One Loader to Rule them All – ETS C.A.M. Rifle Magazine Loader

Just when you think it can’t get any easier to load a magazine, ETS comes along and forges a new loader that purports to work across almost all double-stack semi-auto platforms. Its so good, I am convinced that Jim Hanson (owner of ETS) is perhaps the modern inventive dark load of the magazine:

“One (Mag Loader) to rule them all, One (Mag Loader) to find them; One (Mag Loader) to bring them all and in the (awesomeness) bind them.”

*Note – I took some artistic liberty with it. 

Like its near-universal single-feed double-stack pistol C.A.M. loader, the rifle version is designed to easily load from ammo trays. Simply run the feed chute through the rims, use the follower to press in the rounds, and voila – ammo is loaded.

It is designed and tested to work with a bevy of platforms including, but not limited to:

  • AR-15
  • AK-47
  • AK-74
  • G36
  • AUG
  • MP5
  • Scorpion Evo III
  • Colt SMG
  • UZI
  • AR-10

If the C.A.M. system works as shown in the video, it may just become “my precious.”

Retail is set at $29.99 directly from ETS or through any of their dealers. 

More details from ETS:

Loads following calibers:
5.56×45 / .223, .308, 7.62 x 39, 300BLK, 5.45 x 39, 9mm and more…

• Lightning fast loading
• Loader easily picks up rounds directly from the ammo tray or can also be used to load loose ammo
• Loader will not damage the magazine in any way
• Made from a durable polymer that will hold up to wear and tear
• Portable and fits easily into your range bag or your pocket
• Lifetime warranty



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  • UWOTM8

    Gonna need a demo…and maybe see if it takes G3 mags.

    • Jolly

      Mmm…….G3eeee. So much want

  • PK

    Interesting! I’m always willing to give new loaders a shot, it’s a never ending task to load mags and I’ll try whatever makes it easier at a reasonable cost.

  • Adam W

    I’ll buy it when they can make it work for muzzle loaders.

    • QuadGMoto

      Do you routinely load 10 rounds at once in a muzzleloader? That’s awesome! Can I watch? I’ll be standing over here. Waaaayyyyy over here. 😜😆

      • elryanoo

        That’s sort of how metal storm works.

        • QuadGMoto

          Which metal storm? The one with the cloud of metal fragments flying in one direction? Or all directions? 😉

  • datimes

    Looks good. Let me know in 6 months about the ease of use and pit falls.

    • QuadGMoto

      It doesn’t clip to the magazine; you have to hold it in place which isn’t hard. Otherwise, it is very easy to use.

  • Veteran for Trump

    Different rails for different calibers?

    • QuadGMoto

      There are two different width tracks that hold the head of the brass. They’re both part of the same unit, with the wider track above the lower.

  • neoritter

    Too many video cuts are setting off all my red flags and I don’t care enough to scrutinize the video to determine if foul play is occurring.

  • Hardwood83

    Looks great, especially if loading from boxed ammo. Would be a little more labor intensive if using loose rounds, but I’ll be willing to give it a try.

    • What we need now is a second speed loader that you dump loose ammo into, and it feeds it into neatly arranged trays for the ETS loader to use.

      • Indianasteve

        HC Mags makes a loading system for their Ruger 10-22 speed loader mag. The Magazines load from stripper clips. The clips are loaded from a shaker box. Dump the ammo in the box, shake it around, and the cartriges arrange in rows that are easily loaded on the clips. Very slick. And the mags are nice quality mags. I have never had a problem with them.

  • jerry young

    Ha Ha it’s a stripper clip, most real M16, AR steel mags already use stripper clips, I can’t say anything about the plastic mags cause I don’t use them and I prefer to load my AR mags by hand, just my choice to me there’s nothing hard about loading a 40 round AR mag, maybe I’m old school cause of old age!

    • QuadGMoto

      I haven’t had success with stripper clips. I tried using them with the StripLula, but they didn’t work well at all. Mainly, it’s a huge pain to get the clips out of the StripLula. (Yea, I’ve seen people just dump them out on videos. Mine didn’t work that way.) Plus you have to take time to load them.

      IMHO, this works much better, as long as you can get them straight from a box. It also has the bonus of working with 9mm and other calibers too.

      The only disadvantages in comparison to the StripLula are:

      1) The handle is separate in the ETS loader, while it’s captive in the StripLula. That makes the StripLula more handy. That might not be possible with how the ETS loader works.

      2) The StripLula actively clips to the AR magazines, which I think it nicer. But again, the ETS loader works with so many more magazines that having it actually grab the magazine probably isn’t possible.

  • hikerguy

    If it works as advertised, then the over used terms “awesome” and “game-changer” will still apply here. My arthritic fingers would be greatful. I will wait to see how the reviews roll in.

  • Sabrina Gray

    Still like the striplula better. No extra pieces to lose..

  • Marcus D.

    For $15, sure, but for $30? I’m too cheap for that, especially since I am only allowed to have 10 round mags.

  • JammyWashbane

    I have not had great success using their Pistol CAM loader with my CZ P09 mags, unfortunately. Still trying to make some adjustments there.

    That said, this new Rifle CAM loader works very, very well for CZ Scorpion mags, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a speed loader for their Scorpion.

  • KFeltenberger

    I’ve got the one they released for 9mm pistol mags and it works as advertised. I was skeptical when I saw it, even after Sootch did a video on it, but it does work. One thing is that you really need to brace the mag when you push the follower against the cartridges.

  • Curtis smith

    i just picked up both loaders. They work well, but unfortunately the loader will not work for my MPX magazines