kenneth Wilkinson

    That’l buff right out.

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    My roof is coming off right now.

    • Gary Kirk

      Is my contractors license good in Europe? If so I’m going to areas that once were the eastern front, and their roofs are coming off..

      BTW: If you live in one of said areas, I do cheap roof work, just need enough jobs to justify the plane ticket now..

      • gusto

        from what I have seen of American construction in TV/movies no way in hell.

        everything breaks ,chairs, walls, doors etc etc as soon as people slightly brush up against them

        • QuadGMoto

          That’s just good old fashioned American craftsmanship. It takes a lot of skill to build that lightly without falling down on its own. 😜

        • Gary Kirk

          See.. Why ya gotsta dis my workin.. I can take a ruff off

    • bernardg

      Call us back when you find something pretty significant. Perhaps a piece of Stoner AR-10. Or better yet. Japanese Nambu pistol Type-14. Especially the pre-war made.

  • Blake

    So freaking cool. I’ve wanted to go on treasure seeking missions in Europe for so long now. It’s incredible what’s still being discovered. Like the Maisy Battery, so insane that wasn’t discovered until very recently.

  • SP mclaughlin

    Still has a better finish than an HMG replica trololol.

  • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

    Century Arms rating: New/Excellent

  • john huscio

    Im betting theres alot more in similar places to where that came from across europe (not the uk)

    • Expat brit

      try to find the one about a female SOE or equivalent operative who died relatively recently in her 80s-90s, they found a sten gun in her attic in the UK…..

  • 22winmag

    It’s always great to catch a nice FIREARMS story like this one… now that TFB is overflowing with howitzer, aircraft, flashlight, knife, and military procurement drama articles!

    • Klaus Von Schmitto

      And yet…..

    • Andrew Dubya

      You`re still reading it. They`re doing well enough at that,

    • mosinman

      you keep giving them clicks and comments

  • LazyReader

    The Rebel Alliance is too well equipped, they’re more dangerous than you realize
    – Cassio Tagge, 0 ABY

    • pun&gun

      I don’t know why I never realized the A280C was a Stg-44.

  • Audie Bakerson

    Did it go to a nice home in the Czech Republic that will love it like a child? At least a museum somewhere?

  • autofull– kevin horning

    crap, my home is just too new for anything neat. i know, i built it. kevin

  • Youtube’s Best Channel

    And the only thing I find is a dead hamster that escaped 15 years ago…

    • Cal S.

      Mr. Squeakers?! Nuuuu!

  • Kryptonite

    Yeah I bet the police showed up real quick like. That was a maintenance project, not a media event. 7th century savages invading Europe that wouldn’t be going anywhere if I lived there.

  • Ranger Rick

    Can’t people keep family matters private?

  • Cal S.

    I’m finding the comments section surprisingly chill about the STG-44 copied as the AK-47 claim…

  • DanGoodShot

    I think my roof is in need of some repair!