Looking To Make Your Glock Full Auto? Amazon Has An ILLEGAL Full Auto Conversion. DO NOT BUY.

It looks like a seller on Amazon is selling something that appears to be an illegal full auto conversion sear currently. I guess if you want to make your Glock full auto and didn’t know any better, it might be kind of hard to resist adding the $68 part to your cart and clicking that check out button.

Please, don’t buy this thing. If this part fits a Glock slide like I suspect it does, it is HIGHLY illegal.

Sure, there are 80% selector kits out there for type 07 FFLs that have a SOT to produce their own selector switch, but buying a completed switch requires that you be a FFL with a SOT and a law enforcement demo letter. This switch seems to be a completed unit that appears to not require a FFL, isn’t serialized and doesn’t appear to follow any US law in regards to select fire parts.

Given the size of the Amazon marketplace, it isn’t surprising that some unscrupulous sellers slip through the cracks. Nothing that I saw on the seller’s page indicated they are affiliated with Amazon beyond having a presence on the e-commerce giant’s marketplace.

I am not going to link the product page here but I will drop some screen shots of the page as well as the photos of the selector switch.

Tell me in the comments if you see any reason that this wouldn’t work on a “real steel” Glock?

Hat tip to Charlie

Patrick R

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  • Removed_californian

    I’m not an airsoft guy but I can assume that it does not have the same internal mechanisms as a true glock brand glock. I’m ignorant on the subject but I’m pretty sure that airsofts are mainly spring based/air based systems. I don’t know about the trigger linkages and whatnot but I’m sure someone has an airsoft glock and can speak on the manner.

    • SGT Fish

      this is the real thing being sold as airsoft

    • Arie Heath

      Most airsoft handguns are gas powered, this looks legit though. Anyone stupid enough to buy this is going to have a rough time with the ATF.

      • Removed_californian

        This. I sense a trap.

        Huh. Last response didn’t post. Must be under moderation due to the YouTube link.

      • TalbotFarwell

        Could it possibly be an ATF honeypot to set up unsuspecting Glock owners as an entrapment scheme?

        • Swarf

          Ding ding ding!

      • rychastings

        how does this device even work?

    • PK

      You might be surprised how correct some brands are, as far as the sear mechanism. The difference is that instead of releasing a striker, it fires what amounts to a tiny pellet gun. The lower, however, works basically the same way… and some people have converted them to a live gun with a .22lr Glock slide/barrel and very little work otherwise.

  • SP mclaughlin

    F-fake news?

  • Vozlek V

    Most would call this a fun switch, I call it a ticket to jail switch. This is what happens when you have a retailer that doesn’t know and doesn’t want to know anything about guns but sells parts.

    • Flounder

      The actually don’t sell parts. Or firearms accessories of any kind. It is in their prohibited section. Everything on there is stuff that slipped through the cracks. And it is a whole lot of stuff.

      • Amazon and eBay have very strict rules for selling “firearm accessories” or “firearm-related items.” I know because I was on the receiving end of eBay and Amazon’s gestapo keyword filters and anti firearm hate crime tactics. I couldn’t even sell Snap Caps or folding stocks without getting the one-eyed jack stare. They suspended my business acount because I had listed some pellet rifles for sale. I don’t know how this person is getting away with this. It’s a waste of money and if you decide to attempt to stick it on your Glock… just make sure you’re alone in your parent’s basement after they’ve gone to bed…under your blanket. With a flashlight.

  • civilianaf

    Is it ok if I just want it so bad? I’m asking for a friend.

    • QuadGMoto

      Get the NFA and G– D—— Hughes Amendment repealed. Then you can buy it straight from Amazon with no problem.

      Go ahead and want it. Then turn that want into legitimate action to overturn flagrantly unconstitutional laws.

      • civilianaf

        “my friend” said to say thanks for the advice.

      • kalashnikev

        Skip that. Just do what you want. If 500,000 Americans did it tomorrow, the law would disappear.

    • Michael Gallagher

      Go to the Chinese websites like AliExpress, DHGate, etc. They have been selling them for years. You can also load up with some knock off bore snakes and other gun related stuff.

    • Edeco

      Yeah, so the are 80% ones safe to buy? You know how it is, I have a PMR30 mag but no gun because I wanted to look at the mag and have a sample of it. No constructive-intent-o.

