Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger To Be Released Soon For Gen 5 Glocks

With the Glock Gen 5 recently being announced companies like Overwatch Precision are dropping updated versions of just about everything they currently make for the gen 4 Glocks. That means that if you are a fan of a particular trigger like the Overwatch Precision TAC Trigger and own a Gen 5 Glock, there isn’t much of a wait for the updated part.

In the case of the TAC trigger Overwatch Precision says that the trigger should be available soon but no mention of exactly when that might be but I expect it to be reasonably soon.

Overwatch does state that you will not have to send your pistol in to have the trigger fitted and that your factory trigger bar will be used indicating that a 100% drop in solution is not currently available. If you want to install an Overwatch Precision trigger on your Gen 5 Glock, it seems that the only option is to remove the factory trigger shoe from the trigger bar, then install the Overwatch Precision trigger shoe on the trigger bar that shipped with your gun. I am sure that 100% drop in solutions aren’t far off as soon as the supply of OEM Gen 5 triggers gets built up a touch.

You can check Overwatch Precision out at their website www.overwatchprecision.com/ and sign up for updates, I am sure they will send out an email when the new parts start shipping.

Patrick R

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  • Jason Smith

    Just say no to aftermarket Glock fire control parts

    • Stuki Moi

      That’s a market larger than most makes’ OEM fire control parts….

      For those who compete, any little edge is a boon. And if they also carry, unless we’re talking really specialized setups, they’re probably better off having their carry guns mimic the competition ones they shoot all the time, as closely as possible.

      Those who don’t compete, and don’t live at tactical shooting schools, are probably better off training with the perfectly adequate trigger that ships stock, though.

    • BillC

      It doesn’t change anything on the internals, champ. The previous versions that are fully drop-in, use stock internals but with NP3 coating. They were designed for carry/duty use.

    • alex

      some trigger have legitimate benefit like bringing the trigger further (such as Overwatch and Agency) back for small handed individuals.

    • DonDrapersAcidTrip

      Time for the retirement home grandpa

  • noob