LedgeGrip Featureless Grip for CA AR-15s

Not tired of California compliant product post yet? I hope not because here’s another product for those stuck behind enemy lines in the Golden State, this time it’s from B&E3D LLC and it’s called the LedgeGrip. Starting in 2018 Californians have to either register their semi-auto sporting rifles as “assault rifles” or take off all the scary features that make them so deadly. The pistol grip and adjustable stock are some of those scary features criminals love so much.

The LedgeGrip is two products in one, it blocks the stock so you can no longer adjust it and it also prevents you from wrapping your thumb fully around the grip. To help you still grip onto the LedgeGrip and hold your rifle securely the kit includes a thumb lug to rest your thumb on. The LedgeGrip retails for $39.95 and is available for both left and right handed shooters in Tan, Green and Black. Check them out at bande3d.com.

The LedgeGrip is one of many such accessories on the market for those in California. There’s also the Survivor Systems Option Zero Stock and the Juggernaut Tactical CA Compliant Stock. And for AK owners there’s the Battle Fin California Compliant AK Grip and the Strike Industries AK Simple Featureless Grip.

Ray I.

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  • Major Tom

    “Not tired of California compliant product post yet?”

    I’m more tired of the AR/Glock obsession than the CA-compliant parts.

    • PK

      Well… they are both very common firearms in the USA. When the G36 .300BLK barrel assembly was posted about the other day, the joke was that there are almost no owners so what did it matter.

  • Jared Vynn

    I don’t need compliant parts, but that looks pretty nifty.

  • Joshua

    that is surprisingly not horrible looking. Usually CA workarounds are pretty cludgy, that actually looks like something I would own.
    I’d still rather have an Ares SCR with an actual wood stock though.

    • gabriel brack

      I live in Texas and I want to eventually get the SCR.

    • Mr.SATism

      Minus the buttstock, IMO it looks like a ‘traditional’ rifle (non scary)

  • Don Howard

    That is pretty clever. I do like my thordsen stock though – ugly, but surprisingly comfy and ergonomic. Though the thordsen costs a lot more

    • Marcus D.

      The new Gen III is much nicer looking, but equally ergonomic. no matter how you package these fin grips/stocks, they such and are uncomfortable. I bought a $10 fin grip as a temporary measure, and will convert to a Thordsen when I can. The only thing I don’t like about the Thordsen is that it seems that you have to spend extra money for the stock spacers, and they ain’t exactly cheap, even more so when you consider that they are just plastic.

  • Pedenzo

    “Not tired of California compliant product post yet?”

    Nope, I will never get tired of seeing examples of just how stooopid libtard “common sense” gun laws are……and how easily they can be bypassed……more please!

  • neoritter

    These featureless grips and stocks for the AR are the silver-lining to the gun control nuts and their laws.

  • PK

    “Not tired of California compliant product post yet?”

    Not at all, it brings a smile to my face every single time. It frustrates lawmakers making useless laws, allows people to enjoy their firearms more, and brings in quite a bit of money since the CA market is enormous.

    • noob

      hmm can you fit a binary trigger into a cali-compliant featureless rifle? if it is featureless you could quick-change the magazine right?

      • PK

        There’s no reason for the FCG not to fit, but I highly doubt the legality in CA.

        • noob

          It would be hilarious if a clever lawyer found out that a binary trigger “featureless” ar-15 with a gravity fed hopper (which of course you only put a couple of rounds into at a time by hand) was completely legal.

          At that point their legislature would have an apoplectic fit.

    • The Punisher

      I will just have to agree to disagree with you. I find all this pandering to be fruitless and pointless. You do not “stick it to the man” by making products like this. They just go further down the trail after these workarounds become the norm. They’ll just keep restricting further and further because their true goal is total and utter disarmament.

      You combat useless laws by proving they are useless and not abiding by them – peacefully – en masse.

      The other ridiculous notion presented by the article: “those stuck behind enemy lines”. Last I checked there was no Berlin Wall-esque structure (yet) forcing the subjects of Commiforniastan to stay within their confines. Thus if one chooses to live there and abide by the ridiculousness, then that is their prerogative.

      In both cases fine – exploit the current loopholes and choose to be under that regime – but let’s not go beyond that.

  • Indianasteve

    I don’t see how the Boargrip would be CA compliant. You can still wrap your thumb around to the left side of the grip. Great if it does comply. I don’t have to worry about it anyway, but just saying …

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      I think that it would be allowed as I believe they ban pistol grips that protrude conspicuously below the rifle. This doesn’t protrude much below the rifle, but i think that it also doesn’t meet their definition of a pistol grip which is “a grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing” as the web of your hand is higher than the top of the trigger with the BoAR grip. Another example of a grip that takes advantage of the web height is the Resurgent Arms grip.

      • Indianasteve

        The same thanks to you as to PK above. Personally, I have 3 rifles with the pistol grips (2 AR’s and a Ruger 1022) and I think 5 with traditional stocks. I prefer the traditional stocks. But what I prefer even more is the choice to have what I want to. Here’s wishing CA and the other restrictive areas of the country luck. I’ll stop here before I get too political.

