The Legion of One – Silent Legion’s “Complete Multi Caliber Kit”

While the ATF takes its time to release its guidance on what exactly is a “suppressor” so that companies would be free to make multi-piece multi-caliber kits, companies are still hard at work to get you the most for your dollar. With the expense and time around acquiring suppressors, it just makes sense for the end-user to be able to get one can to cover most of their needs.

While TFB covered them briefly from SHOTShow, Silent Legion is an up-and-coming suppressor manufacturer based out of North Carolina. Already offering a full-line of suppressors, Silent Legion offers a true multi-caliber kit capable of handing anything 300 Winchester Magnum and below.

Author’s note – mad props on the logo. The use of handguns for the spartan helmet cut-outs is fantastic!

Dubbed “The Complete Multi-Caliber Kit” the suppressor body is a 1.5” tube manufactured from titanium keeping weight a nice 16 ounces even. Sound reduction is rated at 32 dB across 7.5” in overall length. The finish is high temperature cerakote – so good luck to the consumer that can cook this can into off-white.

For multi-caliber capability, the can comes with four mounts, two direct thread adapters for 1/2×28 and 5/8×24 and two quick disconnect flash hiders in the same thread pitches. That makes the can easily mountable to two weapons via Q/D and the whole range using direct thread adapters.

Pricing is reasonable, especially considering the value of the multiple Q/D adapters. It is set at $1,379 with the set available through Silent Legion’s dealer network.


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  • Patrick Reginald

    Spartans loved children. Little boys particularly.

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      Xenophon, the only Greek historian contemporary to the Spartans, wrote that the Spartans specifically found homosexual pederasty to be extremely shameful. This is in direct contrast to the rest of Ancient Greece. Besides, I’m not sure why Sparta was even brought up in the article because there is no such thing as a “Spartan helmet.” That is a Corinthian helmet. Because Greek hoplites supplied their own arms and armor, there would be no standard helmet design anyways. If one had to refer to a type of Ancient Greek helmet as a “Spartan” helmet you’d probably be better off referring to the pilos-style helmet.

      “The other Greeks either do as the Boeotians do, where man and boy are joined as couples and live together, or like the Eleans, who get to enjoy the charms of boys by making them grateful; there are also those who wholly prevent boy-lovers from conversing with boys. [13] But Lycurgus’ views were opposed to all of these: if a man who was decent and upright admired the soul of a boy and tried to spend time with him and to make him his friend without bringing blame on him, he approved this and called it the noblest form of education; if on the other hand someone seemed to lust after a boy’s body, he laid down that this was the most shameful of all things and that in Lacedaemonia boy-lovers should keep their hands off boys just as parents do not lay hands on their own children or brothers on their own brothers. [14] It does not however surprise me that certain people do not believe this: in most of the Greek cities, the laws do not oppose mens’ desire for boys.”

      • Patrick Reginald


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          Yeah, the past is a weird place.

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        comment of the day right there.

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    That’s the same video posted twice. 🙁

    Author’s note – mad props on the logo. The use of handguns for the spartan helmet cut-outs is fantastic!

    They’re silenced handguns. Agreed. Very cool.

  • FOC Ewe

    How much are they paying Gemtech/S&W to use bi-lock quickmounts?