B&T Made HK Silencers Now Available in The U.S.

“I love it when a plan comes together.” – Hannibal Lecter. Wait, I think I messed that up. Even so, the partnership between B&T and HK for U.S. made silencers has finally left the planning stages and is now ready for rollout. For years, suppressor loving shooters around the world have enjoyed HK silencers designed and built by Swiss perfectionists. Everyone, that is, except for Americans.

Due to import restrictions, foreign manufactured silencers are only available to license holders as well as military and law enforcement customers. As of today, however, B&T can officially announce the U.S. manufacture of a variety of HK silencers available to the civilian market.

Dealer pricing as well as MSRP is still being hammered out. However if you are interested in one of the seven listed models, I’d start pestering your dealer now – I can almost guarantee a mad rush of sales. Details and press release are below.

The line forms behind me, people. I’ve got dibs on a 11.9″ MP5SD can.


HK Silencers


HK Silencers FRom B&T Press Release


Columbus, GA/Tampa, FL – HK USA together with B&T USA (formerly Brügger and Thomet) are proud to announce the release of the HK branded line of suppressors to the commercial market in the US. Finally, the same battle proven line of suppressors previously available exclusively to Law Enforcement and Military are available to purchase for your HK firearms in the USA.

In keeping with decades of OEM partnership between their respective European counterparts B&T and HK’s US-based subsidiaries have teamed up to deliver factory suppressors manufactured to the same exacting specifications and quality of suppressors designed and manufactured specifically for HK firearms to market. Initial release models will include suppressors for pistol caliber handguns, PDWs, and carbines with those for rifle calibers to follow.

Demanding users of HK branded suppressors have come to rely on their performance in terms of uncompromising durability, reliability, and sound suppression.

US consumers who have come to trust and rely on their battle-proven HK firearms can be equally as confident when choosing a suppressor designed specifically their firearm without hesitation. Additionally, customers can rest assured that suppressors bearing the HK logo are certified by HK USA and will not void their factory warranty.

The ultimate choice in suppressors will be manufactured and distributed by B&T USA to the exact specification as those provided by B&T to HK and subsequently to Military and LE around the world. For additional information on the release of the HK suppressor line, or to become a dealer, contact B&T USA Sales Director Jon Scott at +1 (813) 653-1200. Or email sales@bt-arms.com.

B&T USA is a subsidiary of B&T AG SWITZERLAND which was founded in 1991 as a designer and manufacturer of the industry’s most advanced suppressors. Under the leadership of Karl Brügger, B&T has evolved into a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of the most technologically advanced, high performance weapons systems in the world. B&T weapons systems are used by police, Special Forces, and elite military units around the world and as OEM to the most prestigious brands in the industry.

Thanks goes to Joe Stoppiello of Dakota Tactical for assisting with the HK and B&T silencer announcement. Dakota Tactical along with other dealers will have pricing and ordering information available shortly.


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  • st381183

    At the prices I would expect B&T and HK to charge for these suppressors they had better come with a team of hookers to clean both the suppressor and me. Nothing ground breaking that I can see except for the aforementioned team of hookers.

    • Jon

      Did you see any prices ? Am I missing something ?

      • Mr._Exterminatus

        HK and B&T are notorious for high prices on pretty much everything. HK has gotten better wth pistols like the VP9.

        • TheUnspoken

          Better notoriously high prices than notoriously low quality, or worst case, both!

          HK and b&t are pricey but deals can be had that make it worth it to me if you are patient and know where to look, especially online. Just don’t walk into most lgs or big box stores and expect low prices.

        • TheUnspoken

          Better notoriously high prices than notoriously low quality, or worst case, both!

          HK and b&t are pricey but deals can be had that make it worth it to me if you are patient and know where to look, especially online. Just don’t walk into most lgs or big box stores and expect low prices.

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            My point is that you can usually find something with the same performance for less. I’m not saying they don’t make excellent products, because they do, but there’s other good options that aren’t as expensive. Although if you want an MP5SD can I think there’s only one other option to the best of my knowledge, and that’s KAC.

          • TheUnspoken

            For Mp5sd cans a couple smaller US builders have their own versions, some of them mount to factory threaded sd barrels and others do not. Silencerco just released one as well. But if you want the same one HK uses the then this is the one to get.

            Also worth noting only the Knights, b&t, and OSS cans are HK tested and approved. For some that will be important.

