EP Armory Selling Original Polymer AR-15 Molds Seized by the BATFE as Evidence

EP Armory announced the company was selling its original EP80-1 AR-15 lower molds. These are the same 80% AR lower molds that were seized by the BATFE as evidence. BATFE seized the molds in March of 2014 when the agency believed the molds produced lowers that should have been classified as firearms instead of unfinished (80%) parts.

The BATFE returned the molds to EP Armory on August 30, 2017. EP Armory is now selling the molds along with the evidence boxes, labels and other materials. The materials included seem to be everything that was returned with the molds.

EP Armory is even including a sealed evidence bag that was returned. EP Armory advises they donโ€™t even know whatโ€™s in the bag, but will include it with the sale.

The purchase of the molds will require a nondisclosure agreement. The sale will include manufacturing rights for the buyer. EP Armory states that they will honor discreet transfers if desired.

According to the information provided by EP Armory, there is a nonrefundable deposit of $5,000 required prior to sale. The total sale price is $150,000.

If youโ€™re interested in either the legal or historical aspects of the ATF case against EP Armory, the company is offering several options with the sale of the molds. These options include:

  • an entire copy of the caseload: $4,500,
  • photos of the BATFE raid on the EP Armory facility: $250,
  • a video copy of the live feed of the BATFE raid: $500,
  • a signed copy of the search warrants: $500, and
  • a one-on-one interview EP Armory CEO Chris Cook: $5,000.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Rick O’Shay

    Only $150k for a relatively turn-key business? Oh wait, it’s a business in an industry that’s already saturated. Sounds like they’re just trying to recuperate financially or cut their losses, as best they can.

    • Paul Rain

      Yup. They should be given relief directly from the retirement accounts of the ATF agents responsible, of course, but that would be something that would happen in an at-least-partially-free country.

    • derpmaster

      I’m seeing about $20,000 worth of molds here with probably as much in NRE to design the thing. They’re trying to cut their losses.

      Note that you’d still need an injection molding machine and the skill to operate it.

    • LGonDISQUS

      For ABS casting dies, you’d look at $7,000 for a two plate setup, maybe $10,000 if it required fit inserts, etc. Polishing the casting plates is zonking expensive…. like another $5,000.

      So, $15,000 for one molding device at manufacturer wholesale cost, $40,000 resale price.

      How many molds are provided? Better be 4 or more.

      Then you’re looking at the injection machine – $50,000 used? I don’t know…?

      • Rick O’Shay

        Yeah, no matter how you spin it, whoever buys this isn’t buying it because it’s a great deal.

  • Kivaari


  • Paul Rain

    What I would like to see, is the footage of the ATF cretins responsible being fired, and they and their ‘Moms Demand Action’ supporters being raided and imprisoned on suspicion of tax fraud.

    • Griz Hebert

      I still have “Moms Demand Action” on VHS.

      • Paul Rain

        Sounds like a winner. 360p is enough for me

      • LGonDISQUS


      • Xerxes036


  • USMC03Vet

    For $0 I can laugh at how ridiculous these goods and prices are.

    • Xerxes036

      That and the comments on this article!

  • tsubaka

    a one-on-one interview EP Armory CEO Chris Cook: $5,000.
    5000$! jeez…

    • Rick O’Shay

      That one on one interview better come with a happy ending for the buyer.

    • Random Disabled Person

      A wee bit over the professional speaker fee given to people for conventions & conferences. While some may make more, they often have more to their name than being a target of criminal investigation, like elected president, CEO of a large corporation, famous for the achievements in their field. I doubt he would be able to talk for 1-3 hours and keep a crowd attentive and engaged with the subject matter.

      Not that most of these yakers have much value for what they go on and on about, but the “””specialness”” of having them there is part of the perk. Of course it varies greatly depending on who knows how to speak in an educative manor , relaying lessons learned than the political jazz the crowd with stories of grandeur.