      • PK

        Look at blueprints, then. Owning what amounts to an unregistered DIAS – since it can only be finished into one product, unlike a cut up MG parts kit or an unfinished AR/M4 lower for example – could easily be argued in court as clear constructive intent.

        • Edeco

          I can’t fully grok it that way.

          • PK

            I’m certain that a court would, however.

  • TechnoTriticale

    Amazon can expect a subpoena demanding the details of all US sales. They won’t like that, and may be expected to take steps to not find themselves in that position again.

    I won’t be surprised if AMZN isn’t the only place this big-trouble-in-little-switch is being sold. Other sites also might need to take some action and review policy.

    But let’s ignore the minor problem of years in a federal slammer. The real problem here is that the gadget probably invalidates the warranty.

    That logo on the back of device is an arguable trademark infringement too. I could see Glock filing an action just because.

  • *Finger Quotes* “Airsoft” *Finger Quotes*

  • eqd

    Replete with a verified purchase review from someone with a slightly misspelt version of one of Al Capone’s gun men. Seems fine.

    • Timmah_timmah

      Good catch sir!

  • BDub

    Some guys in the Phillipines have been selling these things for years.

  • Paul Rain

    Amazon selling this is almost certainly an ATF trap. I bought mine off Alibaba and haven’t had any trouble yet, but it isn’t made very well.

    • Joshua Graham

      It is. I’ve seen some of these types of things on there before. It’s a low effort trap.

      • Lee

        Very low effort. They dont even have the glock airsoft pistol this thing attaches too….or any other airsoft guns

        • Donald McKenna

          That’s because airsoft “Glocks” are illegal to sell in the US. Glock has never given license to any airsoft manufacturer to legally use their name or pistol design.

          Companies like APS and ISSC have “Glock” like pistols that are similar, but just different enough as to avoid legal asshattery by Gaston Glock.

          They are available in the Asian market, but ordering one to come to the US with Glock trades will likely be seized by US Customs.

    • Paul Hurst

      Occams Razor.

      It is not a trap, it is a ripoff.

      • Alex A.

        Well spoken.

      • Just M.

        Other than killing people, ripping them off is what government does best. Cops gonna cop.

  • Nick

    Well, it says airsoft. Can’t imagine airsoft guns are actually made to operate in the same manner, and I’m not familiar with how a Glock’s full auto switch would work.

    That said, that’s likely a lie to avoid Amazon’s fairly strict no gun parts policy.

    • Lee

      Airsoft guns are very realistic these days. Hard to find real gun parts can easily be found in the airsoft market. How many people out there want that cool galil handguard retainer with the carry handle and bottle opener? Cant get the israel version…but the airsoft one is $20.

    • Kelly Jackson

      Some of them do. That was the whole issue with that airsoft AR15 the ATF banned a few years ago. The whole lower receiver was a standard AR15 receiver. Some of them even had complete fire control groups and the hammer struck a valve in the upper to make it function.

    • tsubaka

      airsoft gun use Co2 gas to work
      so bassicly the “metal” slide is a shell where a plastic gas nozzle is inserted

  • Xerxes036

    Buy it with a gift message, send one to your local ATF field office for lulz.

    • Removed_californian

      Thought about it. My Tinfoil hat is on a little bit too tight though.

      • Paul Rain

        That’s what giftcards and Tor are for..

        • Wraith Kalashnikova


    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      I like you. Let’s watch the world burn together friend.

  • mosinman

    It’s a shame that there are laws that insure that this little cheap piece
    of metal and plastic can ruin your life

    • The Punisher

      Only because we let them man, only because we let them.

      • Steve Merrette

        I’m still waiting for an answer to a viable way to stop them with the amount of stupid that votes any more…

        • The Punisher

          The viable way to stop them is to opt out. But it has to be a massive movement, a will of the people. One person or a small group is just used as an example.

          And the media and government are very adept at creating schisms and divides so that we don’t all unite in this fashion.

          Just reading the comments made on this site about people who are arrested and/or convicted for violating a ridiculous statute will prove to you that this is true and so we’ve already lost at the outset.

          Between racial and political divides and religious divides and all sorts of other real or perceived differences there’s really no hope to do much of anything.

