ATI HFS Rise Mitigation Muzzle Brake

American Tactical Imports is an importer and seller of all sorts of firearms and accessories.They offer everything from polymer AR-15 lower receivers and match grade threaded Glock barrels to shotgun ammunition. They’re also the importer of the popular GSG 1911 in .22lr the GSG MP-40 pistols. Well now they’ve selling muzzle brakes for the AR-15.

Their new product is called the ATI HFS Rise Mitigation Muzzle Brake and is for firearms chambered in 5.56x45mm. It’s threaded in the standard 1/2×28 thread pitch and is made out of 4140 steel right here in the USA. In Summerville, South Carolina to be exact.. It’s 2.25″ in length and is just .750″ wide. It’s slim enough to allow you to work on your gas system without having to remove the muzzle brake from your barrel. It has a pretty standard design with nothing too fancy. It has six large side ports and two smaller ones up top which American Tactical claims reduces the muzzle climb up to 95%.

The ATI HFS Rise Mitigation Muzzle Brake also comes with a proprietary slim crush washer. It retails at the reasonable price of $49.95. Check them out over at

.750” Ultra Slim Design
1/2×28 Threading (Standard 5.56 barrel threading)
2.25” in Length
Proprietary Slim Crush Washer Included
Designed for 95% Reduction of Muzzle Climb
4140 Steel
100% Machined by American Tactical, Inc. in Summerville, SC

Installation Instructions

Place the crush washer on the threaded end of the barrel with the concave side facing forward (towards the muzzle brake)
Hand tighten the muzzle brake against the crush washer
Tighten the muzzle brake until the top two ports are indexed top dead center on the barrel
Check for tightness by attempting to remove by hand (do not over tighten, tightening more than 1 full rotation can cause damage to the parts)

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  • Marcus D.

    Will those two tiny holes really have any effect on muzzle rise? Which to me is the only reason to have a brake on an AR, since the recoil doesn’t require mitigation, and the side ports are obnoxious to anyone standing near the shooter. (Well, actually there is another reason: California bans “flash hiders” but not muzzle brakes.)


    “$17 amazon muzzle brake” is superior. TTAG scientific comparison confirms it is the best value for cost/performance. My friends HATE standing nezr it when we 2-gun, but man…. It is great for 300yd pop shots.