Thanks to Bryan S. for sharing this photo. It shows a 1911 and a Hi-Point 45 and compares features. It is hard to argue against the list. Although some of the features do not seem quite accurate on the 1911 side. Stove piping and rust is not something I have witnessed in 1911s. But I have not shot a lot of 1911s so that may be one reason.

Have any of you experienced such issues with 1911s or have any of you shot a Hi-Point 45 and it malfunctioned?



  • Joshua Graham

    It’s a Kimber. Kimbers have rust issues.

    • Twilight sparkle

      They have more than just rust issues

      • Black Rifles Matter

        They also have trust issues

        • KB8BS

          All you anti-KIMBER bullshitters are just jealous because they don’t own one. KIMBER is one of the biggest trusted names in 1911 framed handguns on the market. They’re not cheap in cost and absolutely not cheap in materials or workmanship. I personally own a 3″ barreled sub-compact alloyed framed and stainless steeled slide and barrel. If you’ve ever had a problem with your Kimber and never got it fixed, it’s your fault, not Kimbers. Rusted? Try properly taking care of your valuable investment. Don’t blame rust on Kimber! What do you want, Kimber to provide proper maintenance for you? Try getting it out of whatever makeshift storage you keep it in and wipe it down with a lightly oiled rag. A few drops of oil on moving parts won’t hurt either. Take some maintenance responsibilities on your own self and stop the bullshit. You can’t get anyone who isn’t brain dead to believe any of your ignorant lies and misrepresentation.

          • John Butler

            True true true

          • The Mystic Seer

            ‘Kimber’ today is nothing more than Leslie Edelman selling you an over-priced, liberal New York made gun with slick color magazine ads and marketing panache– think of them as the Franklin Mint of firearms- made to be collectibles, which, in reality, are the extreme opposite. You fell for it, dummy.

          • Hammer

            Hahahahahaha kimber eat a big fat one!!!!!

          • Hammer

            You eat a fat one too!!!kimber ha me la pela kimber

        • KB8BS

          I trust my Kimber to go bang every time I pull the trigger. If you’re having feeding issues, try using a good quality magazine and quality self defense ammo. Most feeding issues of most semi-automatic pistols can be found the root cause being at the fault of cheap, poorly made magazines. The best recommendation would be Factory brand made magazines.

      • PersonCommenting

        Yeah, At this point I think they have Marketing working on engineering with all the ads they have these days.

      • Dr. Daniel Jackson

        I think the 1911’s are jamo-matics mantra largely stems from Kimber 1911’s.

        • Twilight sparkle

          If it’s good enough for John Shepard than it’s good enough for you

          • Dr. Daniel Jackson

            Interestingly enough I have a Springfield GI that looks similar though it is stainless not nickel like the Colt John Shepard uses in that episode of SG-Atlantis and I’ve been thinking about getting it polished.

          • Twilight sparkle

            You could always get another 1911 that already has a bright nickel finish. That was probably one of my favourite episodes of Star Gate Atlantis

      • KB8BS

        Other than being a quality built pistol with top shelf components, what other kind of bullshit issues can you come up with? Rust? Try properly maintaining it with a little bit of oil? Really any kind of oil will keep rust at bay. With possible the exception being WD-40. That is the last thing I would ever think of using as a gun protectant oil.

        • Twilight sparkle

          Quality and top shelf are not descriptive words appropriate for a kimber. They use cheap cast and mim parts that have compounded issues from being improperly heat treated which results in expedited wear on the components or even complete failure, I had more kimbers come back for repair than any other 1911 when I worked at a gun store. Kimber is great at marketing, but when it comes to using quality parts or having good quality control they fail miserably. I’m sure they make good guns the majority of the time, and the one or two that you have might be okay, but the rate of failure is wayyy too high for me to ever buy one.

    • KB8BS

      That is the biggest most phony pile of BULLSHIT I have ever read/heard before. Are you seriously that stupid?