    • Mr Mxyzptlk

      I think that it would be allowed as I believe they ban pistol grips that protrude conspicuously below the rifle. This doesn’t protrude much below the rifle, but i think that it also doesn’t meet their definition of a pistol grip which is “a grip that allows for a pistol style grasp in which the web of the trigger hand (between the thumb and index finger) can be placed below the top of the exposed portion of the trigger while firing” as the web of your hand is higher than the top of the trigger with the BoAR grip. Another example of a grip that takes advantage of the web height is the Resurgent Arms grip.

    • PK

      You can, absolutely, wrap your thumb around… but the web of your hand ends up above the highest “exposed portion of the trigger” of the firearm, and thus complies with CA law. They had to define precisely what a pistol grip is, after all!


      • Indianasteve

        Thanks for the explanation. The web of the hand cannot be below the highest part of the trigger. That’s why a traditional rifle stock works. Again, I’m not in CA but think it is a good idea to know what others are dealing with.

        • PK

          I’m not in CA either, but I have friends there so I do try to understand the laws and help find ways to comply that don’t negatively impact the function.

          Plus, you never know what someone might complain about being unable to find on the market, and then you can sell a bunch…

      • noob

        this looks like a better solution. The Boargrip allows you to use your strong hand thumb to manipulate the safety, while the ledgegrip forces you to use your weak hand to go on and off safe.

  • John Ruhl

    “She’s hideous”

  • Spencerhut

    It’s time for gun people to pull their heads out and realize California hates you and it’s time to find a more gun friendly state. Stop supporting California.

    • PK

      It’s the single largest firearms market in the USA, with the single greatest concentration of gun owners in the USA. Why in the world would anyone legitimately support running away from that? The number of people owning guns is increasing, even in CA, and the tide will turn.

      • Marcus D.

        I agree that there are a lot of gun owners here, but as for the tide turning? I really really doubt it. After all, the new ammo registration/internet sales ban passed in a landslide, and even the FUDDs supported it. Why I cannot imagine, but probably because they did not know what they were signing on to: photo ID, fingerprint, name address and phone number, number of rounds purchased, caliber/gauge of rounds purchased, a $50 license beginning in July 2019, and a $10 surcharge by the “licensed ammunition vendors” to process interstate sales (if they even agree to do so), plus an instant “background check” against the Armed Prohibited Persons System list. this will undoubtedly lead to an unknown increase in the cost of ammo because the vendor has to gather all of the foregoing information and electronically submit it to the California DOJ weekly. I would hazard a guess that 9 mm FMJ will sell for $0.40 a round, and premium JHP will shoot back up to $1/round. .223s will probably run close to $0.50 each, and premium hunting ammo close to $2/round. Refusing to process internet sales (even though they are allowed a $10 surcharge) will be the norm, since those sales will undermine the prices vendors have to charge to make ends meet.

        On top of all that, all vendors employees must be separately licensed, and ALL ammo must be kept behind the counter in a secure location. Some of the big box stores will completely have to redesign their displays to comply–or stop selling ammo altogether. I suspect WalMart will stop selling ammo completely (as it is California stores don’t sell guns any more).

        Registration of ammo and ammo purchasers was never the goal. Massively shrinking participation in shooting sports is With the high probability that the next governor will run on an anti-gun platform, plus a compliant and rabidly anti-gun majority in the legislature, things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get any better. When the Legislature realizes that its “AW” law has been cleverly avoided, can a complete ban of all semi-auto rifles be far behind? Unless the Supreme Court steps in on Kolbe v. Hogan, an appeal of the Maryland AR ban, it is inevitable, especially so if cert is denied

        • Mark Walker


    • Robert Clark

      You have convinced me. I am leaving Ca along with all my friends. We will sell our homes and outbid and out buy your neighbors and raise your Real Estate prices. We will bring along more traffic and you can watch your open places be replaced with Development.

  • Spencerhut

    It’s time for gun people to pull their heads out and realize California hates you and it’s time to find a more gun friendly state. Stop supporting California.

  • USMC03Vet

    I want to see somebody holding this with positive control because I cannot fathom it happening or this being safe.

    • PK

      Welcome to the world of ARs in CA. A ton of them, and semi-auto rifles in CA in general, have a “grip” where you sort of just… push your firing hand against it and wrap your finger onto the trigger while the thumb is along the palm and the non-trigger fingers are around the bottom of the stock.

      It’s really, really strange, and wholly intended to make firearms more difficult to use.

  • Neil Hamilton Hightower III

    I think I would rather build left hand side charger with no gas tube. Or on of those pump guns

    • Dirt-Torpedo

      I just built my first AR, I used a side-charging upper thinking that worse case scenario I could take out the gas system and still have a bolt action rifle.

      Nope. It’d still be classified as an automatic weapon. I should’ve just got a Mini 14.

  • noob

    with all the “gas pedal” mods people are putting into competition guns, it would be ironic if the thumb ledge actually helps control the weapon and starts making the competition circuit as superior to the pistol grip.