          Your remark rings true. What do you think the outcome was going to be from having us and our kids be “educated” in government run schools? Of course it’s going to churn out pro-government “citizens” who are going to vote pretty much lock step with big nanny government ideals. You’re taught that the government is true, right and just. That one must be patriotic to this morally exceptional government. One must serve it. One must give their life, money and property to it because it’s owed it. And the government promises to take care of you cradle to grave. To fix and solve all problems.

          This is what people believe, this is what they want and so they simply vote for the person espousing to take care of them the best. Logical outcome.

          We have the government we deserve.

          • Hear, hear to the Peaceful nullification and withdrawal of consent from the murderously corrupt professional liars occupying the District of Criminals.


    • Edeco

      It’s undignified.

    • JeremyB

      This is for a Airsoft gun, will not work on a Firearm lol

      • 524

        it’s not. i have a WE glock 17 and this wouldn’t even fit in the blowback housing.

        • Paddy

          I have a kj works glock which is different to yours so your point there kinda failed, im sure yours and mine are not the only types..

          • Ken

            Airsoft Glocks have an internal hammer. This is pretty clearly a real back plate, with the sear wedge and all.

  • Lawbob

    Prob won’t fit a real glock.

    Well fit but not convert it.

  • Anonymoose
  • Michael Powers

    check out JCN manufacturing….

  • Michael Powers

    wasn’t there an article here about this a few years back?

  • James Bridges

    Like the back of SOF and Shotgun News back in the day!

    • Yup – the “pre-1986 DIAS for an AR15” ads come to mind…

  • Lee

    Very weird to sell airsoft glock conversion kits, when they dont have any airsoft guns for sale. The seller only has a bunch of knockoff gcode mag holders and battle belts. This thing screams woman in an ATF office all day long.

    Few more years and cryptocurrency (bitcoin, monero, ect.) and remailer services will allow you to buy this crap with no paper trail.

    • The Punisher

      Yeah right! Bitcoin and all the cryptos are caving in like a virgin on prom night to avoid the ban hammer of the US .Gov beast…

      • Just M.

        What do you mean “caving in”? You realize that no one controls most cryptocurrency, right? They aren’t companies that can “shut down”, they’re more like viruses that people choose to download and use. They can’t be “gotten rid of” or “closed”.

        • The Punisher

          They don’t have to. They just have to coerce the exchanges, which they have and then change the regulatory statutes, which they are doing.

          If you are talking about using Tor or something and going dark web, then sure, or I suppose you can do a face to face trade. But all the mainstream exchanges follow the “Know Your Customer” laws so that the IRS can get to you for “money laundering”, etc.

          Various governments right now are experimenting with switching their official currencies to crypto to facilitate everything. Then they can claim they don’t control it or whatever but it will still be highly regulated and there will be no privacy.

          So yeah, “caving in” is an apt description.

  • iksnilol

    Uhm… because it’s made for airsoft guns?

    I doubt an airsoft glock shares the same attachment dimensions (rails and snaps and whatnot) with a real glock.

    Y’all are silly.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer


      • txJM


        • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

          “useful comment”

          • txJM

            “verified gun nerd”

    • Taolan

      Most Airsoft G18 replicas are already select fire or full auto, they have no need of an extra selector switch.

    • PK

      That’s my thinking, too. There are a lot of parts that people (who own real guns and know gun laws) freak out over. Similar freakouts have happened with regards to airsoft silencers, airsoft M4 lowers, and so on. None of it really amounts to anything, since the dimensions are incompatible with actual firearms by design, as you mentioned.

      • iksnilol

        Reminds me of that time the ATF saved the United States by stopping a shipment of airsoft M4s.

        Also a bald eagle cried a tear of joy whilst choking on a big mac that day.

        • PK

          The airsoft M4s, if I recall correctly, weren’t wide enough for any actual parts to be installed, wouldn’t have been wide enough to attach an upper or have the bolt carrier, couldn’t have accepted a large enough receiver extension for the buffer, and so on…

          But hey, let’s go ahead and seize those!

          • iksnilol

            And America was safe once more.


      • Cymond

        Yeah, but airsoft suppressors do actually meet the definition of a suppressor. The thread pitch is wrong, and the materials are weak, but you can buy or make a thread adapter, and even weak materials would work for a few rounds of 22lr.

