Defensive Handgun Bullets made in South Africa

Advanced Shooting Products is a bullet manufacturer located in South Africa. They make both handgun and rifle bullets. Arguably the most interesting of their products are their defensive handgun bullets.

The information on this company’s bullets is very scarce in general. All I could find is some details on two of their handgun bullets. First one (shown in the above image) is called Single Metal Expanding-Copper (SME-C). It is a monolithic expanding projectile with pre-cut petals. It also features an aluminum ball placed into the hollow cavity. The aluminum ball is probably there to be forced down the cavity when hitting a hydraulic media thus ensuring reliable expansion. The ball may also prevent clogging the cavity with fabric and other materials.

The second one (see the image below) is called Single Metal Jagged Hollow Point-Copper (SMJHP-C). it is also a monolithic hollow point expanding bullet with wider cuts between the petals and lacking the aluminum ball.

Advanced Shooting Products makes these defensive bullets for .380 ACP, 9x19mm, .40 S&W, .45 ACP, .38 Special / .357 Magnum and .44 Magnum.

The third type of handgun bullets shown in the top image of this article looks similar to the French THV bullet design.

As soon as the ASP answers to my e-mail with more details on their projectile designs as well as with information concerning the availability in the USA, I’ll add an update.

Hrachya H

Being a lifelong firearms enthusiast, Hrachya always enjoys studying design, technology and history of guns and ammunition. His knowledge of Russian allows him to translate and make Russian/Soviet/Combloc small arms related information available for the English speaking audience.
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  • Giolli Joker

    “The third type of handgun bullets shown in the top image of this article looks similar to the French THV bullet design.”
    Weren’t MONAD bullets developed in South Africa as an evolution of the THV concept?

    • Oregon213

      Yep, Van Dyk (South Africa) used a type 2 THV as their starting point on the MONAD research.

  • Johnsmyname

    They look like Lehigh Defense bullets.

  • Jeff Heeszel

    Look like the Oath Tango slugs and G2 RIP bullets.

    • except they don’t fragment, giving them a chance to at least be passable.

      • phuzz

        They might not be designed to fragment, but I’d be surprised if at least some of those little petals didn’t break off.

  • Ben Loong

    Those solid copper slug bullets with the protruding rod sections kind of remind me of the old New Generation Eliminator/Sentry bullets without the disintegrating polymer caps. Though those were much closer to wadcutters in shape.

  • tony

    Does anyone know why THV bullets are not available in USA?

    • Steve Truffer

      Stupid laws. Cant have rounds that can be fired in a pistol (note: this includes rifle rounds that have at any point been put into a commercial pistol) made entirely of a list of 7 materials. I’m sure you could try to remake it in copper, but the fact that it hasn’t been done already suggests there might be a structural reason.

      • DennisBechtel

        many of nfa is totally outdated and should be gotten rid of ,if you are a patriot aand a vet you should be able to own a smg type weapon,from .22 cal all the way up to 35mm okerloinen radar track anti air craft platforms.

    • DennisBechtel

      you just might be able to get these on the net soon when tested by sammi and atf regulators.thv will probably not be a household name anytime soon but i look forward to trying some in ballistic gel or a pig or two.

  • Sand
  • iksnilol

    I like the aluminum ball, I used steel ball bearings.

    Wonder if the alu reduces penetration compared to how the steel increases it ?

    • DennisBechtel

      experimented with steel ball 00 buck rounds ,they work well at close in range against wild pigs in texas but are a bit wild shooting because they are lighter than the usual lead 00 buck rounds .they spread out faster and tend to clump up when magnetized..

      • iksnilol

        Steel shot in shotgun? Never liked it, higher risk of ricochets.

        • DennisBechtel

          rick .o shea got hit in the leg once ,lessor bounce back from a solid target of steel (softer than loads),received larger softer ball bearings with next test ,not too damn shabby took all bark off an oak tree.

          • iksnilol

            I just never saw reason to experiment with steel ball bearings in shotguns… I Mean, they sell shotgun ammo with steel shot from the factory.

  • Some Rabbit

    Crime in S. Africa has become epidemic since black rule. But I wonder who’s buying this defensive ammo. I know an ethnic Dutch S. African physician who tells me it’s nearly impossible for law abiding citizens to legally own a gun for self protection.

    • John Ruhl

      Chicago and Baltimore too.

    • DennisBechtel

      why the illegal black market for defensive handguns and auto rifles is so big in south africa ,you would think that changing the gun laws there would be of up-most importance ,but black rule has discouraged white political activism there since blacks there are the majority,most, 96% of my south African friends have since moved to northeastern usa ,most live in Pennsylvania now and own many rifles and sporting guns.

      • r h

        welcome we always have room for more gun enthusiasts of any country or color
        except ISIS you 7wa7s can pissoff

        • DennisBechtel

          thanks rh ,inherited my dads and grand dads collections ,quite large every colt & Winchester ever made ,started collecting pythons anacondas and o frames in 1970’s have only ever shot one blued 6 inch i bought used and one anaconda in 45 colt,the rest are nib including 10 of the last python elites that actually came with ivory ,gold cartouche emblazoned grips, ,my two oldest girls carry 4 inch ss pythons and shoot glocks go figure ,my boy likes fn pistols and rifles i think he made a great choice.look forward to reading your posts here ,i make and customize ar-15 rifles and many ar-10 derivatives all for agency use,im retired milspec guy and shoot at least once per week ,see and do work on many custom platforms from 22 mag to 458 Winchester and some 50 bmg necked down to cheytac specs,mounting optics is a side line that has taken off lately,many acogs go through my little shop.

          • r h

            wow, i dont know weather to envy your collection or ask to date your awesome daughters ( if i was anywhere near young enough to care about such things LOL)
            thats an amazing collection!
            the only thing like that i own is a colt police positive made in 1932, that my dad carried as a part time cop in Hartford CT. it was sold directly to the HPD, and the serial number from colt is prefixed HPDXXXXX . right now im am trying to get the old girl a new pawl and bolt lock. she is way too sloppy in the double action to safely fire. i have the hammer dropping on two not quite indexed chambers.
            thankfully no discharge as a result but when i saw the wonky dents in the edges of the primers i nearly poo’d my britches..

    • Lobo Rojo

      Fact Check: Apartheid ended in 1991. The homicide rate peaked in 1993, and fell precipitously after that, to half of what it was by 2011. Rates of rape have significantly declined. Car jackings have held steady. Only aggravated robbery has gone up.

      • CavScout

        Were talking the last decade. Now that black Africans are going around killing whites for fun.

        And who commits these crimes? Care to share any data on that? 😉

    • Adam

      And , well everyone i know who lives in South Africa has carry permits. They cost allot, but hey, They need then….. JBerg is like the wild west…

  • DennisBechtel

    been modifying our own hand loads similar to this to stop over penetration and allow for outstanding bullet expansion,we don’t sell any of there rounds and we certainly won’t let them loose on the market for copy either ,BUT we have found that when a wild boar gets hit with a couple that it quickly bleeds out and becomes very dead.these are our own designs and are called hogzilla rounds when used with autorifles in closer than 100 meters ranges to stop a wild pig before he destroys your hunting dogs,and used in 460. and 480 ruger rounds they are quite lethal.

  • Markbo

    Sure doesn’t mak it sound good!

    “Its 17,805 murders recorded last year in a population of a little under 55 million make for a murder rate of 33 per 100,000. This compares very poorly, at about five times the global average.”

    • Lobo Rojo

      The homicide rate is high, but about half of what it was under white rule.