  • Edeco

    Hehe… finest pot metals. Another thing for the Ji Point is they’re +P rated, not all 1911’s are. Also I’d add that they’re both single action.

  • Sean

    Hi-Points have a fixed barrel too, so more accurate. 🙂

    • ozzallos .

      And a super crappy trigger to offset that advantage 😀

      • KB8BS

        What do you want for $150.00? Match grade components? You want the finer points of quality components, open up that moldy wallet and spend a little more & you will get that lighter trigger.

    • jerry young

      When you throw them at the trash bin!

    • invictus maneo

      Accuracy depends on the shooter…

      • KB8BS

        That’s more true than any othe EXCUSE anyone else has tried to bullshitbtheir way through an explanation. You’re 100% spot on!

  • Porty1119

    Anyone who thinks that a 1911 is heavy and impractical to carry, likely does not own a decent belt.

    • JoshuaK27

      or needs to lay off the frito lays

      • Paul White


        Really for me it’s just…I can get 8 rounds of 9mm in a package that’s…what, 1/2 the weight? And I’m still more than accurate enough with it so that’s my choice.

    • iksnilol

      Or weighs under 60 kg.

    • 2wheels

      Usually people talking like 1911s are boat anchors are acting like all the alloy framed and compact/subcompact 1911s on the market don’t exist.

      It’s 2017, not 1917 people! My alloy framed 1911s (A Colt CCO and a New Agent) are as light or lighter as many popular alloy framed handguns on the market.

    • QuadGMoto

      Are the Government size practical?

      • 2wheels

        I personally find them a bit big for concealed carry, mostly in slide length. I prefer the Commander size (or better yet, the CCO which is a Commander slide on an Officer frame). But it can be done, and there are plenty of people who carry full sized 1911s.

        • jerry young

          I don’t carry my 1911 I carry a Springfield XD Mod2 9mm that’s the same size, why because it has a larger capacity and I can carry it just the same IWB with no problems with either, I carried a 1911 in the Army, it’s a personal choice everyone has to make

      • Porty1119

        In my experience, yes. As 2wheels says, the slide length is a bit longer than ideal for OWB carry, but a Government-size 1911 in an OWB holster under a jacket is my winter carry gun. In the summer, I frequently open-carry it – doesn’t raise an eyebrow in rural Missouri. Barring that, I carry a 9mm Shield IWB.

        Having found myself in or near a few situations where a pocket pistol may not have been sufficient, I generally tend to err on the side of bringing enough gun.

      • I’ve had no problem carrying a full size 1911 for the past several decades.

    • The Mystic Seer

      How does a belt help those of us with no waist?

      • Try wood screws, those are sure to keep it in place.

      • KB8BS

        Are you seriously that stupid?

    • Dr. Daniel Jackson

      Or any form of shoulder holster.
      I could probably carry a Desert Eagle in .50AE all day in a good leather shoulder holster,provided I could get around the printing issues.

    • Edeco

      I do value slimness more than light weight. Practically it’s not always the case, but if steel got me a slimmer frame than polymer or aluminum I’d prefer it. It’s unfortunate that modern industrial design doesn’t seem to pare stuff down as much as Webley did with the Mk VI or Remington with the original 51.

  • TVOrZ6dw

    So much energy spent hating the 1911 platform.
    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” comes to mind.

    • Michael Powers

      nothing compared to the Glock hate…..

      • QuadGMoto

        But it’s fun to stir the pot, as long as it’s not taken seriously!

  • Vincent

    I would add in “can take a bullet to the chamber and still work” for the Hi-Point after watching thay demo ranch vid

  • Michael Powers

    The Hi Point has more rounds.

    • Edeco

      More bullets per clip to be precise.

      • Raoul O’Shaughnessy

        Technically, yes, more ‘bullets’ per ‘clip’, but since we’re going for precision let’s say “More cartridges per magazine”.

