TPM Outfitters 8 Inch K-Sized MP5SD Silencer

Over the past couple months there has been three separate announcements that include different models of silencers designed specifically for the MP5SD – an iconic roller delayed sub machine gun chambered in 9mm featuring a ported barrel for maximum suppression. This includes the just announced eight inch offering from TPM Outfitters.

If you are concerned about performance with a smaller can, Ken and Matt at TPM have conducted side by side testing of the new ‘K’ sized SD can next to the full sized (12″) original-sized SD can. The sound reduction difference between the two is negligible.

As you can see from the below pictures, the four inch difference makes for a much more compact package. And with similar suppression, there’s not much of a downside to the shorter length unless you are looking for that authentic MP5SD look.

One of the best parts is the price.TPM Outfitters is retailing the new silencer at $440. Additional pictures and contact information can be found below.

TPM Outfitters


At TPM Outfitters, we specialize in Heckler & Koch conversions from civilian to military style weapons. We do full-auto gun sales and build gun suppressors. We also complete HK 91, HK 93, HK 94, and HK SP89 conversions. Part of our services include, glass bead blasting, parkerizing, and paint/refinishing of guns.

We manufacture our own line of suppressors for the following Calibers: 9mm, .40, .45, .223, and .308. Check out the video section of the website to see our suppressors in action. We also do barrel threading, paddle flap installs, and short or long barrel installs.

We take pride in our work and meticulous attention to detail. Feel free to test that by checking out our gallery and links & reviews.


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  • plumber576

    After years of seeing the normal SD suppressors these K-cans like this and the Silencerco option make the gun look really goofy.

    I know that technology has come a long way and they work as good or better but still, they just look wrong.

    • iksnilol

      I like them though, Hella handy. Suppressed MP5 the size of a regular MP5.

      • plumber576

        I don’t dispute any of that and it makes sense.

        But you have to admit they look weird.

        • iksnilol

          Y’know what looks weird?

          YOUR MOM! OOOH, BURN!

          Yeah, sorry. you’re kinda right. Though I like the look ,it looks a bit like a sawn off.

          • Timmah_timmah

            I don’t mind the look at all, but I like stumpy guns so no big surprise I guess

      • Taylor Hardin

        With the bullet energy of a 380.

    • Mr._Exterminatus

      I agree, just looks weird and wrong to me as well.

  • GearHead

    Do they make an MP5 SDQ version?