Ok, do not hold this against me, but the first defensive pistol I owned was a Smith & Wesson Sigma chambered in .40S&W. What can I say, I was young, vulnerable and wandering around a gun show. The kicker was that next to the Sigma, the seller had a table full of Gen2 Glocks. Two decades later and the Sigma is long gone and I am left begging for Gen2 pictures. Luckily, Chris from Hansohn Brothers had just picked up a brand new Gen 5 G19 to replace his well worn Gen2.

At any rate, I’ve been looking for a few comparison images and, rather than traveling back in time to tell myself to pick the Glock, I got a little help from some friends. Enjoy.

Hansohn Brothers


Gen5 with Dead Air’s new Wolf 9SD silencer in short configuration.



    I remember thinking when the Sigma came out that maybe my Gen 2 Glock was somehow inferior. I actually contemplated trading my Glock for the Sigma! I almost drove back to the Gunshow and tried to make a deal. Glad I skipped the trip!

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      Excellent move.

    • Bradley

      Were the sigmas really that bad other than having an absolutely awful trigger?

      • Christian

        Actually they weren’t. Smith got sued because of how similar the sigma was to the glock. Sigma is not a bad first/economy gun.

        • Twilight sparkle

          The first gen sigmas had horrible reliability problems that had to be fixed with the later v and now ve models

          • Geoff Timm

            The Sigma was replaced with the SW9 SW40 VE my trigger pull is about 14 lbs. This was replaced by the SD9 / SD40 VE which has a 9 lbs trigger. Now days IMHO the best budget 9mm is the Walther Creed, I bought one, hammer fired 5.5 lb trigger and CDNN has them on sale for under $300. Geoff Who also recycled a Gen 2 Glock 19.

      • Bill

        Nope, they were/are completely serviceable pistols.

      • BravoSeven

        My first pistol was a S&W Sigma in 9mm. I never had a single issue with it. The trigger wasn’t great but being new to pistols I didn’t have anything to compare it to. I eventually gave it to my brother who is still using it 12 plus years later. Still no problems. At the time Sigmas were under $300 in my area. I don’t regret buying it.

  • USMC03Vet

    Pete looking at Glock pictures: Go away, I’m batin’……

    • Pete – TFB Writer

      No peaking. Unless you’re into it.

    • Dickie

      Its got electrolites

  • Swarf

    That’s funny. I almost bought a Sigma as my first (not counting a terrible experience with a Chiappa 1911-22) handgun, too.

    I ended up with a Ruger SR9, which was fairly new to the market at the time and subsequently have never shot a Sigma. Are they bad?

    The Ruger was more expensive than the Sigma, but less than a Glock, which I would have preferred. Money was a very important consideration at that time.

    • Arie Heath

      The early Sigmas are terrible, the newer ones slightly less so. I’ve only put about 100 rounds through one though, so I can’t really have much of an opinion.

  • pliablemoose

    Former 1st gen 40 Sigma owner here too, never had a full mag without a failure to feed, 2 trips back to S&W, never worked right, sold it, bought a Glock.

    • Grant

      I went through a police academy around 1994 and the firearm instructors specifically told us not to buy a Sigma. They recommended Glock, Sig or the old all metal S&W autoloaders which were still in production and quite popular.

      I bought a Sig P228 and never had any issues with it. The academy would loan us a G17 if we wanted and they ran fine. At least one cadet had a Sigma and it would not run. They ended up giving him a G17 loaner.

      • Old Tofu

        i recently saw a smith 6906 in a gun store for sale , looked gorgeous

        • Big Daddy

          Great guns they shoot well and are built well. I just could not get along with the decocker on most of them. I shot it better than my Glocks, as I do the 1911. But the Glock is more practical.


    Will the gen 2 upper work on the gen5 lower?

  • Jd

    Everyone knows the original Sigmas had issues. Those issues were all fixed by the time the VE models rolled out.

    Most anyone that’s bought a Sigma since the late 90’s has a good one. They do have awful triggers, but that was by design. They have a second spring in them under the ejector housing that looks like a small pig’s tail. It was put in place to give them heavy trigger pulls. If removed the trigger is more like a Glock with a 3.5 pound connector installed.

    That said, and liability being an issue. I would not recommend they be removed unless the gun was a range gun only.

  • scaatylobo

    My third issue auto [ after the wheel guns ] was a Sigma,and I still own it as it came with my dept’s badge etched into the slide.
    AND it sits in the safe.
    Went to police instructor firearms school at Camp Smith in Peekskill.
    Went with the Sigma, graduated with a Glock 23 that I had on dept letterhead.

  • Charles Meredith

    I retired with my SW40C.
    Never a problem!