  • JoeSchmoe

    You forgot “1911 – Given to us by gun Jesus” and “1911 – Directly aided in saving the world, twice” If your 1911 isn’t functioning properly, it wasn’t built with the correct components/fitted properly, or you’re doing something wrong. If your Hi Point/Jimenez/Jennings/Bryco, etc. isn’t functioning properly…..well, each failure to fire is one missed opportunity for out of battery detonation or catastrophic metallurgical failure resulting in your death or dismemberment. Huzzah.

  • Brett baker

    1911’s do have better triggers.

  • Jim Slade

    Whatever you think of the Hi-Point (I think they’re crap, myself) , you don’t have to be an amateur armorer to keep one running.

  • Slab Rankle

    This is obviously a parody, but there are plenty of people out there for whom price is the only consideration.

    Why pay more for something that will be loaded and thrown into a drawer, never to be seen again unless the unthinkable happens, and then it will be probably be OK.

    Both are guns. Both go bang. Both will kill if you hit the target.

    Only an enthusiast can see any practical difference between the two. That means everyone on this blog but not every gun owner in existence. Lots of gun owners don’t even like guns.

    The continued existence of Hi-Point proves the point.

    Just to be perfectly clear, their guns are garbage, and the people who own them are fools. That’s not an opinion. It’s a fact.

    • derpmaster

      The hate is because they are street crime guns. These things are priced low and as a result wind up being disposable weapons for criminals. Unlike the Lorcin/Jiminez junk of decades past, at least they are functional weapons that won’t blow up in your face. It’s a quality product with a bad reputation.

      My cousin (not a gun guy at all) has a 9mm carbine for home defense/shtf, it’s really not a bad weapon. I’ve shot their 9mm and 45 pistols as well, they do their job just fine.

      • QuadGMoto

        I’ll take your word for it that they work fine. After all, Patrick had not problems with one, until he threw it at a steel target one too many times. 😃

    • Stuki Moi

      A case just as strong can be made that the fool is the guy paying manyfold the HiPoint’s price for his “defensive” gun, while living in a place where being late for church ranks as the crime of the year.

      Not the guy living in a high crime, low income neighborhood, who pays $150 for a gun just as reliable and, for most realistic personal defensive uses, just as effective.

  • George K. Reed

    You either get the precision application of a 1911 or you don’t. If you don’t your missing out on a fine, good thing. My alloy frame CCO comes in at 26 ounces. And the .45 is reassuringly … predictable. My Glock is a PCR.

    • iksnilol

      But a Hi-point has more precision potential than a 1911 due to the fixed barrel.

  • Haulin’ Oats

    How about HK45 vs 1911 vs FNX45. Everyone seems to automatically think, 45 acp… he’s a 1911 guy.

    • Stuki Moi

      Or HK .45 vs HiPoint 45 for concealed carry…. They look about equally svelte.

  • I’ve been debating getting a Hi Point 45. I have a C9 and it’s no beauty, but it only jams if I treat it gently and is remarkably accurate. This might actually push me into going ahead and doing it.

    • Arie Heath

      I have one just so I have something fun to shoot that’s in .45, just remember to not use trashy ammo (it likes the hotter stuff, being a blowback and all that).

  • Matt O

    If i only had $150 to get myself a gun, with no option of getting another one, choices are pretty slim. Around here you can’t get anything name brand under 250 even used

    • DangerousClown

      If you only have $150 for a gun, get a dog instead.

      • Brett baker

        Single shot shotgun.

        • DangerousClown

          Irony: I bought a single shot 12 gauge, and cut the barrel down to 20 inches. It’s my wife’s house gun.

      • Ryfyle

        That’s more expensive in the long and short run.

  • Paul Rain

    Look, there’s some truth to this.

    Let’s get down to brass tacks though. What’s #3? Glock, or CZ75?

