Century Arms Announces Product Safety Warning and Upgrade for Canik 9mm Pistols


Century Arms announced a Product Safety Warning and a Severe Duty Upgrade notice for some of the Canik 9mm pistols. The 9mm pistols covered by these announcements are the TP9SA, TP9SF, TP9SFx, TP9SF Elite and TP9SF Elite-S.  According to Century Arms no other Canik pistols are covered by these two announcements.

Century Arms states that the guns are safe when used under ordinary conditions. The company is careful to note that the pistols comply with or even exceed Industry and military handling standards.

With the recent concerns about the drop safe nature of the SIG SAUER P320 handgun, many people have taken to the internet with their own amateur abuse and impact testing. Some of these tests appear to have been reasonable, while others have just been abusive. It would appear that Century Arms is attempting to forgo ridiculous abuse on its handguns by adding additional warnings and offering hey voluntary upgrade to its 9 mm pistols.

The new warnings are:

Evaluations and tests have shown that repeated abusive dropping of pistols may result in damage to safety features and unintentional discharge.

DANGER: IF ANY FIREARM IS DROPPED INTERNAL PARTS MAY HAVE BEEN DEFORMED, DAMAGED OR DISABLED. The product must be inspected by a qualified gunsmith or returned for inspection after any significant impact.

WARNING: REPEATED IMPACTS TO YOUR PISTOL TO TEST ITS SAFETY FUNCTIONS WILL DAMAGE INTERNAL PARTS, AND VOID ITS WARRANTY. Firearm abusive handling tests can be dangerous and should only be conducted by qualified individuals in controlled environments with proper safety precautions in place. Canik does not recommend that any customer conduct drop tests or other endurance tests before or after this Severe Duty Upgrade.


The voluntary upgrade includes a new trigger safety spring and firing pin block spring. These parts are designed to decrease the likelihood of an accidental discharge in heavy or severe duty conditions. Century arms classified these conditions as “beyond industry standards.” According to the company, the upgrade does not change any design or a feature of the pistol. The upgrade and will be provided at no cost, however, gun owners will have to pay for shipping costs.

If you are an owner of one of the enumerated pistols, you can go to the Canik USA website for information on the severe duty upgrade. At the time of this writing, the website states that the upgrade process will be in place by September 8, 2017.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is http://www.gunsholstersandgear.com/.


  • Paul Rain

    Peter the Great was known to say, “Never trust a ____”..

    • Gus Butts


    • Seth Hill

      junkie? Oh wait that was Nancy Spungen.

  • Ark

    So you’re saying I shouldn’t clamp it in a vice and repeatedly beat it with a hammer for my Youtube channel?

    • jonp

      No, you should to drive follower numbers up. You just shouldn’t stand in front of it while its loaded and do it.

      • K-Gunner

        Even better, Ark should have his girlfriend/wife/whoever shoot him with one while using a book as body armor. It ought to work. After all, it’s not a Deagle .50AE. What could possibly go wrong???

      • Ark

        “Ahhhh! Those damn Turkish terrorists got me!”

        • john huscio

          The last words of plenty of iraqis, syrians and kurds…….(lots of turks in ISIL)

          • jonp

            You sure their last words weren’t “Hold My Goat Milk And Watch This”?

    • No one

      Nah, you should start by “not actually buying a Canik in the first place.”

      • Bradley

        Any particular reason why? Mine seems to work just fine, though I have not yet hit it with any hammers.

        • Gregory

          You are supporting the Turkish government with your purchase.

          • Bradley

            I’m sorry, but that completely absurd. By the same logic you are supporting the Chinese government when you buy almost anything. Is someone in Turkey supporting the u.s. government if they buy a Ruger? Furthermore why would it matter. Are you one of the people on her that keep saying that the Turkish government is synonymous with Isis? That’s very interesting considering they are currently at war with them.

          • john huscio

            The turkish government has tentacles in every company in its defense sector……that moneys going to fund erdogan’s wet dream of resurrecting the ottoman empire one way or another…….and i’d rather not be a testbed for the turks to improve their small arms technology which will one day be used against us……i dont have that concern with austria, italy, the czech republic or even germany….

          • GenEarly

            You could just as easily be describing the CIA NWO Deep State of the USSA.

          • Gregory

            I avoid Chinese made products as much as possible. If I find something made elsewhere, I will purchase it.

  • jonp

    On a positive note, I got an email blast for the TP9SFx for under $500 as in many dinero’s under but north of $450. Ok, I could have said “between $450-$500”

    • James Wilson

      They’ve been $470 on GrabaGun for weeks.

      • jonp

        Yeah, I got that one too. Hard not to pull the trigger after watching Patrick shoot it. Looks like a giant bang for the buck handgun

  • FWIW: Andrew Tuohy discovered this during his post-P320 drop tests for Omaha Outdoors and reported his results to Century Arms.

  • m-dasher

    so in other words…” we know our guns arent drop safe….please dont check”……

    that cheap turkish engineering at its finest.

  • gunsandrockets

    Interesting that the TP9DA model isn’t problematic, which is a more direct copy of the original Walther P99.

  • Petto

    LOL now even Canik isn’t drop safe xD

  • Lance Blinent

    It’s hard to believe that Century Arms would have market a product that has a defect like this.

    • Andrew

      There is no defect. This is just CYA for all the folks who decide to “test” their pistol by repeatedly hitting it with a hammer.

      • Lance Blinent

        I don’t own any Caniks and I don’t plan on buying any for two reasons ; 1st they are made by Turks and the Turks are jerks. Second, I have little to no confidence with any firearm that has Century Arms stamp on it.

        • rennsport4.4TV8

          The Turkish government has turned on the people and the government’s insane actions don’t represent a lot of them. If you don’t buy guns based on the people being “jerks” or the government doing bad things you shouldn’t have any. Except maybe a C8 rifle haha.

          • Lance Blinent

            Enjoy your Canik tuppereware pistol. I prefer firearms built by professionals and are built for quality. If I can help it, I wouldn’t buy any products made by Muslim controlled countries. Some people say Turkey is a secular country, but I disagree. Therefore I will not assist in financing that government by purchasing Turkish made products.

          • GenEarly

            Soooo, support the Chicoms???? You buy lots of products from slave labor in China and sleep well at night. BTW, the Chicoms can wreak a lot more nukes on you than Turkey.

  • Nicks87

    If you think Caniks are good guns, I have a Huglu shotgun to sell you… on the cheap…