PSA: Hurricane Irma causes closing of gun manufacturers in Florida

We all know about the strongest hurricane in recorded history Irma. Irma is causing concern and fear in south Florida as well as North and South Carolina. In the interest of the safety of the employees, both Daniel Defense and Adams Arms are closing on tomorrow (Friday) and will only re-open when the storm has passed and conditions make it safe to return to work. Of course, the amount of damage will dictate when operations resume.

These are the statements from both companies. I’m sure there will be others we just haven’t been informed yet. Of course there will be no way for customers to call. We wish all of the good folks at Daniel Defense and Adams Arms the best as well as the people of Florida.

Adams Arms statement

For the safety of our employees, Adams Arms will be closing at 12 PM Friday 09/08. The office is expected to re-open Tuesday 09/12 unless weather permits. If that’s the case, we will notify everyone of when we will be back in office.

If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please email

Stay safe out there,

The Adams Arms Team

Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • If I were a betting man, I would bet that Keltec, Knights, and other east Florida gun companies will also be closed on Friday. And might be closed on Monday.

    • Brick

      You could also bet that if anyone’s going to go up into the hurricane in a chopper with a pintle mounted M60, it’s gonna be Serbu.

      • SP mclaughlin


      • Flounder

        Man F**K YO HURRICANE! *proceeds to make a strafing run on that hurricane like he did in nam*

    • I’m sure they will be. I wish we had an announcement but these are the only two that issued statements that I received. Depending on the damage they could be closed a good while.

      • There certainly is a huge amount of potential that the east coast gun makers could be down for a while.

        Though I think Adam Arms and Daniel Defense will likely come through just fine.

        • I sure hope so. In fact I hope everyone comes through ok but that’s not even close to being likely.

          • Well it is now looking like the east coast guys are safe, know it is the west coast guys that are going to get pounded.

            I’ve been watching the NHC forecast, and the University of Wisconsin spaghetti models for the past few days and I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing we know for sure is that there is probably hurricane out there. Beyond that who knows where it is going to go.

          • nicholsda

            We on the East side are still in the worst side of it. The NE quadrant is where the most damage comes from as there you have the wind speeds plus the movement speeds combined. Stay safe on the West side!

          • nicholsda

            Most homes down here ( just outside Homestead ) have their shutters/storm panels up or closed. I latched down our last two about 0830 today so now have to rely on the camera to see what it looks like out. As ours are sliding shutters on the second floor, I can also open the one in the living room area for short periods to look out if needed. Still on commercial power as FPL has upgrade the three phase system down here to mostly concrete poles. The wood pole out front of the house has been here since the house was built in 1979. It is a Andrew survivor and was dead center of the storm.

      • insider

        Social media seems to be the popular method.

        Gun Industry in Florida:
        Knight’s Armament
        SCCY (unless they moved)
        Kalashnikov USA
        Spike’s Tactical
        AO Precision
        Naroh Arms
        Fightlite (Ares)
        IO Inc

        Just off the top of my head.

        • jcitizen

          Florida – gun manufacturer friendly state.

    • RickGnVA

      Notice on KT’s site says they are closing on Monday and potentially beyond.

    • jcitizen

      That was what I was thinking!

  • Klaus Von Schmitto

    It’s the strongest hurricane outside the Gulf of Mexico or the Caribbean.

    • nadnerbus

      yeah, strongest Atlantic Hurricane so far.

    • DangerousClown

      Don’t expect fact checking or above-average writing skills on this site. Even someone with “Editor” in their title fails.

      • Check my answer just above Mr. Clown. The weather channel changed things up a bit. They should know.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        It’s a minor difference and doesn’t really reflect on the author. I was just noting the fact (at the time). Step up and write content.

    • This afternoon the Weather Channel changed that to the strongest hurricane in recorded history. I believe they changed the description because of the 185 mph sustained winds at a record 37+ hours.

      • Klaus Von Schmitto

        Very interesting. Didn’t hear that. That is a metric shat ton of energy. I’m in Pasco county Fl and riding it out so I’ll give an update till we lose connectivity. We’ve been through several others (grew up on the upper gulf coats) but this one might be a little bumpy.

        • Geez I hate to hear your in the middle of this thing. By all means feel free to update us on how things are going. The Weather Channel was interviewing people at a home supply store and this guy had been in Florida since 1960 and this will be his 16th hurricane he’s ridden out. He said he’s a bit worried about this one.

          Anyway stay safe!

        • nicholsda

          Stay safe. I’m down at the tip on the other side. Ground zero for Andrew 25 years ago last month.

  • A.WChuck

    We are likley to be in bad shape down here by next week.

    • TheNotoriousIUD

      Wheres that?

      • A.WChuck

        Central Florida

        • TheNotoriousIUD
          • Rick O’Shay

            My sister in law and her husband have, no lie, spent every day this week prepping for this hurricane. They’re also central. I’m expecting us to not hear from them for at least a few days once it hits florida.
            The saddest thing of all this is that every time a hurricane hits, Florida Man gains new powers. We’re gonna hear some craaaaazy stories next week.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            I feel for them.
            We just had Harvey here in Houston.
            Hopefully its going to slow down a little before it smacks FLA.
            I went through a CAT 4 with Ike and that was truly scary. They should not f-ck around down there and just get out if possible.

          • Rick O’Shay

            That’s the thing. He’s a mission-critical staff for a large operation out there, and isn’t in a position to evacuate, although they’d prefer to. They ain’t sticking around because they think it might be fun.