  • PeterK

    Sounds like someone is trying to justify his purchase?

  • Blake

    God this image deserves to be on /r/CrappyDesign. Did you notice that the last few 1911 points have X’s instead of check marks? Is he trying to say that they don’t stovepipe? What a convoluted piece of garbage.

  • yukon cornelius

    My first handgun purchase was a hi-point .40. I didn’t know much at the time, but i knew it sucked. Not accurate, not reliable, not ergonomic. But i did learn what i didnt want in a firearm. I’ve heard their carbines are pretty reliable, but i have never shot one.

  • Lay off the Hot Pockets ,you bunch-a hamslayers– 1911s are so flat they’re easy to carry and conceal unless you’re already carrying a spare tire AIWB.

  • Cal S.

    So true! Hi-Point is starting to lose the edge in prices, though. With today’s market, SCCY’s and Taurus’s are moving into the $170s, along with other more reputable brands with rebates.

    • Joby

      The surplus and police trade in market still exists right? You don’t quite get into Hi-Point price territory, but at least you get something pretty good in the $200-$350 range. Those Beretta 92S sales come to mind.

      • Cal S.

        That’s true. I love my police trade-in G22, Gen3 that I picked up for $320 out the door…

  • ActionPhysicalMan

    2.8lbs loaded is too heavy to carry? – I don’t know whether to spank or pommel such a sissy.

  • Arie Heath

    Just use hotter ammo in the hi points, and they will work fine.

  • USMC03Vet

    I see TFB has declared war in the 1911.

  • jerry young

    The best thing about a hi-point is they cost so little you can just throw them away instead of cleaning them after every time you shoot them, the second best thing about a hi-point is it gives you a reason to unfriend someone who owns them, the third best thing about hi-point is they give comedians everywhere free ammo like in my hi-point is so good I took it out of the box, racked the slide and it broke off and we all laughed and laughed then bought a 1911!

  • ManI’mUgly!

    I had a Hi-Point C9 and the thing was big, gross and ugly (irony, right?), but it worked everytime. That baby is gone and I now own 2 1911’s. There is no comparison, but if $150 is all you have, it’s the Hi Point.

  • Christopher Taylor

    My 45 Hi Point for $149 works outstandingly!!! No rust issues here.

  • invictus maneo

    1911 “known for stovepiping”…??? Please, stop limp wristing and it’ll run just fine…

    • iksnilol

      Literally same is said about Glocks.

      I just think there might be more manufacturers of crappy 1911s than of crappy hi-points.

      • invictus maneo

        Well considering that there is only ONE manufacturer of Hi-Points…

        • karl

          Actually there are 3 makers of Hi-Points. The .380, 9mm, and the carbines are made by Hi-Point. The .40 is made by Iberia Firearms. The .45 is made by Haskell Manufacturing.

          • invictus maneo

            Still all the same company…

  • Politically Unreliable

    Yes, Hi-Point’s aren’t as “good” as some more expensive guns. It does depend on the individuals’ definition of good. Gun-snobbery is a waste of time. Don’t drive less financially advantaged people away from the gun community. It’s like saying that your ownership of a Mustang makes your automotive enthusiasm less relevant since you don’t have a BMW M3. The enthusiast claim is common with the car crowd.
    I HAVE a 995ts that groups shoots pretty well and allows me to practice with a pistol caliber carbine. I WANT the CZ Scorpion. Which one is more relevant to me?

    • Slab Rankle

      There are objective definitions of quality with respect to guns, such as reliability, durability, ergonomics, track record, capacity, weight, aftermarket support, etc…

      The Hi-Point falls far short in every category.

      It’s not snobbery, but very objective and recognized standards of firearms quality, that guns like Glock, HK, CZ and others have, which Hi-Points do not.

      Also, your car example is specious. There’s easily a $30,000 difference between an M3 and a Mustang GT. The difference between a Hi-Point and a Glock is maybe $300. Lots of poor people do own Glocks. Clearly they found a way.