        • Ken

          Some airsoft suppressors are okay since they don’t meet the definition of a suppressor any more than fake suppressors meant for real guns. Some of the foam filled ones meant to muffle the sound of an airsoft gun can run into issues, since they’ll muffle gunshots too.

          • Cymond

            Yeah, those are the ones I meant. I should have clarified between actual airsoft suppressors and faux airsoft suppressors.

    • Fled

      Most aren’t precise 1:1 scale. They don’t even fit holsters.

      • iksnilol

        No no no, ATF honeypot

        OOGA BOOGA! ATF!

        But yeah, what you said.

    • Ken

      It won’t work in an airsoft Glock though. Those have an internal hammer that hits a little gas valve on the magazine. Assuming the dimensions are correct, this one looks exactly like a functional Glock fun switch. It has all the parts.

      • iksnilol

        Maybe would work as decoration? Many airsoft pistols are usually full auto from the factory.

        • Ken

          Might work as decoration if you cut the sear wedge off. I’m fairly certain it was always meant for real Glocks.

  • Hrajnoga

    Well having these parts in most of Europe is legal if they are not in the gun, maybe the seller is not US ?

    • LGonDISQUS

      What if you don’t own a glock brand glock? Looks like a nice toothpick to me.

  • ShrimplyPibbles

    You haven’t contacted Amazon and had it taken down before putting up this article? Seems a bit irresponsible.

  • CA

    Wouldn’t it be sweet if the ATF got doxed, and you could take them to court for it? Can they really do these types of things?

  • Bill

    I don’t have my armorer’s manual, or a friends’ G18 close at hand, but I can’t visualize how this would even work on a real Glock.

    As for this being an ATF setup, they don’t have to work this hard to sting someone. for one thing, they’d be butt deep, pardon the pun, in controlled deliveries, which are a pain. Then they’d have to ferret out the actual airsofters. Stupid existed before the interweb.

    Chill, homies.

  • Zapped 02

    Review info on manufacturer is zip.
    Definitely red flag time.

    Military Base
    0.0 stars during time selling on Amazon.
    (0 rating)

    Count: Last 30 days
    Positive: –
    Neutral: –
    Negative: –
    Feedback Rating: 0

    Count: Last 90 days
    Positive: –
    Neutral: –
    Negative: –
    Feedback Rating: 0

    Count: Last 365 days
    Positive: –
    Neutral: –
    Negative: –
    Feedback Rating: 0

    Count: Lifetime
    Positive: –
    Neutral: –
    Negative: –
    Feedback Rating: 0

  • st381183

    Hey guys,

    they are selling this awesome full auto conversion for your Glock on Amazon…..Oh yeah don’t buy it…But here’s all the details….No link but you can figure it out.

    Said Chief Wiggum to his son Ralphie, “What is your fascination with my forbidden closet of mystery?”

    • Hoplopfheil

      Awww, have some riot gear on the house.

  • Nathan Alred

    They’re $2 cheaper on eBay. And the listing there doesn’t even say “airsoft”. Ships from China.

    • Cal S.

      Hasn’t China heard about ITAR? 😉

      • Thaddeus Carpenter

        For Airsoft?

        • Cal S.

          …or copyright laws?

          Doubtful this is for airsoft.

  • Shadow

    Fits the patent close enough: https://www.google.com/patents/US5705763

  • Kelly Jackson

    I see a lot of you sperglords over on Amazon your autism in the review section.

  • Jon in CO

    I’d imagine with a bit of sanding, it would work for a few hundred rounds. However, this screams “lock me up, I’m an idiot” all over.

  • Edeco

    It’s a trick – get an axe.

    • Fffgll

      That’s an Army of Darkness reference kids.

  • glenn cheney

    “TURK? That you? We know you’re in there.
    We can see you.”


    Bought five, no regrets.

  • Mark Monse

    Best Amazon Customer comment (so far):

    The best of times. The wost of times.