            No questioning the name/brand commands a premium, and some will buy for that reason because they want the brand, which equals quality in their mind or they want the same as military issued gear. People get aimpoints when you could argue they could get by with a Vortex, Primary arms, holosun, or Bushnell.

            There are always cheaper options, even arguably better or more flexible options. Buy what you wish.

          • alex

            But this post was about the B&T and HK partnership…your point that you can find something with the same performance for less sounds like your goal is suggest the announcement shouldn’t have been made because there are less expensive options…point taken…there are always less expensive options…do you spend your time on rolex blogs trying to convince folks that Timex and Casio keep better time? Good luck

          • Mr._Exterminatus

            Never said that, if you want one, buy one. I encourage as much competition in the market as possible to improve goods. I own several firearms that are very expensive. I just don’t see much point for myself owning one outside of the dedicated MP5SD cans. It’s just an opinion, lighten up.

      • st381183

        I don’t need to see the prices to know that HK and especially B&T are Uber expensive guns.

  • hking

    Prices: Bend over

    • Cyborg Fred

      No kidding. Great, the most expensive series of silencers in human history is unveiled.

      • Tim

        No prices were listed ….but I guess your instinct that quality costs something over conscious. Good call.

    • Tim

      It is not recommended that you use suppressors for other than intended purposes…but to each his/her own 😉

  • Brett baker

    Well, for years foreigners couldn’t get US suppressor. J.D. Jones told me back in the mid 90’s he’d sold a 1000 .300 Whisper uppers and cans to Abu Dubai, but State blocked the sales. This confused the customers, since they’d been allowed to buy Strike Eagles, Patriots, and Harpoons, all in the then latest variants. “But not gun mufflers?” Can’t blame’em for being confused.

    • Ryan Snow

      My BS detecter is going off the charts, I have my connections and that the first I heard of 1000 300 whisper cans and uppers in the mid 90s

      • Brett baker

        That’s what the man told me.

  • dave

    Only pistol caliber suppressors?

    • NanoSuitUser059 .

      Rifle calibers are coming out later. Initial release is for pistol caliber firearms.

    • Tim

      The rifle caliber suppressors will follow ….get some sleep or drink some espresso 😉

  • Rasputin

    Still not getting “Made in Switzerland” though.

    • tim

      B&T USA cans cannot be imported according to US law…however I believe you are getting as close as possible…B&T USA has the engineers from the mother company, uses the CNC programs on the same machines in the US, and imports all of the adapters and raw materials. Even the engraving font is the same.

  • USMC03Vet

    Pricing: You better fly over and make an appointment in the hope they allow you a meeting just to quote you a price you filthy casuals.

  • TheUnspoken

    Basically the same as the b&t USA versions they started selling the last couple years, but now with HK markings! The early adopters are going up be ticked!

    The b&t marked ones seem to be available around a grand, so a little premium but cheaper than Knights and more available. Some of the info seems mixed up, unless the 19.4″ SD can really weighs less than the 11.9″ compact SD.

    For an mp5sd build or UMP build these are pretty good options if you want it to be “authentic.” Having a dedicated three lug can would be nice too, as opposed to switching out three lug adapters for other brands, and with the cost of the adapter, price is similar. These aren’t geared at being your modular, “Swiss army knife”, do it all first and only cans.

    The pistol version seems heavy for a 9mm, I would rather they make a 16x1RH .45 version for the Mark 23 as the Knights is the only other dedicated can for it.

    • FarmerB

      I have one of their cans for the Mk 23.

      • TheUnspoken

        Nice, a recently made one or acquired a while ago? Or you are in Europe?

        • FarmerB

          A couple of years ago – I’m in Switzerland.

    • Tim

      B&T cans are made to the OEM specification…therefore they are dedicated cans made for specific platforms at the OEM’s request.

  • El Dude

    What? Nothing for the TP9???!!!

    • alex

      The TP9 suppressor is already available from B&T USA

  • Anthony “stalker6recon”

    Too the writer of this story…..

    Where in the world do people get the money to buy an MP5SD (apparently without the SD, even though it is called the SD)

    I am a disabled veteran, on a fixed VA pension, have always wanted to buy an MP5, but don’t have the 15k or higher that the real ones seem to cost. Maybe the price has come down a lot, but I doubt that I could still afford to buy this can, much less the SMG it belongs too.

    Must be nice.