      These guest speak fees are why I’m against the golden parachutes and lifetime paychecks for elected officials because based on their career and position they can make a living doing the talk circuit on these types of shows. Not that the work is hard, nor will old age limit them as many jobs. Paying people to hear them babble….There are places where it is worth it but many of the conventions are “fluff”…

      Sales of pictures and videos of the raid? So selling the images and video released to the internet…. The public record that the agents recorded from there side? Is it just the extra special bonus footage they had from their in-store & in factory/production area security feed and we know how great those cameras and systems usually are. All that footage editted out to make it look mire abusrd than it already was?

      ….Side question, why do our phones record better video and images than most security systems in place today?….

      “a one-on-one interview EP Armory CEO Chris Cook: $5,000.” More like what Cook would gladly pay to be interviewed in “Firearm News”(formally “Shotgun News”) or any popular distributed gun magazines for the publicity. to help his company. Sadly the iften the leaders of burst in market place don’t benefit the most from the new income flooding in for the types of products even with draconian Patent Laws in place.

      This sale comes off like the rest of EP’s salesmanship overpriced and over inflated self evaluation. If you can get that one sucker than it is worth it….

      Although they may being doing this to get their name back on all the gun sites/blogs/forums/etc. again because they were fading into obscurity again. Hard to go from being the popular celebrity back in to the nameless masses in any scene. Being in California they are in market of absurd prices but when you leave their little bubble world, what they are selling is no longer special rare and/or even competitive. Why buy their 80% plastic/polymer lower with the issues for the materials, when you can buy an 80% aluminum one for the same price if not less? The market has jumped over them entirely. Although ironic you can buy finished Ar receivers cheaper than unfinished 80% receivers…

      EP need to sell what they have because California is bringing the hammer down on the 80% market. As Commiefornia does to every single thing they can to anything related to guns and gun accessories. The unopened bag ? EP know what’s in it because there would be an inventory sheet with records. Anything valuable would already have been found and if not present, hunted for and requested back. If by some freak chance you get some NFA goody in that bag, you will be turning it back over to the ATF with your money gone. Much like their gab bags of ATF parts and their alleged values they have been harping on their website, you’ll likely find yourself sucked once again. One only needs to look at the website and price their parts against any large retailer to see you can save more while buying at regular pricing. I wanted to help purchase some items to help them in the fight but their prices were absurd before shipping to make it a no go. Their prices seem to reflect a price from where they drive over to another local (brick and mortar retail) store and buy off the shelf prices and then resell it with a mark up. That gas and employee time has to factor in you know m’kay?

      All this hyper and laughing on numerous firearm news sites and forums is helping the company get a few suckers that they wouldn’t have. Wonder how large the comment count will grow on this compared to post about something more news worthy.

      Remember the old adage from guns pricing and especially NFA pricing applies well. There 3 prices you list an item for. 1 a price that is low compared to common market, guaranteed to usually sell your item within a few days. Then the 2nd price range which is common market price where you may have to sit on the listing for weeks to months for the item to sell.Because people can buy at that price anywhere and no need to rush to get before the price slips away. Then there is the 3rd option , a price set high enough to draw attention to the item and to let the world know that you the special snowflake owns it. A price where if you sold it, which you aren’t willing to do, you can go out and easily replace it for what it sold for with profits to possibly buy another one. Basically the Look at me look at me please keep looking at me…

      So that leaves the question is this, a Sales Tactic, publicity stunt, and/or Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD)?

      Something about DeLorean comes to mind……

  • gunsandrockets

    Upsides and downsides to the peculiarities of U.S. firearms laws.

    On the one hand: important component parts are relatively cheap and unregulated, such as barrels.

    On the other hand: we have draconian nonsense like this ATF crackdown on plastic.

    • mikebike

      It’s the opposite where I live. Uppers, barrels and bolts are regulated. Lowers are not.

  • Matt

    This entire article in itself is a low-key ad to advertise and sell injection molds lol, TFB really has gone downhill these past couple months.

  • For 150K I could payoff my house and have about 30K left over so… no.

  • Rogertc1

    i still have 2 old unmachined 80% with the 2 colors. Maybe those are worth more now? LOL

  • LetsTryLibertyAgain

    The jackbooted thugs at the BATFE should be held accountable for ruining this business and a very significant amount of stress they inflicted, but the last time I can recall government agents being truly held accountable for just following orders was The Hague, 1946.