NEW Hybrid Muzzle Device (HMD) by Mad Dog Weapon Systems

Mad Dog Weapon Systems has introduced a new muzzle device which is a combination of a compensator and a flash hider. It is called Hybrid Muzzle Device (HMD).

The compensator portion features 3 rows of ports – 4 in the middle (12 o’clock) and 7 on each side. The front flash hider portion is a conventional birdcage type design. There is a set screw to clock and fix this muzzle device, but you can also use a crush washer (not included) to install it. The bottom of the compensator is fluted for weight reduction. It also has flat surfaces at the rear to tighten it with a 3/4″ wrench.

The HMD comes in three different versions designed for .277, .308 and .358 calibers. Obviously, each of them will also be compatible with smaller calibers than one it is designed for. All versions are threaded with a 5/8-24 thread pitch. The HMD is made of stainless steel and has a bead blasted matte finish. It weighs 4.3 oz, has an overall length of 3.245″ and .870″ diameter.

Here is a comparison of two screenshots from an MDWS video showing the difference between the bare muzzle and their hybrid muzzle device.

And the mentioned video itself:

The Hybrid Muzzle Device is available through MDWS’s website at an MSRP of $89.99 (regardless of the caliber). The price also includes the shipping.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Anonymoose

    Are they bringing back the .358 Winchester? 😀

    • Mark Kexel

      Not yet but our .358 Yeti is becoming increasingly popular! The HMD will soon be available in 7 additional calibers, several thread pitches and in Black Nitride finish for all!

    • Enzo Gorlami

      358 Yeti is the way to go …. grade AAA bang bang.

  • Mark Kexel

    Thanks TFB and Hrachya! The HMD will soon be available in 7 additional calibers, several thread pitches and in Black Nitride finish for all!

    • Mark

      450 bushmaster?

      • Mark Kexel

        Yep we have .458 versions coming soon.

    • Flash&Recoil

      Ah, i can just ask you then: Is it any bit better then the EFAB…? Doesnt look like it. Technically it has more flash and recoil. So afterall whats its point.

      • Mark Kexel

        Better? Worse? What makes you think either? Do you own both? Why do you say it technically has more of either? Anyhow, ours are available, come in numerous calibers which is important for it to work properly for your caliber, several thread pitch options and finishes coming soon. Oh and did i mention they are available! We made some changes to the body and the internal chambers which we see a benefit from. Hope that answers your question.

        • Flash&Recoil

          So you literally say you have basicly no idea whats physically better. Doesnt sound that convincing…

          I like the design the chamber is good, but i dont see as much sence if something better exists, but as you said, more calibers is good.

          The holes are few (less recoil reduction) and circular (more flash!), while the EFAB has dozends of perfect shaped ports, it actually uses its lenght properly and has less flash.

          For youre barrel lenght and flash reducing front part, it has suprisingly high flash even at daylight, at night its propably even more poor.

          Sry, its not against you, i just think about the basic physic behind it.

          • Mark Kexel

            They are two completely different devices bud. I just went to their site, theirs is $160, is nothing like this one and if you look at their demo pictures there is no reason to think it does a better job in any way at all. What’s your deal?!

            And no, you basically said you have no idea what’s different between them by asking in the first place! If I ask you what’s the difference between a circle and a square, then I obviously have no idea what they are.

          • Flash&Recoil

            Square? You might have clicked the AFAB not EFAB. Would still be cool if you actually could explain the physics behind youre hybrid muzzle device, and what makes it better.

            Good point with the price, tough i much rather invest a bit more to have something proper on my Rifle if i spend money to begin with.

          • Mark Kexel

            Look I don’t know what your problem is or why you’re provoking this ridiculous banter, but since you’re obviously too lazy to read the product description before making uninformed questions, here you go:

            Introducing the ​MDWS Hybrid Muzzle Device (HMD) .308 Matte Stainless 5/8-24. This is a new product that is not only a compensator but also a flash suppressor. The 18-port compensator chamber has a unique science built into it; it significantly reduces muzzle climb and can be clocked and locked for right or left hand shooters, while the A1 Birdcage style flash suppression chamber provides a substantial reduction in muzzle flash.
            The hidden science behind the HMD is the transition between the two chambers. The compensation chamber’s ports provide a mean of escape for the initial exhaust of air in front of the bullet allowing the bullet to travel into the second chamber with less interference. Meanwhile, the compensation chamber is comprised of 18 total ports, 4 of which are dead-center 12 O’Clock for center-line reference. As you can see in the photos, flash is considerably reduced compared to no muzzle device. Please see the below YouTube Video of live fire comparisons that quantify the comparison photograph.
            This model is Matte Stainless Steel, is threaded 5/8-24, and is for .308 (or less) caliber rifles. This model includes the fluting on the 6 O’Clock side of the device. It is also engraved with the MDWS .308 designation.
            The HMD comes tapped and with a brass-tip set-screw to lock it in place, or, you can use a traditional crush washer behind the device or even a combination of both if you so choose (No crush washers included).
            The HMD weighs in at an insignificant 4.3 ounces and is 3.245″ Long by .870″ Wide. Truly invaluable performance for little added weight and length.
            Stay on Target with the HMD.
            Price Includes Shipping. Be advised this device would classify as a flash suppressor, or “flash hider”, although it provides two functions. Know your local, state and/or federal laws before installing.

          • Flash&Recoil

            Thanks for that info, though it still has a ton of flash even at daylight. And does not in the least say what makes it any bit better than the EFAB.
            And why test it just against bare muzzle, why not include an A1 or A2 picture.

            Could you make a video shooting it with a 10.5″ Barrel at night. As the EFAB was tested against an A2.

            And how much % of recoil reduction (backwards not muzzle rise), has it against bare muzzle, and against an A2. The EFAB was tested against bare muzzle (independent) with 51.59% reduction in rearward movement. And ofcourse muzzle rise compensation due to the closed bottom.

            I dont mean any of that against you, i hope that you continue your research and work, with nothing less in mind than creating the best device possible. So this is meant constructive.

  • A.WChuck

    Reminds me of a similar item sold for years that fit the Mini-14. This looks like a much better implementation of the idea.

  • Klaus

    Prototype? The bottom one in the pic looks identical to a Fabian Bros. muzzle stabilizer I had on a couple of Colts back in the early 90s.

  • Johnsmyname

    I’ve dealt with Mark on the 6.8 forums, great guy! Good luck brother!

    • Mark Kexel

      Thanks John!

  • Flash&Recoil

    Is it any bit better then the EFAB…? Doesnt look like it. Technically it has more flash and recoil. So afterall whats its point.

  • Keith Barker

    I’ve had a chance to try this muzzle device with the 277 Wolverine, 30 Sabercat and the 358 Yeti. I can say that the recoil reduction is good with little barrel lift, and flash suppression is excellent but what I really like about this device is its so much quieter then other aggressive recoil reducing devices that I’ve used in the past. This alone would make me continue using it and is a big factor when shooting from benches parallel to and/or in close proximity to other shooters.

  • 1ST CAV MEDIC 69 ✔Trump Train

    I currently have a Jerry Michalik suppressor on my AR15. The front barely jumps, but it is LOUD, and blasts serious air to the right side. Will one of these be an improvement?