    ByEarlon September 14, 2017

    I ordered up a couple of these. Funny, there was a 14-year old girl
    named Tiffany that delivered it. Honest, she was pretty smoken’ hot in a
    trailer trash, side of the interstate kind of way. She had that hard
    look, 1000-yd stare, and a pack of non-filtered Camels in the sleeve of
    her ripped white t-shirt. It was the best three days of my life as she
    rode in my Kenworth across Interstate 10 through West Texas, New Mexico,
    and Arizona. It all came to an end in Blythe, CA, just after we
    crossed the Colorado River and pulled into the Riviera RV Resort. I was
    looking forward to kicking back at the Cove and hitting up the jet skis
    on the river with Tiffany for a few days. Well, that’s when they came
    for me. The FBI, the ATF, and a bunch of other alphabet agency types.
    Knowing they like to shoot first and stomp on the kittens, I grabbed my
    Glock and this here dang Airsoft Pistol Accessory. It fell to pieces in
    my hands. All along Tiffany was just lounging in the sleeper, all
    stretched out in a god-awful sexy way, with a bright light in her eyes.
    The last I saw of Tiffany was when they pulled me from the cab and she
    had just lit up one of those Camels and was blowing a thin line of smoke
    towards the door. She tilted her head back, stretched that sexy body
    of hers and said, “here’s another one for you Horiuchi…”

    • Edeco


      That’s amazing!

    • George Griffin

      Props for Ruby Ridge reference.

    • Uncle Dave

      There’s something about those smokin’ hot, under age, sexy, trailer trash types to make a man do stupid, stupid things…!
      Old adage: Women will always ultimately rule this planet because there is not enough blood in the male anatomy to fill both heads at the same time….

    • Just M.


  • David Carswell

    Guys – this is illegitimate, but for entirely different reasons than you think …
    Notice that the seller has no reviews – this is clearly the “new seller scam” on Amazon – what happens is this: guy creates a seller account, “sells” a bunch of product quickly, promises it’s in the mail … then walks with the funds … by the time you can file a claim through Amazon, he’s in the wind. Sometimes you will get a different item or quantity than you ordered, and they’ll string you along for as long as possible trying to “correct” the problem, just to keep the scam alive. It’s an incredibly common scam these days on Amazon. Amazon protects the buyer of course (or, makes him whole, anyway) – but Amazon ends up getting shorted.
    This is why when you find an item on Amazon from a new third-party seller that is too good to be true, you keep on walkin’.

    • Mike Perry

      This is also why you should try to buy from third party Amazon sellers that have built up a decent amount of reviews.

  • Some Rabbit

    A friend recently spotted someone claiming to sell full auto parts kits for the AR. He asked me if I thought the guy was just stupid, a scammer or if it was possibly an ATF sting. I just said YES.

  • Paul Hurst

    Trip looks too short to work.

  • David

    From the title I can’t tell if you care for / are worried about your readers or just want click-bait titles.

    Seriously guys.

    You might as well have gone with the cliche scam ads of “THE ATF HATES THIS ONE TRICK….”

    A better title might have been something starting with the fact that you shouldn’t buy it, such as “Be Careful What You See on Amazon – Illegal Glock Conversion” or something.

  • 🦑 🐙

    All it takes is a stupid piece of plastic like this to remind us all that the Second Amendment guarantees NOTHING. We have the right to bear arms…except when they decide to throw you in prison for something they don’t like.

    • txJM

      And TFB will turn your ass in

      • J Jac

        That’s because people like Alex C have more money than us common filth and can’t stand to see novel concepts like rights applied equally.

  • jerry young

    Sounds like a bit of bait meant to catch the fool stupid enough to buy it, I wonder is this a sting operation and the feds are watching or is amazon that dumb that it would sell a restricted part, of course it may be a legal to own but not use type of deal, I don’t have to worry I don’t own a glock, never have , never will if I have to buy it, the only way I would own a glock is someone out there is giving them away or I’d win one in a raffle, it that case I’d just put it with all my other bad mistake guns since I don’t sell my guns no matter good or bad.

  • Mark Chalberg

    Theoretically, it’s only a felony to possess this if I also own a Glock, right?

  • Yeah, well, let’s put it in this way: not in a million years I would install on my real firearms anything that’s clearly marketed towards AIRSOFT guns.

    But go ahead.

  • PK

    In the same way an unregistered DIAS or Lightning Link is, yes.

  • Actually, yes. The 1968 GCA added “machinegun conversion kit” to the list of things that are considered “machineguns” in their own right,

  • MTV550

    We did it TFB! Amazon shut those guys down.