          • TheNotoriousIUD

            Well, I hope they make it ok.
            Sh-ts about to get real.

          • Rick O’Shay


          • nicholsda

            You said it.

          • nicholsda

            We don’t stick around because it is fun. We stay now because we have a home built to withstand most Cat 5s. Andrew tested at Ground Zero. The Eye passed dead center over us. We are losing power with some of the gusts but nothing long term. My former job required me to always stay as I was deemed an “Essential Employee” by the District.

          • nicholsda

            Power and internet back on today at 1151. Man does the A/C feel welcome after 90° in the house.

    • Unfortunately that’s likely very true.

  • John

    Couldn’t they just shoot the hurricane as it passed overhead, thereby decreasing it’s strength. You just aim for the eye. Come on people this is simple anatomy.

    • Maybe with a nuke!

      • nicholsda

        It would take more than one and then you have dirty water.

        • CountryBoy

          Yes, but it’s easier to see at night!

          • nicholsda

            And the fish would glow in the dark too.

          • CountryBoy

            Yes, and the delicious “roast leg of salmon” would be available in restaurants once again! 😉

    • Mr.SATism

      An actual gun organization (I think it’s an organization) came out with a statement earlier today telling Floridians not to shoot at Irma

      • noob

        If anyone does, please use tracer – that way at least we can see the bullets bending in the wind and causing property damage and loss of life and follow it back to the guy responsible.

  • Sean

    Thankfully, my place of work is staying open Friday AND Saturday
    – __ –

    • In Florida? Emergency services maybe?

      • Twilight sparkle

        Probably Waffle House

      • nicholsda

        Nope as if it were that, it would be 24/7. How many hours in a day, 8/23/92 was 32 for me in a 24 hour period. And only the first 8 were at regular pay. the other 24 were at time and a half so the pay for that day was equal to 44 hours. Uncle Sam loved that. We just got a tornado warning for our area. One was spotted about where my old job was.

  • Sabrina Gray

    What about Hi-Point…

    • Edeco

      o.O Ohio…

  • tiger

    Great. The storm can wash away the Taurus Curve supply……

  • Carlos Velazquez

    I’m down here in Broward County, so unless anyone here is in Dade County, I’m getting the worst of it first. If anyone here is still in the Keys, I’ll notify your next of kin if you want me to.

    • Stay safe Carlos!

    • nicholsda

      Ha Ha, you lose. I’m an hour’s drive South of Sawgrass Mall. 😉 We are getting squalls right now. Power comes and goes but mostly is on. UPSes aren’t happy though with all the fluctuations though. They will keep me up for at least an hour after the final power failure happens. Generator won’t be hauled out till the storm is gone. ATT just dropped any overage charges for 9/8 till 9/18 if you still have service.

      • Carlos Velazquez

        I think we lucked out big time , looks like Collier and Lee County are going to get a direct hit now.

        • nicholsda

          True but we are getting the indirect affects down here. Already had one tornado warning for the area where I used to work and is only 8 miles away. We also have hit gusts of 62 MPH, which about matches some of our summer Thunderstorms.

        • nicholsda

          Do you have power yet?

          • Carlos Velazquez

            I got power back on Tuesday. Do you have power?

          • nicholsda

            1151 this morning. And less than 5 minutes later they powered up the AT&T boxes which give us phones and DSL. The quiet is deafening. ;-0

          • Carlos Velazquez

            Sleeping Monday night with all the windows open and not a hint of light was the closest I’ve come to camping in years.

          • nicholsda

            I played it smart this year and bought a deep cycle battery and a 2KW ( 4KW surge ) inverter to backup the generator. If I ran just on the deep cycle, it would last for 2 hours with just fans, light, refrigerator or freezer, and tv with Sat dish powered up. If hooked up to the truck, the truck could keep it up for as long as the 35 gallons of fuel held out. That meant very quiet power. The generator did start running Monday night and ran till Friday with the inverter and UPSs keeping things running while the gen was down for fueling. Sleeping last night was weird as it was so quiet. Do know that two screech owls survived as saw them yesterday morning. 🙂

  • RickGnVA

    Keltec in Cocoa Beach is closing on Monday and possibly beyond as well.

    • Just Say’n

      So I won’t be able to find any Keltecs at my local dealer anytime soon? Oh wait….nothing’s changed then.

      • Rick O’Shay

        I felt like s**t for laughing at that, for like a half second.

  • Rogertc1

    No brainer. Wonder if SCCY is moved out of that state yet. We’re supposed to move to a new factory in GA I believe.

  • Wright Connection

    What about Taurus? Nobody gives them any love?

    • nicholsda

      They should be fine if they have power.

    • Nomad

      Taurus announced on their Facebook page that they closed their call center Thursday afternoon and the plant/office was closed on Friday. They could be closed longer depending on the infrastructure/power/water and any flooding situation (that part of Miami can flood if there’s a heavy dew, let alone 12″ of rain).

      Hopefully all the companies in the Gunshine state make it through intact and ready to get back at it once all is safe.

  • Tp

    They should put in their public announcement that there will be some armed guards on premises, even if its not true. It would make for one fine looting place.

    • nicholsda

      I’d bet that someone is there armed.

  • Mr.SATism

    I hope everyone evacuated to safe places outside of the wrath of the storm, other than that, hopefully their hurricane insurance will hold up!