International Anti-Terror exercise in Vienna

The Donau is the second largest river in Europe and the “highway” for many shipping companies.

Several hundreds of thousands of tourists go on cruising trips, for instance on so called longboats that can carry over 250 people including crew.

One of the 134 meter long cruising ships became the scene of an international anti-terrorist exercise, with a fictional hostage situation. The fictive terrorists threatened to shoot the hostage and blow up a bomb.

Below: Steyr AUG in the hands of a “terrorist”. Note the unshot cartridge that is ejecting, not sure how that could happen?

Photo: © Tomas Moll


To counter-attack, units from EKO Cobra (Austria) and Special Units from Bavaria (Germany), Slovakia (LYNX unit), Slovenia and Hungary were used.

Below: Steyr AUG and Heckler & Koch MP5. Pictures from SEK.

Photo: © Tomas Moll

Note the “blue gun” conversion on the AUG to fire blanks.

Photo: © Tomas Moll

EKO Cobra (Einsatzkommando Cobra) from Austria with B&T blue guns. Most likely B&T APC9 and Glocks.

Below: Helmet from MSA on a Cobra team member.

Below: The 4×4 Survivor.

Heckler & Koch MP5, in the hands of the Slovakian team. .

The national and international anti-terrorist units united.

It’s great to see joint exercises like this. You can find more information from the BMI here. (German)


There is also a video, including sky diving from a helicopter:

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  • AMX

    Pretty sure that “unshot cartridge” is actually a fired blank – note the red BFA on the muzzle…

  • micmac80

    Its a fired blank but light reflection from only one of the facets of the expanded neck mames it look pointed.

  • Bill

    I’ve wanted to try one of those river cruises.

    • Novelty Account

      Oh, but they’d worked so hard on it… had a big performance and everything, you can’t just cancel something like that. The RPG’s have already been rented!

    • john huscio

      Well im constantly seeing the viking commercials….

  • MeaCulpa

    Damn UN training for an occupation of ‘America!

  • Brett

    That’s some hot stache action on that mp5.

  • Sledgecrowbar

    It’s Vienna, though, so a grandmother showed up and offered everyone strudel and knit mittens, saying how she was worried they weren’t eating enough. Ruined the tension but all parties’ morale improved anyway.

  • CavScout

    Why are they called ‘longboats’?

  • CavScout

    They should spent a few dozen thousand less on their clothes, cool guy gear, and blue guns; and spend more on their weapons. Hopefully they use better guns for real reponse.