    • txJM

      Why do you hate freedom?

  • D. in OR

    Won’t fit a real Glock, needs substantial cutouts to clear the frame. Trying to add them will destroy this switch.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      You can fit the back plate after the slide is installed.

  • demarcus

    And didn’t we all have a chance to get the Hughes act repealed?
    Oh that’s right. Like 1,500 people signed it. Even after every gun celeb begged us. Because “it’s a atf trap to get your into”. Smh

  • JeremyB

    You idiots know what a Airsoft Gun is?

  • Matt Rhodes Âû

    …. it’s for an airsoft glock… It isn’t for an actual firearm.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      No, that will fit a real gun.

  • BR549

    Just remember, the ATF is like a box of chocolates… they will kill your dog.

  • LazyReader

    I bet it’s a government trick to find people looking for auto sears on readily available websites

  • 524

    Airsoft gas blowback Glock replicas use an internal hammer assembly, not a striker assembly, you couldn’t even install one of these parts as it simply wouldn’t fit.

  • Ryan Tgiros

    This is not an Auto sear, the rear has none of the cuts necessary it even says it is for airsoft. Click bait article.

    • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

      It absolutely would work on a real Glock.

  • mamasboy

    Hey Mr. ATF Man. 🙂

  • Cymond

    And we’re right back to a “little cheap piece of metal and plastic can ruin your life”.

    Good game, y’all. You’ve managed to come full circle without accomplishing anything.

  • kalashnikev

    Why would you tell people NOT to buy it? Every-single-American person should buy one… on PRIME… and they should install them no later than Tuesday at 1PM. The NFA bullshit would be instantly GONE. It would be exactly like drugs or immigration- “OK, your system is ridiculous, and a complete and total FAIL… so I’ma just do what I want… K, gov?”

  • me ohmy

    owning that and no glock is not illegal or the means to make a title 2 firearms…have to own the glock and the parts to make BATF Troop interested

  • Robert Longobardi

    Yeah this won’t work on a glock as is. There are no notches to clear ejector and it would require modifications. True replica airsoft glocks do have a sear similar to standard glock but no ejector since there is no spent case to remove. This is actually an airsoft part.

  • armed bear

    Yeah, BUT DOES IT WORK? LOL Full auto is for movies and morons.

  • Jack Hammer

    Well, here’s an ATF sting waiting to happen.

  • BryanS

    Can we charter a plane to canada, buy a bajillion of these (where they are probably looked as as an end cap) and then just do random balloon drops of these things all cross the country? Like they planned to do with liberators. Make them so common, make them literally raining from the sky, that they would either have to arrest everyone who picked one up and took it home, or multiple inactions on the law would produce case history for nullification.

    If i was magpul, I would find a way to hide one of these in everyone’s follower, without saying anything, for all the millions of magazines they make.

  • It sounds like they think that’s what Amazon is doing but don’t cite any proof. I agree it’s suspicious but saying it’s fact without proof is somewhat misleading. I’d sure like to know if Amazon is doing that or if they just don;t have enough sense to know what that part is???

  • JavaScriptMike Coder

    I used to own a full auto glock while in the Military. It appears to be cut wrong and possibly the wrong size. To me it appears to be literally for a Airsoft pistol only.

    Ya I agree though, It would make me nervous to buy as well just incase someone thought it would work in a glock.

  • Stephen Paraski

    You got Amazon to remove it.

  • Bill Viverito

    Not on Amazon anymore

  • The Punisher


    Unfortunately one person practicing civil disobedience is merely a target. It takes a large group to be effective. And nobody has the constitution anymore or moral fortitude to stand up and be truly disobedient en masse.

    Want to change this country? Simple. Get a few million people all united on one thing: starving the beast. Stop paying your taxes. Withdraw from the system. Tie up the legal system trying to prosecute millions of “tax evaders”.

    Never happen because most Americans are debt slaves. Can’t afford to stand up to the man because we gotta pay for the McMansion and the 2018 EconoBox cars…

  • spencer60

    Honestly, I wish they would come down on Amazon. They have that ridiculous firearms policy now that means you can’t buy anything there for guns at all.

  • Patrick R. – Senior Writer

    Yes it will. You have to install it after the slide is on the gun.