Contact! G-Code’s Nifty Chest Rig System

For those “in the know” they know G-Code. G-Code has always been behind the scenes, typically keeping a low-profile but has been busy partnering with various companies creating some of the most influential products today. Some may know them for the INCOG sytem developed in conjuction with Travis Hailey. The “tactical fuzz” is often maligned, but as an EDC holster for my G43, I know of no kydex system more comfortable.

In the case of their Scorpion series of magazine holsters, its clear that G-Code took a bit of inspiration from HSGI, but moved beyond flattering imitation to their own unique IP in both hard and softshell magazine pouch forms. By removing much of the snag hazard by minimizing where the bungees can get caught, G-Code solved most of the issues of the multi-magazine systems.

Taking it a step further, G-Code is building the Scorpion system out in conjunction with their new Contact series of chest rigs, which unlike various Molle-based solutions, uses the triple screw arrangement common to holsters to attach pouches. The Contact rig can hold three Scorpion rifle mag pouches, six handgun pouches, or any combination thereof.

G-Code has since introduced their “3Zero” chest rig which combines the Contact rig and three magazine pouches for $155.00. Upgrading to the “3×3” for three rifle pouches with three pistol pouches mounted kangaroo style is $205.75. All Contact rigs are available across a wide variety of colors. 


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  • andrey kireev

    While it looks nice, I doubt that using a proprietary interface, that’s incompatiple with mole gonna do much good in securing the market…. considering how many mole pouches people have laying around…

    • RSG

      That’s an easy fix. They’ll sell it as is to consumers looking to purchase as presented. Then, they can release a $5 “molle plate” that they’ll sell for $25 that will work as an ultra thin adapter.

      • SWRancher

        The R1 Molle attachments are actually $5/pair when purchased with a mag pouch.

      • andrey kireev

        Just seems like a bit more headache than many people willing to deal with. Not saying it’s a bad idea or anything…. but never underestimate the power of people’s laziness.

  • Alex A.

    I have these pouches but not the chest rig. The mag carriers are nice. Extremely nice and fit both m14 & AR mags no problem.
    If you order ANYTHING from G-Code be prepared to wait 3-5 months and in some cases longer. You will wait.

    • JD

      Got that right. I like gcode products but their customer service sucks and the wait can be obnoxious. I ordered 2 of the original scorpions rifle pouches and 2 of the pistol pouches. It was 13 weeks before I got them. They told me they got a Leo/ military order that had priority over mine they had to finish. But they charged my card when the order was placed. Like I said, they make good stuff but I think they only have 3 guys making the products.

      • Alex A.

        Their FB page is full of complaints. G-code says that they call back every customer but they don’t.
        I wanted to change my order from multicam to multicam black, I was two months in on the wait & my stuff hadn’t even been made, yet when I asked for the simple change (like any other company would gladly do)
        They advised I’d have to go to the back of the line & start the wait all over! Had I said yes I was looking at a 6-8 month wait for six mag pouches and a belt!

        • Gat

          Yah, tell me about it. Over seven months of waiting for a $4k + order. All paid for when placing the order. Not cool.

          • Alex A.

            Lol well did you at least get a free Tshirt?
            I got a free Tshirt (which I’m wearing now actually)
            But for a 4K order they best toss in more than a Tshirt & a couple of lousy stickers!

          • Gat

            Nope. No swag whatsoever. The thing is, I really like their stuff, but I’m not sure it’s worth the wait.

    • MeaCulpa

      Did you pay in advance? If so it just might be that the company has cash flow problems or worse and is funding it’s operation with customers money.

      • Alex A.

        Yes I paid in advance. When I finally got around to speaking with someone I found out they hadn’t even placed an order for the materials to make my belt.
        I could have understood if they said, well we have & already paid for the materials to make your belt, but that wasn’t the case.
        Looking at their FB page in April I found out G-code doesn’t look at your order or order materials until it’s in queue, & my stuff wasn’t even in queue. But I got a free Tshirt for having to wait. So there’s that.
        Yes their gear is top notch. If you need gear right away just forget about them. You will wait at minimum 3 months guaranteed.

  • J.T.

    Neat. Not neat enough to get me to switch from my A.L.I.C.E. gear though.