      As for the CZ Scorpion, I have one. Highly recommended by me and various paramilitary forces around the world.

  • iksnilol

    Get’s you higher capacity and lighter weight.

    Simple blowback is bomb proof.

    • Slab Rankle

      But the Hi-point is big and heavy, especially for it’s capacity. Straight blowback design is obsolete for pistols.

      • iksnilol

        I said what you get with a Glock over a Hi-Point.

        Both still go bang, and both are more than enough to get you out of a tight spot.

        I’d say blowback isn’t obsolete.

  • Cal S.

    Because every satirical post taking aim at well-known stereotypes ought to be discredited as fanboyism of an unrelated firearm?

    • Tym O’Byrne

      Cal is a good example of why most small gun store owners seem to hate their customers. Most you “gun guys” are complete as……les who have no personalities.

      • Cal S.

        That’s funny, because you’re describing yourself. I mean, we see in others what we hate about ourselves, right?

        • Tym O’Byrne

          Like i posted Cal, you probably are best left alone in a locked room.

          • Cal S.

            Haha, yep, but at least I’d be a step ahead of you with your eternal chip on your shoulder. Enjoy your echo chamber, Thymus vulgaris!

          • Tym O’Byrne


  • USMCSniper

    If the Hi-Point is so great why don’t ANY competition shooters use one. Has anyone seen ONE on the competitive circuit?

    As for the 1911 I have carried one for many, many years. I have used them in work, plinking and comp shooting plus still own a few. I can recall only one stove pipe and that was on a reload. As for the price as stated in the article I bought three for less than the $ 1300 listed within the last 10 years. ($500, $500, $ 250) The 250 one was a tack driver and well used but solid when I bought it. All work great and are still tight after many rounds.

  • Michael Fallon

    Geez. Where do you begin with such stated nonsense. Cutting through the chase, the 1911 impracticable to Carry? You have 106 years of reasons it IS practical to Carry. Come on.

  • John Butler

    Of the multitude of pistols I’ve owned and still own my favorite is always my new one. Admittedly I grew up using a Browning Hi Power which I still own and love 1967 and a 1989, I was reluctant to try a 1911 because of the grip safety. I finally got one and fell in love, I own several .45s but still for carry is a Remington R1 w/ Crimson Trace grips, it was cheap but with a couple upgrades, a Wilson full length guide rod and the grips it’s my favorite carry, accuracy is great reliability great and I don’t care if it gets marked up. I also have 2 Kimbers, there for special occasions. Pretty and functional as Hell. I’m sorry to say I don’t ever plan on buying a Hi point I’d rather buy ammo, ps I also don’t own a Glock. So let the backlash begin.

  • Richard Hilton

    Hi-Point is nothing more than a gang bangers throw away. If it works or
    not is not relevant it is not something that is worth collecting and
    never will be. If it is all you can afford then so be it, it’s better than
    nothing but don’t waste time trying to compare it to real quality

  • James Clark

    I have owned a Hi Point 45. It’s bigger bulkier and heavier than my 1911. But Here Comes the haters. I never had an issue with my Hi-Point ever. It ate everything I fed it with relish. you can abuse the heck out of it in a money get it dirty Drop It On The Ground run over with my truck and it was still fire I’m not saying the 1911 wouldn’t do just as well. but I’m not going to throw. My $ 800. Dollar Colt on the ground and run over with my truck and stuff in the mud. All I do know is for the price and let’s face it the price means a lot to some people when they don’t have a lot to begin with. and need something to protect your family with you couldn’t ask for something better than High Point. word of caution do not try rapid-firing the Hi-Point your wrist will pay for it Weeks Later

  • Tothe

    A 1911 is not heavy or cumbersome to carry, but a Hi-Point .45 definitely is.

  • Noble

    Didn’t know John Browning worked for the Golden Horde.