  • triple E

    i purchased one about a month ago. very comfortable and easy to control one handed. best featureless grip I’ve seen. bonus is that it blocks the collapsible stock.

    three issues:
    1. its 3d printed. very light weight, but at $50ea how hard is it to spring for injection molding?
    2. the ledge is optional but the recess is either right or left handed. make the recess for the nut ambi and be done with it.
    3. may need to install an ambidextrous safety for you righties. although you could train around it

    BoAR, meh.
    thordsens, different gun entirely
    resurgent arms & featureless arms are very similar but no ledge and no stock stop

    yay featureless, but watch those evil flash hiders ppl.

  • CJS3

    People get the government they elect. They just forgot that a government that gives them stuff can take it away too. Yeah gun owners, I’m talking about you.

  • Zebra Dun

    Beats not being allowed to have one at all, simply buy what is banned and when the situation changes, apply them.

  • Mikial

    California is a land government by vicious idiots that want the criminals to so terrorize law abiding people that they will beg the government to step in and impose marshal law to protect them. Thus, they will gain absolute control over ever aspect of the people’s lives.

  • Nunya Bidniz

    $35 too much: you can get a Strike Industries simple blade grip and the gizmo to keep your collapsible stock in one place [be still, my beating heart! As long as I’m not teaching someone else to shoot & need to adjust LOP, I’d rather have a fixed stock anyway…] for ~$15, which is what I consider a reasonable price for compliance. An ambi safety is something you’ll be wanting to add, but that can wait until funds allow if need be [or if you have already upgraded that to modern standards!] It only has to last a decade until I retire & can leave this place. Last American to leave, turn off the lights…

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    This new grip is going to stop criminals in their tracks, and save more lives than superman on a grande double cappuccino expresso w/ crack/meth/horse tranquilizer (just to balance out the drink).

    Yah calipornya, just when we thought you could not go any dumber, you have given us hope, you have a lot more stupid to go!

    Why any American would remain in that state, where the criminals are STILL better armed than the police, and not once has a criminal gone on live TV and said these words “I wanted more firepower, but the law states that this would be illegal, so as a good criminal, I followed the law. Instead, I just beat my victim with the empty AR15 with no grip and locked stock, before I remembered that I had a non-calipornya pistol with extended magazine in my trunk, and got that to unload 30 rounds of expanding hollow-points, called black talons, don’t know where they came from. I knew instantly that I was breaking more laws, and so in my guilt, I am turning myself in. I am sorry cali, I should not have broken your gun laws, I have learned from my mistakes”.

    Anyway, with any luck, in a few years, that constitution trashing dumpster known as california, won’t be a part of America anymore. This comes with two benefits to real Americans. One, all the illegals that have flooded that state, will realize that they are no longer in the USA and can not steal any more money from the American patriots, and their children, anymore. This will lead very quickly too the Union of Soviet Style Socialist Calimexico to instantly cut benefits, because the new country will be fiscally insolvent in less than 3 years. All the illegals will be forced to go back to where they came from.

    The second, and most important reason, there will be a new wall, keeping the USSSC citizens OUT of the USA. They will no longer be welcome, and a travel ban will be permanent in their case. If there are Americans with relatives stuck in calimexico, they will not be able to bring them into our country, instead, they will get a one time offer to leave the USA for the USSSC, with their citizenship revoked and no return authorized, ever again. Or, if they are smart, they will just pretend that they have no relatives in USSSC, as there is no reason a smart person would want to live there, and therefore, they can’t be smart people and should be disowned.

    If calipornya leaves the union, it will ensure that a conservative will be president for the next 100 years, or until they screw things up, just like they have in the past 8 months.

    • Mark Walker

      This would be funny if it wasn’t so true. So now I’m a criminal if I accidentally cross state lines and get arrested by CHP? What are my next steps? Do I contact the local U.S. Embassy? This is simply madness gone amuck. Too bad so much of the media resides there. At least here in Atlanta we’re taking a big bite out of their movie revenues.
      So it comes down to state’s rights? Pick and choose. And yet the media sells us on the shamefulness of my forefathers for having fought for that right…”but “that” was different,” they say. I don’t think so.

      • Anthony “stalker6recon”

        I used to live in Atlanta, loved it. Left when an illegal living in my building, decided to use his broken gas grill on the balcony, with out a drip pan. He left the grill on while he went out for something, and the grease/fat inside, became super heated, dripped out the bottom of the grill as a thick liquid fire, right on the LPG cylinder. You can guess the rest.

        So because an illegal was allowed to rent an apartment in Dunwoody, then allowed to “store” that grill on his balcony, I lost everything. Nice right.

        Anyway, I had moved there from Virginia back in the late 90’s because of work with Lo-jack. I was shocked at how much freedom you have in Georgia, and my favorite place, Kennesaw. They probably have the lowest robbery/gun death rate in the country. When I use that as an example for liberals, their brains overheat and they rampage into insanity, a very short trip. Nothing but name calling after that.

        If I ever move back to the US, Georgia is at the top of my list.

  • Garth Woodward

    maybe we should get rid of politicians because of their looks, it is so stupid

  • Richard Lutz

    Surely Californians have a 2A right to own selective fire M4 Carbines, M72 LAW rocket launchers and M67 hand grenades.